Factors that affect your website Performance

For every website owner site performance is the most important thing they are always worried about.

We are always trying to increase our website performance by following many advice.

So in this article you are going to get info on which are the factors that can affect your website performance.

So knowing these factors you can take steps to enhance your website performance.

Now there are two types of factors that can affect your websites performance.

  • Web host features that affect your website performance

  • Your own decisions and habits that affect your website performance

So let’s start with Web Hosting features that affect your website performance.

Web host features that affect your website performance

Here are a few things from your web hosts that directly have an effect on your website performance.

1) Server types :

The kind of servers used by your web hosts affects your website performance and uptime directly.

Generally LiteSpeed and Nginx based web hosts are considered to be giving higher performance and greater uptime.

Apache based web hosting is known for cheaper rates rather than performance however you will get decent performance with Apache based web hosting as well.

The LiteSpeed based web hosts :

TMDHosting (affiliate link), GreenGeeks (affiliate link), InterServer (affiliate link),

MilesWeb (affiliate link), Hostinger (affiliate link).

Nginx based best web hosts :

DreamHost (affiliate link), Kinsta (affiliate link), WP Engine (affiliate link),

Nexcess (affiliate link)

Apache based web hosts which are good for money saving :

Namecheap (affiliate link), HostGator (affiliate link), BlueHost (Full Review), FastComet (affiliate link)

2) PHP version :

Based on the level of PHP version provided also your website speed can get affected. So if u really care about performance in the beginning then u would like to go with Web Hosts that are giving newer PHP versions.

Web Hosts that give newer PHP versions :

DreamHost (Full Review), TMDHosting (Full Review), GreenGeeks (Full Review), InterServer (Full Review), LiquidWeb (Full Review), Kinsta (Full Review), WP Engine (Full Review).

3) CDN : Content Delivery Network

CDN is a well known solution for giving you faster loading websites. CDN gives you server based caching so that Geo graphical obstacles to performance can be easily overcome.

Here is the small article on how CDN works.

Some popular and effective CDN are :

Bunny CDN, Cloudflare CDN

Cloudflare is widely used but others are also very effective.

4) Account Isolation Technique :

Account Isolation Technique is used by many web hosts to enhance security but there is a performance advantage as well.

With Account Isolation your website gets isolated from other websites which are on the same server. Due to these isolated websites there are lesser chances of malware attacks to get spread on the whole server.

When it comes to performance due to isolated accounts all the server resources are distributed evenly. So if there is any website overusing the server resources then also your website will not get affected.

So eventually due to isolated accounts your website performance will not get affected from the bad neighbor effect.

Web Hosts that use Account Isolation Techniques :

GreenGeeks (affiliate link), TMDHosting (affiliate link), InterServer (affiliate link),

FastComet (affiliate link), DreamHost (affiliate link),

Kinsta (Full Review), WP Engine (Full Review), LiquidWeb & Nexcess (Full Review)

5) Railgun technology and Global caching :

Many web hosts give info on using Cloudflare CDN.

Whereas many web hosts have their own solutions for providing optimized performance. For example InterServer give Global caching solutions so that your website becomes faster.

Many web hosts like MilesWeb (Affiliate Link) use Railgun technology to enhance performance for their clients.

6) Inode limits :

Many web hosts have limits on the inodes provided. Based on the inodes you get your website get affected for performance.

If you reach your inodes limits then many aspects of your website like storage and visits count can get affected.

Here is a small article on how to deal with inode limits.

Web Hosts like DreamHost (Full Review) are ideal as there are no inode limits with DreamHost.

Web Hosts that give larger inode limits on their plans :

Namecheap (Full Review), Hostinger (Full Review), TMDhosting (Full Review)

7) Performance based on web hosting types :

You will get better performance with higher plans of your web hosts.

For example :

You will get better performance with Cloud plans rather than with Shared hosting plans.

VPS plans are even better than cloud plans. But generally cloud plans are suggested for better performance when you are beginning.

As your website grows you can go for VPS plans for better overall performance.

You can see this article if before selecting any web host.

Now let’s see some factors that are based on your own habits :

Your own decisions and habits that affect your website performance

Here are a few habits that you should definitely develop :

8) Compressing images :

If you use compressed images then you will get optimized performance for your website for sure.

Here is the article on the importance of image resize that you should definitely see.

If you don’t compress images before uploading on your website then it is going to affect the loading speed of your website heavily.

Your website or particular page that contains a non compressed image will become slower to load due to over sized or unoptimized images.

9) Database cleaning :

Database cleaning is something that you should regularly do if you want better performance from your website.

As we know unwanted deleted comments and spams etc make your database heavier than it should be.

Using database cleaning plugins can easily remove unwanted data from the data tables. As a result of a cleaned database you get better performance from your website.

10) Number of plugins you use :

Many times we stick to the plugins that we don’t even use at all. These kind of unused plugins give extra load to our database and overall website.

As a result the website becomes unnecessarily slow. So it is better to remove or delete the plugins that you are not using.

Using minimum number of plugins increases the performance as your website carries little amount of codes. The lesser codes your website carries the lighter and speedier it becomes.

So choose wisely when you are choosing any plugin. Make sure you have good reasons to select the plugin and only select it if you need it regularly.

Conclusion :

So concluding this article there are many factors that can affect performance of your website.

If you select your web hosts on the basis of server types like LiteSpeed or Nginx then most of your performance related problems are solved.

Web Hosts with Apache also give you decent performance in cheaper rates but if you want super performance then LiteSpeed or Nginx based web hosts are the best solution.

Then also keep in mind to regularly clean your database. Also keep the habit of using compressed images. Try to use lesser plugins on your site.

All these habits will enhance your website performance.

So that’s it regarding website performance.

I hope this article will help.

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