10 Best Email Marketing Services :

Emails have become very important part of our lives these days just like our phone numbers. So in this article you are going to get info on 10 best email marketing services that can be highly beneficial to you.

Email marketing has been adopted these days not only by big companies but individual marketers also rely heavily on Email marketing.

Emails unlike phone calls are very convenient and easy to use.

As Emails are easy and convenient medium of communications Email marketing has grown a lot as an integral part of digital marketing.

If you are thinking of digital marketing you might have already thought of doing Email marketing as well.

You can integrate these email marketing services with a super powerful and free CMS like WordPress and expect to build a powerful online business through it.

So read till the end to get the most out of this article.

So let’s start the article.

Benefits of Email marketing :

1) Email marketing generates extra sales. In fact we can get more sales than we think.

2) Affiliate marketing gets easier with Emails.

3) Communication is improved between the company and their audience thanks to Email marketing.

4) Audience gets proper and detailed information about the product thanks to Email marketing.

5) You can remain in touch with your audience thanks to Email marketing or news letters.

6) Email marketing is one of the cheapest ways to carry out marketing.

7) Audience can be divided in groups and targeted marketing can be carried out in Email marketing.

Now to carry out Email marketing you need Email marketing services that can facilitate Email delivery.

Generally it is difficult to use the web hosting server to send emails. There are chances that you over use the server resources if you carry out bulk email marketing. So generally your web host will not allow you to send bulk emails.

So it is difficult to run email campaigns when web hosting server is involved.

To solve this problem there are Email marketing services which have their own dedicated servers for email marketing only.

Email marketing services with their own dedicated technologies make sure that your Emails are sent properly in the inbox of your target audience.

With these Email marketing services you can easily send thousands of mails to your targeted audience easily. That’s why they are called Email marketing services.

So Here are the 10 best E mail marketing services : All are GDPR compliant.

1) Sendinblue :

Sendinblue comes first in sight due to its very low prices.

Free Plan :

The free plan of Sendinblue (affiliate link) is more than enough for many beginners.

The biggest benefit with Sendinblue is that you can add affiliate links in your marketing emails directly.

Advantage with Affiliate Links :

Many marketing services these days don’t allow direct affiliate links in the emails.

So Sendinblue can be great for affiliate marketing. Also Sendinblue is considered the most affordable and easy to use Email Marketing Service.

Sendinblue (affiliate link) has a lot to offer like a totally free CRM software and many other features.

All in all you will love Sendinblue for their simple plans and features.

2) MailerLite :

MailerLite is one of the most widely used email marketing service.

Free Plan :

MailerLite also has a free plan for beginners. Then you can scale up as you grow in your business.

MailerLite free plan has limitations on subscribers. With the free MailerLite plan (affiliate link) you can have subscribers limited to 1000 only. After crossing the 1000 subscribers mark you may need to go for the upgrade.

Also in the free plan you can send 12000 emails per month which is great. You can send unlimited mails with unlimited plans.

Features :

Talking about features MailerLite (affiliate link) provides drag & drop editor and news letter templates as well.

You will get more features and subscribers freedom with paid plans.

Paid plans are also affordable and scalable.

Overall MailerLite is difficult to ignore due to their affordable rates.

3) MailChimp :

MailChimp is a super popular email marketing service. There are reasons people are mad about MailChimp.

Free plan :

MailChimp free plan gives you subscribers limit up to 2000 only which is a bit painful. But with the free plan you get landing pages, website builder and many more things.

Paid Plans :

Paid plans from MailChimp are fully loaded with features.

MailChimp essentials and standard plans are arguably one of the very affordable email marketing plans.

Features :

MailChimp is a champion in providing new features on a regular basis. Features like behavioral targeting are not seen with many other services.

So superb features with affordable prices makes MailChimp one of the best email marketing services.

4) AWeber :

AWeber has been there for years. AWeber (affiliate link) is also widely used over the years and a very reliable email marketing service.

Free Plan :

You just get up to 500 subscribers with AWeber (affiliate link) free plan but you get abundance of features.

You get basic segmentation, landing pages and image library as well with the free plan.

Pricing :

AWeber Pro plans are subscriber based. So with the subscribers your plans get costly which is a bit painful.

All in all AWeber (affiliate link) is popular for their features and not for pricing. If you use all the features efficiently it will not seem costly.

5) Sendy :

Sendy is one of the most loved email marketing services because of their one time fee.

Features :

Sendy has all the important features that an email marketer would need. From Auto responders to Bounce reports and segmentation Sendy has all useful features.

Pricing :

As mentioned earlier Sendy charges only one time fee which makes it one of the most affordable email marketing tool.

As Sendy says on their website sending news letters will become 100 times cheaper with Sendy.

You can see some comparison over their website as well where Sendy is compared with other email marketing services and Sendy clearly seems super cheap.

Sendy uses Amazon SES (Amazon Simple Email Service) to send emails and that brings the cost down to only $1 per 10000 emails.

So if you are thinking on saving on email marketing for life then nothing is better than Sendy.

Try it $69 one time fee is not a big cost.

6) MailPoet :

MailPoet (affiliate link) is known for their unlimited email sending feature.

Unlimited Emails :

You can send unlimited emails daily. No restrictions on the number of emails you send.

MailPoet in the true manner can be very useful to those who want to send bulk emails.

For sending news letters also MailPoet (affiliate link) seems a better email marketing service than others.

Free plan :

MailPoet gives unlimited emails with 1000 subscribers limit for free. So you can send unlimited emails for free to 1000 subscribers for free without any restrictions.

After you cross the 1000 subscriber mark you may need to scale up the plan.

MailPoet due to their unlimited email sending feature is widely used over WordPress.

So MailPoet (affiliate link) is definitely one of the most affordable email marketing services.

If you have a growing blog or content and you want to make it reachable to many readers then MailPoet can be a great tool to do that.

7) ConvertKit :

ConvertKit is a super popular email marketing service.

Free Plan :

ConvertKit free plan is subscriber based plan. You are restricted to 1000 subscribers.

Features :

Features like landing pages, Facebook custom audiences and funnels are nice and different than other services.

Pricing :

ConvertKit offers good features but seems a bit pricey when compared to other email marketing services.

Mostly well grown websites are seen using ConvertKit.

8) GetResponse :

GetResponse is another very popular and widely used email marketing service.

No Free Plan :

GetResponse (affiliate link) unlike others offer no free plan to their users. Instead of a free plan they have a 30 days free trial. So you can try GetResponse for free for 30 days only.

Features :

Although there is no free plan offered but GetResponse (affiliate link) has gained good amount of popularity due to their abundance of features.

GetResponse is widely used because they provide tons of useful features like sales funnels and webinar funnels.

There are landing pages and automation related features offered as well.

Pricing :

GetResponse gives tons of features but all their plans are subscriber based.

You get to pay more if you have more subscribers.

If you pay for 2 years instead of paying monthly then you can get 30% discount.

All in all seeing the features GetResponse (affiliate link) is for more mature users. You get the value for money only if you use the features fully.

So if you are fully ready to use GetResponse then it can be a great deal for you.

9) Active Campaign :

Active Campaign is a greatly popular email marketing service.

Affordable Plans :

Active Campaign don’t have free plans but whatever they offer is highly affordable. The Active Campaign lite plan (affiliate link) is packed with full features and still very affordable.

Features :

You will get tons of features with Active Campaign. It is more conversion centric rather than just communication centric. So if you are looking for getting high conversions from email marketing then Active Campaign (affiliate link) is definitely for you.

10) Constant Contact :

Constant Contact can be a great super powerful tool not only for email marketing but for carrying overall online business.

Features :

Constant Contact (affiliate link) will turn out to be the best feature rich tool if you see the features offered. You will simply fall in love with Constant Contact especially because of their features.

Constant Contact enables you to do almost anything online from carrying out marketing to hosting a website even. So much is offered in so little costs that you will be over whelmed while starting up for sure.

Super Affordable Pricing :

Constant Contact offers Email and Email Plus plans (affiliate link) which are top class if you want to start a fully dedicated online marketing business.

Both plans are highly affordable seeing the features offered. Make sure that you use everything that is offered to you to get the most out of Constant Contact.

Conclusion : Which can be the best Email Marketing Service for You

It is very hard to single out one service out of these 10 best email marketing services. Because all are great in what they are offering.

It depends on your needs which can be the best email marketing service for you.

Concluding this article SendinBlue (affiliate link), MailPoet and MailerLite (affiliate link) are super affordable.

Sendy has set its own standards with a one time purchase offer. Sendy can be a great option as well.

MailPoet (affiliate link) is great for sending newsletter emails in bulk.

Talking about AWeber (affiliate link), MailChimp, ConvertKit, Active Campaign, Constant Contact and GetResponse (affiliate link) these are super powerful E mail marketing tools.

So be ready with a good content and marketing strategy before going for AWeber, GetResponse, ConvertKit, Constant Contact (affiliate link) or ActiveCampaign (affiliate link).

So that’s it for E mail marketing services.

I hope this article will be useful.

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