Kinsta Review : A Super Powerful Hosting

In this article we will get some info on Kinsta that how greatly powerful this hosting can be.

Starting this article I would let you know that Kinsta (affiliate link) is one of the best known names in the web hosting world.

Kinsta is famous for their quality and dedication.

Before going further I would let you know that Kinsta might seem costly to many beginners however the fact is that this Kinsta is giving the ultimate level of hosting that every beginner would like to reach.

So let’s start with this very question only that why Kinsta seems costly ?

Is Kinsta costly ? What makes Kinsta so Costly ?

The answer is Kinsta might seem costly to the beginners if they are wrongly comparing traditional Shared Web Hosting with Kinsta.

The very basic mistake most of the people do is that they compare a $ 5 Shared hosting web hosting with $ 30 Fully Managed Kinsta Hosting.

There is no logic in comparing any traditional shared hosting with Kinsta, WP Engine or LiquidWeb.

The quality and power of Kinsta is way beyond shared or cloud hosting.

You need a VPS hosting if you want to compare it to Kinsta.

So to compare any other web host with Kinsta (affiliate link) you will have to take VPS plan of that web hosting as a bench mark and then compare that VPS plan with Kinsta.

Why we have to compare VPS with Kinsta ? The simple reason is that the powerful managed hosting offered by Kinsta can only be matched by a VPS type of web hosting.

You can read here about the types of web hosting to get better idea about web hosting.

Now let’s see how it turns out to be if you compare any proper VPS plan with Kinsta :

Any VPS vs Kinsta

The thing is that Kinsta Hosting type is completely different than normal hosting. Kinsta offers fully managed WordPress hosting.

Fully managed WordPress hosting means Kinsta (affiliate link) has a dedicated team of experts that will only concentrate on optimizing the performance of your WordPress website.

With Kinsta you don’t have to worry about Uptime, Performance and security etc things at all.

Kinsta experts will take care of all these things.

Now if you take a look at any VPS plan then there is no one to manage these things for you.

If you want to optimize your website performance you will have to do that on your own.

If you want to increase security of your website then you will have to do it on your own.

It takes a good effort to learn and manage all these things in VPS. Definitely you get support to deal with your VPS for sure but you cannot expect everything from your VPS plan support.

Security Comparison of Kinsta vs Any VPS :

Now when it comes to security Kinsta makes sure you never get attacked or hacked. On the other hand with VPS it is your own responsibility to take care of your site security.

If your website gets compromised at Kinsta (affiliate link) then they have the experts to fix the problems for you.

On the other hand if your VPS gets compromised in most of the cases web hosts charge extra to deal with this problem. There are very few web hosts like InterServer (affiliate link) who would help you in these conditions.

InterServer (Full Review)offers free website cleaning if you get hacked on their servers.

Performance comparison of Kinsta Vs any other VPS :

Some of the reasons why Kinsta will give you superb performance is because Kinsta is using Google Cloud Platform, KeyCDN and their own caching solutions.

On the other hand with VPS to get an optimized performance you will have to manage and pay extra for a better CDN.

Adding further not all web hosts are using Google Cloud Platform like Kinsta is using. So there is a performance advantage for sure when you are with Kinsta (affiliate link).

Price Comparison of any VPS vs Kinsta :

As you can see Kinsta Fully Managed hosting will give you more performance, uptime and security for sure.

I am not against VPS but with VPS you don’t get a dedicated team to care of your website.

You get the same amount of powerful web hosting with VPS also but you will have to put more efforts.

Now if you compare the prices web hosts like InterServer (affiliate link), Hostinger (affiliate link) seem to be having a bit advantage in pricing. But again there are managed WordPress hosting advantages with Kinsta (affiliate link) as well.

So this is how Kinsta is comparable with VPS level hosting and not with shared hosting.

What Kinsta actually serves to you :

So basically comparing Kinsta with a VPS plan tells us that Kinsta gives you a powerful web hosting that is of a VPS level.

The thing is that you don’t have to worry about anything when you are with Kinsta.

Kinsta gives you an option against VPS or Dedicated type of hosting.

On one hand with VPS or Dedicated hosting you need to face all the hassles of maintaining optimum performance and security.

On the other hand with Kinsta (affiliate link) you get a power of VPS or Dedicated hosting plus you get optimum performance and security taken care of by experts all the time.

So Kinsta fully managed hosting gives you a hosting solution that is a kind of managed VPS or managed Dedicated hosting.

Other well known managed VPS hosting is LiquidWeb (affiliate link) which also serves you a powerful hosting.

Talking about other aspects with Kinsta Fully Managed Hosting :

How Kinsta makes sure I get the optimized performance and Uptime for my website ?

Kinsta uses Nginx servers which are considered one of the best for for giving optimum performance to your website.

Kinsta works with the combination of many factors like PHP 8, HTTP/2, Maria DB, KeyCDN and LXD containers to give you the superior Uptime and Speed.

Plus Kinsta (affiliate link) uses Google Cloud Platform and its data centers so there is extra advantage in Uptime with Kinsta for sure.

With Kinsta your website gets checked for uptime on every two minutes. So no worries for uptime and performance when you are with Kinsta.

What about Kinsta security features ?

Kinsta gives SSL and daily backups for free.

At Kinsta they take actions for prevention of attacks and hacks so that your website never have to face such things.

If you get hacked then also Kinsta (affiliate link) gets you out of this situation as early as possible.

Kinsta also makes sure any kind of DDoS attacks never take place when you are with Kinsta.

Kinsta uses the newest technology and the latest versions of software and hardware to maintain the superior security standards.

Is Kinsta Affordable ?

Yes Kinsta is highly affordable. You will not see any managed hosting in this much cheaper rates.

To know the real power and real value of Kinsta you will have to compare Kinsta with at least VPS type of hosting.

Please stop comparing prices of shared hosting and Kinsta. It is a meaningless comparison.

Let’s see how you would compare any other web host with Kinsta.

Suppose you want to compare BlueHost (Full Review) with Kinsta. So for a logical and useful comparison we are going to take BlueHost (Full Review) VPS plan and compare it with Kinsta.

Now if you compare the BlueHost VPS price with Kinsta (affiliate link) price you will not see much difference.

So always compare where you find some logic behind comparing.

All in all seeing the power and quality Kinsta provides it is highly affordable.

How is the Support from Kinsta ?

You will get 24 / 7 expert support from Kinsta. In fact it is managed hosting so you get a lot of things managed by the experts that will give you the highest performance.

The best benefit with Kinsta (affiliate link) is that even if your site gets compromised you get all the support from Kinsta.

Overall communication and support from Kinsta is awesome.

Money Back Guarantee with Kinsta :

Kinsta gives 30 days money back guarantee which is as per industry standards.

Almost all web hosts will give you 30 days long money back guarantee.

Here I would advise that 30 days goes very quick. You will be given superb service for sure from Kinsta but do make sure that you have a good content publishing strategy that you can work on for longer period of time.

Do make sure that you are ready to get the maximum out of Kinsta.

Here you can find about the web hosts that are giving longer money back guarantees.

What other good features Kinsta has to offer ?

Kinsta offers many levels of plans so accordingly you can scale up with Kinsta.

Kinsta basic plan only let’s you to have one WordPress website.

With Kinsta Pro, Kinsta business and Kinsta enterprise plans you can have more websites managed and run at Kinsta.

Disk space :

Talking about disk space Kinsta remains realistic and gives you sufficient disk space with all plans. Many web hosts use the term “Unlimited Disk space” which is unrealistic.

The thing is that you don’t need much disk space to run your website. More important thing is inode limits and most of the web hosts don’t give unlimited inode limits.

Inode limits :

Kinsta is amongst those very few web hosts which are giving you full freedom with inode limits. Yes ! With Kinsta there is no Inode limits so you will not have to worry about inode limits when you are with Kinsta.

Free SSL and CDN :

As mentioned earlier Kinsta (affiliate link) gives a free CDN as well which is great performance booster feature.

Kinsta also provides let’s encrypt SSL which are free forever.

Other nice features :

There is free premium migration is also offered by Kinsta.

Staging areas are also provided for carrying out testing and etc things.

For performance monitoring you get Kinsta APM (Application Performance Monitoring) which is free on all Kinsta plans.

You don’t get a free domain with Kinsta but you can get it in cheaper rates from Namecheap (affiliate link) or GoDaddy (affiliate link).

So feature wise Kinsta (affiliate link) gives you the best performance and security features and they always make sure that your website always perform at the optimum levels.

Conclusion :

Concluding this article Kinsta is a super powerful hosting.

If you are looking for a VPS or Dedicated hosting and you are worried about handling technical things at VPS levels then you should definitely think of Kinsta.

Kinsta can be a superb alternative to VPS and Dedicated hosting. Since Kinsta offers fully managed hosting you will not have to worry about any technical things.

Kinsta concentrates heavily on providing optimized performance and security and that’s what they are known for.

The best thing with Kinsta (affiliate link) is that you don’t have to worry about technical things that are going to affect your website performance. Everything is taken care of by Kinsta only.

So with Kinsta we can say that it saves a lot of time and efforts of yours. You can just concentrate on publishing your content only and everything technical is just taken care of by Kinsta experts.

With Kinsta it is like you have already invested in performance and security so no extra cost and no price rise tension with Kinsta.

So if you are looking for VPS or Dedicated hosting also think of Kinsta as it can bring more performance and power without any extra cost.

I hope this article would help.

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