Preventive Measures From Caste Hate and Regional Hate and Political Hate

Just like any other country India also have their own problems and Caste Hate, Religious Hate and Regional Hate Do Exist in India !!

Let’s start with a very popular example of BJP leader Nupur Sharma’s suspension case. You can see this video here for full information. This event shows that any given person or crowd may become unharmonious anytime.

The thing is that events same as Nupur Sharma’s suspension can take place with anyone anytime in their jobs, schools and in offices due to many reasons.

We can see inter personal competitions in jobs and in schools taking place which is normal but many times the competition worsens to get turned into events which might lead to violence and unrest and that might root back in to political hate.

Also here is the related case is of a tailor getting murdered in Udaipur due to religious hate, where you can see the only fault is the difference of opinion. So this event states that these kinds of violence might take place anywhere and that’s why any learned person would like to take some steps in advance to be safe in public.

So for Individual Safety I have written some content here to be safe in public.

If you feel like this topic is not so interesting or not so useful for everyone then I would first like to bring the list of assassinations at your sight which is going to bring more seriousness into this topic, the topic doesn’t need to be interesting here.

So here is the list of assassinated politicians here

Apart from this here is another article that leads to raising questions about Personal Safety of any Individual from political violence.

Here is something more you can find about hate crimes against Journalists as well. So I want to say that Political hate and crimes would affect any person on any given time and that’s why this article is written here.

Here is another article stating killings and violence due to political hate.

We have seen racism in Europe and USA and just like that India have their own RESERVATION and Caste problems that lead to political hate and violence that make the world unsafe for anyone in the country.

This blog will get you some inner picture about how Caste hate and regional discriminations could demolish a person’s life if he or she is unaware about this !!

Talking streight about Caste hate and Regional hate, it really does exist in India !!

On every Independence Day we take pride and say that we have the best country in the world but from inside everyone knows that NO ONE REALLY CARES until the fire of hate comes to their own house and destroy everything.

Further, if we talk about love jihad, some people are just going to laugh it off and say that you cannot control your girls, these are the qualities of casteist people you know !!

These casteist people will never get married in to other castes but on the other hand they have been selling off others’ mothers and sisters shamelessly !!

To be precise there has been Inter Caste and Inter Religious issues in the country that makes us see the whole society getting divided into political groups or parties.

Overall many times many Castes and religions are seen divided into vote banks and political groups that keep on fighting and struggling with others on different issues like social issues, property issues and human rights etc… which many times gets turned into violence.

Talking straight here are some examples of Caste hate and Religious Hate that lead to Political Hate :

Example 1 : Caste hate and Sexual Abuse in Schools, Colleges and in Jobs !!

Ask yourself how many girls you have seen from upper caste or lower caste have been misused in your schools and colleges and they turn them out into bitches.

We many times see in our daily life how certain castes are powerful and they own certain parts or properties of the village or city.

Some people turn young girls into sex slaves just because they don’t like certain caste in India.

So caste hate really do exist and one should know it and tell it to others so that they can save them selves before they fall in fake casteist love, isn’t it !!

We are not belitteling the country but it’s for personal safety we have been talking about all this !!

When we are talking about Caste related equalism or egalitarianism we also see CASTE hate from both sides (Inter Caste Competition) and it is not only caste hate but it is for properties and for girls also which makes it personal for many people on many occasions.

So how you would deal with it in your routine life !!? Get the answers below.

Example 2 : Religious Hate and Sex Abuse

Another unfamous example of hateful love games we could say to all is LOVE JIHAD itself where the so called liberal girls from any family would fall in love with anyone and fall in the tug of war of whether converting to other religion or not.

Plus you lose some of your national rights as well, as you fall in this punk of religious hate as well !!

Apart from this we also see in news also that some Islamic Groups also working not only for Kashmir but also for converting whole INDIA or region of INDIA into a MUSLIM state in the up coming 20 to 50 years !!

So all these things a citizen must know in his mind so that everyone can take their life decisions in a proper and safe manner.

Example 3 : Discrimination and Regional Hate

Regional hate is more seen when you are in the job and for most of the people it would be a subject of bitter awe that why would someone be hated on the basis of region when the country is one !!

In cricket we have many times clearly seen how discrimation on the basis of regions takes place, same way you can understand regional hate in other fields as well.

Many times we see hate for village or rural people that they are not accepted by so called egoistic circles of city people and progress of rural people have manier times been prevented by egoistic people of cities who think they are more learnt then those who have a rural background !!

So these kinds of things happen and don’t lose your heart.

Example 4 : Caste Hate and a Corrupt Circle

We have seen many castes becoming stronger than other castes and they try to manipulate and exploite other caste’s children in many ways !!

Certain stronger castes in today’s free nation try to capture everything from the police department to health system and try to implant their own children in the stronger positions everywhere in the government !!

This is how a corrupt circle of some people takes place which might target any individual on any given day. In villages and cities many cases of loot and discriminations happen but very few get the justice.

If you don’t know caste hate and you have been working for the nation, some day these casteist people will martyr you and sell your kidneys off and you will be wondering in the heavens that who the hell killed you !!

Example 5 : Discrimination which might Damage Nationalists !!

Also a quality of casteist and discriminatory people is that they always make fun of nationalists people and think that nationalists are those fools who they can make their slaves, so know these kinds of people and stay away from these people !!

Example 6 : Misuse of Political Power :

We also see that common man is getting targeted by many powerful political GROUPS of people that it is hard to find justice from the system. We see many struggle for their whole life in court cases which are easy to solve but are carelessly handled and made difficult.

As mentioned above we have seen many killed under political rivalry and more hate crimes taking place due to political hate !!

Also seen many scams taking place and rich people getting richer due to their political connections.

Solution :

The best thing to be safe from Casteism and caste related problems is that you remain private and don’t tell your name or full names to anyone so that these hateful circles would not be able to know about your real identities.

As mentioned in example 5 you should know about all kinds of people in your lives that work around you or exist around you and accordingly take your decisions to get mixed with them.

There might be many discriminatory people who have their reach in the Governments and Police and no one stops them from bad activities but when it’s about you or me, well well we might not get that much lucky.

So always think twice before getting mixed with other groups, taking it further also set boundaries that where you think your personal rights have been getting affected when certain GROUPS or CIRCLE try to utilise you.

Also ask questions to self like :

1) Do they care about you or you are the only person care about them and they keep on misusing you !!

2) Be very careful while getting mixed with others or while becoming friends with others.

3) In your relationships and friendships make sure that you don’t get used like an instrument by others where you have lesser rights for yourself in that relationship.

4) Be careful while getting into certain GROUPS of people who might be doing wrongful activities and make sure that you don’t get lost into these groups.

5) Be the best friend of yourself so that you don’t need outer support.

6) Try to be a learned and neutral person everywhere at home, schools and at offices so that you don’t get yourself entangled into unnecessary arguments with others.

I will get you more solutions like this but at least knowing about these problems would get you mentally prepared for any unwanted mental and social trauma situations that may lead to violence.

I hope you find this article well.

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