is a small but an honest effort towards providing useful, accurate and to the point information on the internet regarding Blogging, Hosting and WordPress so that more and more people can come to know more about the overall power of the internet and what they can do to grow on the internet through Blogging, Affiliate Marketing and various other opportunities .

In this article you will come to know

What is the motive behind ?
What to expect from ? What Knowledge will it serve to me ?

But first let’s start with this question below.

Why I have chosen the name ?

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So here is my story how I decided to start this website

Yogesh Vyas (me), who have started has always been interested in Journalism however I don’t have any degrees in journalism but it is a field that has always fascinated me.

As it happens with most of the middle class (economically) kids it happened with me also that you love certain field or career but you end up getting a degree with absolutely different uninteresting field because of various reasons in your life.

So, after my Post Graduation (which was not in Journalism) in 2016 I started making efforts to start a magazine in print media as I always wanted to go for Journalism and soon I realized that it will take a lot of people and money to grow in print media (Just keeping it short).

I had no idea of WordPress before the year 2015-16 but one thing I knew which was very clear that if I get my writing published on the internet then only I can think of growing quickly in this field or in life overall.

Talking about some (many) obstacles in the way :

After getting my post graduate degree (which was not in Journalism) in 2016 it obviously became a liability(burden) over my head that I have invested (wasted) so much of time and money after this degree that I have to go for a job to get all those investment back.

So I kept aside my Journalism dreams and went on for some jobs in my field. Due to certain reasons like unhelpful (terrible) people and rubbish working atmosphere I could never get the satisfaction from my life.

So in the end after trying 6 to 7 jobs in the year 2019 I left my last job and started all from scratch again and started looking for how to get some money out of internet and after two months searching the internet I came to know about various possibilities regarding making money online.

Due to some bad experiences from the jobs that I did I completely gave up the idea of publishing my content online as I was already running short on resources and money though I already had a content ready to go.

So after leaving the jobs I was more concentrated on how to get the some passive income online so that I can at least start earning something but most of the things were very unappealing to me.

The only things that attracted me and sound reliable to me during my search to grow online were Blogging, Affiliate Marketing and certain other things. So in January 2020 I was clear in my mind that I will do blogging in future and it was only the question that when would I start it because I already had self published a book that I can turn into a blog.

Now after deciding to go for blogging I started learning how to do blogging and that was the time I realized that affiliate marketing is essential if you want your blog to last long because we invest a lot in Hostings and domains and other tools for our blogs and along with time all these things cost you more. So eventually we have to earn something out of our blogs too.

One of the reasons behind starting this website :

Now I already had a clear idea of what I am going to do with my blogs but when I started searching for Hostings I came to know that there are a lot of expert opinions out there but I found that there is still something that I can add to this blogging community and overall internet.

So in short I found it interesting to know more and more about Hostings, Servers, Browsers, Website performance etc and that eventually lead me towards to know more about many other things that most of the tech blogs are writing.

So as a result I started where I would give accurate information that revolves around blogging, Hosting and WordPress and other similar topics.

I’m very satisfied with name because it makes me feel and work like a journalist (that I always dreamed to become) who learns something new about a topic and then writes articles and tutorials on it.

Short answer to why I started this website :

In short, I started mainly because of three main reasons.

1) I wanted to work like a Journalist.

2) I wanted to publish my material and after coming to know about the limitation of print media and the advantages of blogging I decided to write content regarding Blogging, Hosting, WordPress etc in my blogs so that more and more people can come to know about how great their life can be with Blogging, WordPress, Social Media and Internet overall.

3) I could have started a website on a niche that I already had some great material prepared but I chose to write on WordPress and Blogging overall because it is more inspiring than anything else that I have ever learned in my life.

So that is how I write about various topics like Blogging, Hosting, WordPress, Website performance and give good amount of thinkable material on various topics and give accurate information regarding all the topics.

After all that’s what you expect from the journalists that they give accurate information and explanations about the topics right ?? and that is how is made to give you something more on the topics that you would love to know more about like Blogging, Hosting features, Website performance and WordPress overall.

What is the motive behind ?

There are many factors behind why I started but the two main factors that make me work after growing this website is Curiosity to learn and Passion to spread the word about what I have learnt.

The only motive behind starting is to spread the word about Blogging, Hosting and WordPress and many other Free and Open Source platforms like WordPress.Org that can change and improve our life drastically.

I already had plenty of material that I could publish through my Blogs but I postponed that whole project to start because of two reasons.

1) In 2015-16 my blogging project got delayed for at least a year because I didn’t know much about the difference between and WordPress.Org.

2) In 2019 November I again made up my mind to go for Blogging but again it got delayed because I could not find an Affordable One Year Hosting Plan for starting Blogging.

So because of the above two reasons I decided first to go for making a website which can bring accurate information to those people who are just ready or thinking to go for making their own WordPress website but looking for affordable options and resources to make a steady start.

I hope that through this website visitors will get better idea regarding how to make a start when they are thinking of starting their online journey and also after starting up their journey how to grow over internet.

So in short my blogging projects got delayed due to various reasons and to make sure that you don’t get delayed on your blogging journey I have started this website.

What to expect from ? What Knowledge will it serve to me ?

You can expect detailed reasoning and explanations regarding various topics like How to choose a Web Hosting, Domain, Blogging and Overall WordPress.

As I have just started some months back so you will get to see more regarding Hostings and Domains but along with time the website will grow to give you the maximum regarding Blogging, Hosting, WordPress and Free and Open Source and many other topics that might be beneficial to you.

This website will try to bring short and to the point explanations on all the topics regarding Blogging, Hosting and WordPress that you may see on this website which can eventually help the visitors (like you) to take a step forward towards starting their own online journey.

Apart from starting your own blog or website you can also expect to get more idea about various tools and resources that may affect you economically before and after starting your blog or website.

Plus you will get more and more information on Free and Open Source platforms which I think can be very beneficial to those who want to make a start and want to grow over the internet and grow overall in life.

So overall you can expect a lot of information when this website grows at its best potential and you will certainly get useful, to the point and diverse information when you search the various categories of the website.

So enjoy life and also don’t forget to share my posts to your friends over the internet if you found it useful and interesting. It will keep me happy and motivated to work in this direction.

Thank you
Yogesh Vyas