Top 8 Best Performing Affordable Shared Hosting Plans with free domains.

Whenever we want to start our online journey the first thing we want to learn about is shared hosting and how the shared hosting plan will bring enough performance and uptime to our website.

Because shared hosting plans are the most basic plans it is obvious to worry about website performance and uptime.

Shared hosting generally brings minimum sufficient resources and features that enable you to at least start your online journey.

This is the reason why shared hosting plans are still the best option to begin your online journey because it brings high amount of affordability.

So here are the top 8 best performing affordable shared hosting plans that will assure you to give the best performance and stability to your website. You will need one of these hosting so that you can start a hassle free and affordable online journey.

Also read this article before selecting any web host. It might help you.

Hey read the whole article and you will get the best hosting for you for sure. First 8 hosting are giving a free domain for year. Apart from that there are 3 bonus web hosting that you might like as well.

So let’s begin.

1) TMD hosting :

TMD hosting offers various shared hosting, VPS hosting, Dedicated and Cloud hosting plans and you will love TMD for providing super speed, reliability and security features in very very cheap rates.

In shared hosting TMDHosting (affiliate link) has Linux based and windows based plans. The shared hosting plans are called starter, business and Enterprise plans in which starter plan will allow you to host only one website and higher plans allows unlimited websites to be hosted.

Which plan is recommended ?

Business plan is recommended because you will get more performance and features with TMD Business plan.

It is also recommended to check the TMD cloud hosting plans as well when you visit their site because there is not much price difference in their shared hosting Business plan and cloud hosting business plan.

Even if you start with shared plans you can upgrade to cloud plans anytime you need.

2) MilesWeb :

MilesWeb is getting more and more popular because of their pricing features. With MilesWeb you can enjoy hosting without facing any price hikes.

Yes, if you go with MilesWeb (affiliate link) you will not have to face price hikes while renewing the plans. So enjoy web hosting at promotional rates.

MilesWeb has got three plans which are called swift, tyro and turbo plans. Adding further you will love MilesWeb when you see the features because they have given everything in cheaper rates.

MilesWeb (affiliate link) is not only affordable but it is also reliable and you will not have to worry about performance and uptime at all.

Which plan is recommended among the three MilesWeb plans ?

There are three plans popular on which you will get buy and renew at same price offer.

Tyro plan is recommended among the three plans. You will get more than sufficient resources with the Tyro plan to start your online journey.

3) NameCheap :

Well known to provide Whoisguard protected domains Namecheap also has a lot to offer in their affordable shared hosting plans.

NameCheap is a reputed web host and you will not have to worry about speed and uptime when you are with NameCheap. Moreover NameCheap (affiliate link) offers the most affordable one year and two year plans which are hardly seen in the business these days.

Namecheap offers three shared plans known as Stellar, Stellar plus and Stellar business plans. All plans have something to offer.

If you are just starting your journey then Stellar plan offers you more than sufficient features.

The Namecheap stellar plan allows you to host 3 websites in this basic plan which is a world beating feature.

Where Stellar plan is more than sufficient for beginners the other bigger hosting plan from Namecheap is known as Stellar business plan.

Stellar business plan gives you cloud storage and that brings super performance and greater Uptime.

Which hosting plan is better for me ?

Where the Stellar Business plan will give you more power and features but if you want save money and get a good start you can start with the Stellar plan even.

Stellar starter (affiliate link) plan is more than sufficient for any newbie or beginner who want to save money while starting up.

NameCheap TLD renewal is very high what to do ?

To get more benefit with domains just simply get discounted “.com” domain from Namecheap which has a free Whoisguard protection. Moreover you can just simply purchase cheaper domain from GoDaddy (affiliate link) as well.

The thing is that the more fancy TLD are costly when you are renewing it. So just simply go for the “.com” domains that are cheaper at the time of renewal as well.

4) DreamHost :

DreamHost should definitely be on everyone’s list because Dreamhost is well known for it’s quality offerings in cheapest prices. Moreover Dreamhost is recommended by WordPress and that makes Dreamhost one of the most reliable web hosts.

Dreamhost is also loved for it’s higher service standards. Moreover most (not all) of their plans don’t have renewal price hikes. So yes prices will remain the same even after renewal on certain plans. So the renewal prices will not be painful.

Dreamhost has two plans to offer which are shared starter and shared unlimited.

Shared starter has no price hikes feature but has some limitations and Shared unlimited has a renewal price hike but that is a very small price hike.

Which plan is better ?

Dreamhost Shared unlimited (affiliate link) is better because the renewal prices are very minor and there are more features with Shared unlimited plan.

Dreamhost is well known for it’s money back guarantee of 97 days that builds great amount of trust in customers. Moreover you can always be assured about getting optimum speed, uptime and security with Dreamhost.

5) Hostinger :

Hostinger is very popular in providing one of the best quality web hosting in the cheapest possible pricing.

When you go with Hostinger (affiliate link) you will get to see almost every performance and security related feature that you see with all costly web hosting providers but with Hostinger you can be assured of getting all features in cheapest rates.

Hostinger has three plans to offer in their shared hosting plans category which are called Single web hosting, Premium web hosting and Business web hosting.

Which Hostinger plan should I go for ?

Going for Hostinger Premium web hosting plan will give you more resources and you will get to be allowed 100 websites with this plan which is more than sufficient for anyone.

The only thing that can prove to be a little bit annoying is that you will have to purchase the plan for four years to get the maximum discount.

I would suggest that if you are starting small then the Hostinger Single web hosting plan (affiliate link) is more than sufficient for you. You can upgrade as per your need.

6) Bluehost :

Bluehost has been very very popular web host over the years and you will see almost every expert recommending Bluehost as a beginner friendly web host.

Apart from experts BlueHost (Full Review) is one of those very few hosts that are recommended by WordPress. So BlueHost is one of the most highly trusted web hosts as well.

Bluehost has four plans to offer which are Basic, Plus, Choice plus and Pro plans among which Choice Plus can be recommended as it has more features.

Which BlueHost plan is better for beginners ?

Even though you get more features seen in Choice plus but if you just want to get a small start with one website then go for basic plan. Basic plan will give you sufficient resources to get a small start.

7) HostGator :

HostGator has been one the oldest and one of the most popular web hosts over the years.

If you want to save money while starting up your online journey then HostGator (affiliate link) should definitely be on your list.

HostGator has got almost everything in their plans to give you one of the most affordable plans in the business.

HostGator has 3 plans in their shared hosting category which are known as Hatchling plan, Baby plan and Business plans.

Which HostGator plan is better for me ?

Baby plan from HostGator is recommended as it has more features.

Moreover it is also advised that you also check with HostGator Cloud plans which will bring more stability and performance to your website.

There is not much price difference in HostGator shared plans and HostGator cloud plans so Cloud plans are also recommended.

8) GreenGeeks :

GreenGeeks is both Eco friendly and reliable web host. Moreover GreenGeeks (affiliate link) should definitely be considered seeing the features they provide.

GreenGeeks offers three plans in their shared hosting category and they are said to be Lite, Pro and Premium plans. The performance increases with higher plans as you get more resources.

Which GreenGeeks plan is better for me ?

If you just want to start with one website then Lite plan (affiliate link) is more than sufficient for you.

With GreenGeeks higher plans you can get more performance as you get more resources with higher plans.

So all the above mentioned web hosts are offering free domain for year which is great. Now let’s see the bonus web hosts that are important here to mention.

Bonus :

Here are the two web hosts that are not giving a free domain but are still very competitive and affordable due other features that they offer.

9) FastComet :

Fast Comet doesn’t give the free domain these days but it doesn’t make them less competitive.

Even without a free domain deals FastComet (affiliate link) can prove to be a better deal because of their cloud plans.

The best thing about FastComet is that you get a cloud platform which will give you more uptime than shared hosting.

So there is an extra advantage of better uptime with FastComet.

Which FastComet plan is better for me ?

The best plan is the starter Fastcloud plan because it defeats almost all the web hosts that are giving traditional shared hosting plans in this rate.

So with FastComet (affiliate link) you can enjoy cloud platform in the price of shared hosting.

10) InterServer :

InterServer is best known for its reliability and quality web hosting.

InterServer gives discounted domain rather than a totally free domain but you will fall in love with InterServer because of the features they offer.

The best thing about InterServer is that you get Inter Insurance security features for free. With Inter Insurance you will get free help from InterServer in case your site gets attacked or compromised.

So security and performance InterServer can beat any web host in the business.

Which InterServer plan is better for me ?

With InterServer you can start with the standard web hosting plan and then gradually upgrade to higher plans.

InterServer uses LiteSpeed for bringing the best performance. Plus you will get world beater security features as well. So all in all InterServer can be a great option as well.

11) InMotion Hosting :

InMotion is well known for their WordPress Hosting plans.

There are going to be very few Hosting providers which would compete with InMotion (affiliate link) when it comes to cheaper WordPress plans.

Which plan to select ?

If you are looking for more performance then WordPress hosting might be the right choice for you.

There is not much difference between the shared hosting and WordPress hosting pricing so going for a WordPress hosting should be a good decision.

Other than WordPress hosting shared hosting from InMotion (affiliate link) is also great.

Conclusion :

So concluding this article if you want to make a small and steady start then starting with one of these web hosts can be beneficial.

All the hosting providers recommended in this article are highly reliable and very popular in the web hosting business. So you can start with any one of these.

Starting with a shared plan is always a beneficial safer strategy in the beginning. As you grow you can opt for the more powerful higher plans as well.

As your website grows you can go to higher cloud or VPS plans where you get higher performance and security but for a small beginning a shared plan is ideal.

Here are a few Question and Answers that might bring more clarity about shared hosting.

Question & Answers :

Reading this article you might have got some questions that I have tried to answer here.

All the web hosts are the cheapest ones.

To be more precise HostGator (Full Review), Hostinger (affiliate link), MilesWeb (affiliate link), FastComet (affiliate link) and Namecheap (affiliate link) seem to be the most affordable or cheapest on this list.

I have worked very hard to get you this list of most affordable web hosts.

All these hosting providers will satisfy your requirements but seeing the features and reliability we can put trust on InterServer (Full Review), MilesWeb (Full Review), TMDHosting (Full Review), GreenGeeks (Full Review), BlueHost (Full Review), FastComet (Full Review) and DreamHost (Full Review).

Hostinger (Full Review) and Namecheap (Full Review) are also very reliable and feature rich web hosts.

Namecheap (Full Review), DreamHost (affiliate link) and HostGator (Full Review) will give you the best affordable yearly plans. Namecheap also has monthly plans available.

Performance wise TMDHosting (affiliate link) can be the most effective one.

Apart from that GreenGeeks (affiliate link) and DreamHost (affiliate link) are also well known for their performance.

So I hope you found some good insights regarding all these web hosts.

You can start your online journey with any of these web hosts as per your need. All the web hosts are highly reliable and affordable.

I hope you found this article helpful.

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