Beware of Fake Police and Fake Lawyers

There are many kinds of thugs seen these days who loot people in many ways.

So here we are going to talk about Fake police and fake lawyer thieves who spread fear in people’s mind and rob them.

Before going further, here are real incidents that tell us about ” Fake Police ” thugs.

Here is a news of Fake police where robbers were trying to steal away gold with them as Fake Police.

Here is another incident of fake police robbers.

So seeing the above examples you can realize that robbers and thugs misuse police identities and dress codes to spread confusion and fear in the target person’s mind and rob them away.

What to do to get away from these kinds of Fake Police thugs :

  1. Keep your money safe in banks.
  2. Don’t get frightened by police and know your rights when thug police or thug lawyers attack you.
  3. Don’t get pressurized and try to get known people’s or family help.
  4. Don’t take decisions in panick.
  5. Try to confirm and mitigate the rumors that Fake Police try to spread in your mind.

I will come up with more info on this topic. Until then stay safe and stay happy.

I hope it helped.

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