Kadence theme Review

In this article you are going to get info on Kadence theme.

When we talk about WordPress themes there are a few names rule the business and Kadence (affiliate link) is one of them.

Kadence has been there for a while now and it is one of the most famous names these days.

So let’s begin :

Why should I go for Kadence theme ?

Firstly Kadence has become a very trustworthy name in recent times.

You should go for Kadence theme (affiliate link) simply due to Kadence Blocks.

You get free Kadence blocks that you can use with Kadence theme and you can do awesome with the help of these Kadence Blocks for sure.

The other best thing you should go with Kadence is due to Kadence life time bundle.

Then there are Kadence WordPress themes which are absolutely free and I would suggest to try these free themes first before going for the Pro bundles.

Great Features with Kadence theme :

Here are some great features you can get with Kadence theme.

1) Kadence Starter templates :

Starter templates from Kadence (affiliate link) are one of the best in the business.

Starter templates will save your time in designing your website.

The pre designed starter templates makes the life easier for any website owner.

Here you can see the starter templates according to their categories.

2) Kadence Woo Extras :

Kadence Woo extras are ten premium Woo Commerce extensions that you can use on unlimited number of sites.

Check Kadence Woo Commerce Extras here.

3) Other Useful Plugins from WordPress :

  • Kadence Slider.
  • Email Designer Kadence Woo Commerce.
  • Kadence Woo Commerce Site Origin Builder.
  • Kadence Galleries.
  • Related contents from Kadence (affiliate link).
  • Kadence simple share.
  • Kadence reading time.

Page transitions plugin :

You can add animation in page navigation through this plugin.

Kadence custom fonts :

Widget docs from Kadence.

4) Security related with Kadence :

Kadence is one of the most secure theme and you can strengthen your WordPress website using reCaptcha plugin you get with Kadence.

With Kadence (affiliate link) reCaptcha you can prevent spam, add reCaptcha to comments, login and contact forms.

So no worries about theme security when you are with Kadence.

5) Kadence full pane vertical slider :

Very few themes might be giving a slider fcility and Kadence is giving the best slider.

You get awesome full pane vertical slider from Kadence which is one the best features from Kadence.

6) Pricing tables plugin from Kadence :

A pricing table can increase your sales chances and that’s what you get with Kadence (affiliate link) as well.

Conclusion :

Concluding this article there are a very few themes that we can compare with Kadence.

In present times Astra and GeneratePress are the closest competitors to Kadence theme.

Seeing the free and pro features Kadence (affiliate link) is definitely a theme that should be in your wish list for sure.

Apart from featrures you need reliability from the brand as well and that’s what you get with Kadence.

Kadence theme has been there for a long time and seeing its progress you can rely on Kadence for a long time.

So try Kadence free theme here and once you are sure with the theme you can go for their pro features as well.

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