Best Budget Friendly Shared Cloud Hosting for Top class Performance.

WordPress is a great CMS and if you host your WordPress website on a better hosting then it can bring superb performance to your website.

Generally whenever we are looking for web hosting plans with any web host we get to see various kinds of plans. We see hosting plans like Shared plans, VPS plans, Dedicated plans, WordPress plans and Cloud plans.

As we all know shared plans are the most common basic plans that everyone would like to start with when they are starting their online journey.

Due to their affordability shared plans are widely popular but you will see more complaints with shared hosting because of its performance and resource related limitations. That’s obvious.

Due to the limitations that shared plans carry with them most of the people always think of something better than shared plans that give better performance and still remain affordable as well !! So to answer to that there are plans called shared Cloud plans.

Now let’s start with What are shared cloud plans.

What are Shared Cloud Plans :

Basically a cloud in the computer field is called as the group of servers. So here in the Cloud plans your website is hosted on the group of servers rather than just one servers.

So when your website is hosted on the group of servers you get better uptime for sure.

What happens that even if one server gets exhausted in the cloud there are more servers you can rely on. In the traditional shared hosting you don’t get this benefit.

Now why it is called a shared cloud plan ?

You are not alone while getting hosted on the cloud servers. So basically you are sharing the server resources with other websites that is why it is called a shared cloud plan.

You get special cloud plans as well like cloud VPS where you get more dedicated resources that you don’t have to share with others. Those plans are more costly than shared cloud plans.

Shared Cloud plans are supposed to give you more performance and uptime than traditional shared hosting.

Benefits with Shared Cloud Plans :

  • You get better uptime with cloud hosting.

  • You can expect more stability with from your website when you are with shared cloud plans.

  • With Cloud hosting you get more performance compared to shared hosting.

  • You can enjoy more resources with cloud hosting rather than with shared hosting.

  • There are more security features with cloud hosting rather than with shared hosting.

Generally it is seen that Cloud plans prices are a bit higher than that of shared hosting plans but it is definitely better to go with Cloud plans if you want super performance and guaranteed website stability in affordable rates.

So let’s see some of the best Cloud platforms that give you guaranteed performance and Uptime.

Best Affordable Cloud plans :

Here are some of the best shared cloud plans that are budget friendly as well.

1) TMD hosting Cloud Plans :

The first in the list is TMD hosting that brings cloud hosting in the most affordable rates.

TMD hosting offers very good shared plans also but if you are willing to spend a few more dollars then you can enjoy super performance of TMDHosting Cloud plans (affiliate link).

TMD offers three types of Cloud plans which are called starter cloud, business cloud and Enterprise cloud.

Which plan is recommended ?

Business cloud plan is recommended.

TMD starter cloud plan only allows one website and there is only $1 difference between Cloud starter and Cloud business plan. So if you go with Cloud business plan you will get more resources and better performance plus unlimited websites allowed to be hosted.

Why should I go with TMD hosting ?

TMD hosting offers industry leading shared plans, Cloud plans, VPS, Dedicated plans.

You will get greater reliability, top class performance and superb support that you cannot get with other web hosts.

All the quality features and great security standards everything you can get in very very cheap affordable rates that’s why you should definitely consider TMD hosting for sure.

2) HostGator cloud plans :

HostGator is very popular for it’s shared hosting plans but it is recommended to choose HostGator cloud over it’s shared plans.

Compared to shared plans HostGator has cheaper Cloud plans where you can get more stability and more performance for your website.

HostGator has three Cloud plans to offer which are called hatchling plan, baby plan and Business plan.

Which plan is recommended ?

Baby plan is recommended. You get more websites allowed to be hosted with your account and you get more resources than the starter hatchling plan.

Plus there is not much difference in the prices of hatchling plan and baby plan.

Why should I go with HostGator cloud plans ?

HostGator is very popular for it’s overall web hosting. You might have heard a lot about HostGator overall but HostGator becomes highly competitive when it comes to Cloud hosting and can defeat many in Cloud hosting.

3) Namecheap Stellar Business Plan :

Namecheap is a very reputed name when it comes to web hosting. Talking about Cloud hosting Name cheap has only one plan to offer but that is good enough to be on this list.

Namecheap also offers WordPress plans as well which has Cloud features but here we are going to see some Stellar business plan features that are good and sufficient for any website.

Talking about Stellar business plan (affiliate link) it is based on Cloud storage which means you get more stability and super performance.

You get more Inodes than usual in the Stellar business plan. You can get double the Inodes than in other shared plans which are essential for better performance and higher reliability.

Plus there are a few features that can be expected from every web host like unlimited websites can be hosted and sufficient SSD storage is provided.

Plus one TLD (top level domains) is available for free. However it is better to get “.com” domain at discounted price because TLDs seem more expensive when you renew it.

You can take the plan for two years also to get more discount.

Why should I go with NameCheap Stellar Business plan ?

NameCheap has similar Stellar starter and stellar plus plans in lower rates as well but there is no cloud storage features in those plans.

You can definitely go for starter plans first if you want to make a small start and then as you grow you can move to stellar business plan.

Comparing Stellar Business plan with other web hosts this plan is really cheaper compared to others. You can expect the same higher reliability and performance which you expect from other costly web hosting providers.

4) Hostinger Cloud hosting :

Hostinger is a web hosting giant that is well known to provide cheapest web hosting all over the world. Seeing the features that Hostinger provides in their Cloud plans it is surely that you will fall in love with Hostinger again and again.

If you have a large website to take care of regarding speed and uptime and you are looking for a reliable and affordable web host then Hostinger can definitely be the one that you might have been looking for.

Hostinger has three cloud plans to offer which are called startup plan, professional plan and cloud global plan. You get more resources and boosted speed along with higher plans.

Why should I go for Hostinger Cloud plans ?

Hostinger is a champion in providing customer friendly web hosting in very cheap affordable prices.

You will not see this much traditional features in the cloud hosting plans with other web hosts.

So going with Hostinger Cloud hosting will not only bring more performance and speed but it will also be more affordable and user friendly option if you go with Hostinger.

5) FastComet :

FastComet is well known for their cloud hosting only.

With FastComet (affiliate link) you can expect to get the cheapest cloud plans in the business.

FastComet offers three cloud plans out of which the FastCloud plan seems the most affordable one. You can upgrade gradually to higher plans as per your need.

Why should I go with FastComet ?

FastComet is one of the most reliable web hosts.

The best thing about FastComet is their affordable pricing and superb security features.

With FastComet you can enjoy better and reliable cloud hosting in cheaper rates. It is like you can get cloud hosting in the price of shared hosting at FastComet.

So there is nothing wrong going with FastComet as well.

Conclusion :

So concluding this article I hope you got decent information on Shared Cloud Hosting plans of some of the top web hosting companies.

All the above mentioned hosting are beginner friendly and affordable ones.

If you want more performance and uptime than shared hosting and want to save money as well then you should definitely look for these shared hosting plans.

If you have no hurry to grow your website and you are not mad about getting more performance then starting with traditional shared hosting will also work for you.

In the end there still might be some questions in our mind regarding Cloud hosting and specially about shared hosting when you are just beginning. So here are the answers to those few questions.

Questions & Answers :

I have tried giving some questions regarding cloud hosting here to get you more clarity on selecting a hosting plan.

If you have a limited budget then think of starting with shared hosting first.

When you want to start a website with a limited budget then firstly don’t over think about website performance and uptime.

The first thing that you can do is at least get a start.

So at least start a website first with shared hosting and then grow it over a period of time and then move on to Cloud plans where you can get more performance and reliability.

To start your website in a cheapest possible manner look for cheaper Domains and cheaper hosting plans. Cheaper domains you will get with GoDaddy (affiliate link) or Namecheap (affiliate link) and Cheaper hosting are many that you can check here.

However there are web hosts available that are giving one of the cheapest web hosting packages that include free domain also but most of these plans are for longer period of time.

In most cases you have to purchase the plan for 3 or 4 years which will again make it a costly option for you. So getting a cheaper domain from a different Domain registrar and cheaper one year hosting from another web host will solve the problem for you.

With Namecheap (affiliate link) you can get cheaper monthly hosting plans.

DreamHost (affiliate link)can also be an option that might give you monthly hosting plans.

HostGator (Full Review) is another web host that might have yearly hosting plans.

See how I managed to get my first website started in the cheapest possible manner here.

Cloud plans are the best solution for getting more Speed and reliability but you still can go for shared plans if you have a limited budget. Generally people start with shared plans and then upgrade to cloud plans which is considered best practice for beginners.

Cloud plans are for those who are confident that they are going to attract more visitors in a short period of time. If you are willing to spend a bit higher on hosting to get better performance and uptime then cloud plans are for you.

On the other hand shared plans are still the best for saving money while starting your website. As you grow you can upgrade to cloud plans.

Cloud technology is one of the newest solutions to get you the best performance and stability for your website.

Cloud plans are ideal for those who want to grow their websites in shorter period of time. Those who are expecting to handle larger amount of visitors on their websites may find cloud plans better.

There are more resources, more power, more security, more performance and more reliability guaranteed when you go for Cloud hosting plans.

So for better performance and power you should consider cloud hosting plans.

So that’s it regarding budget friendly shared cloud hosting. You should definitely think of cloud hosting if you want greater uptime and performance than shared hosting.

Many people these days start their journey with affordable cloud hosting to get the extra advantage of higher performance and uptime.

So if you have some extra budget then investing it in cloud plans can be good choice.

I hope this article will be helpful.

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