On this Quick Advice page you will get short & to the point advice on what exactly you need to start a blog or WordPress Website.

So here is what you need to start a blog or website :

There are three essential things you need when you want to start a website or blog.

1) WordPress :

WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System) which is absolutely free.

You can see the difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.Org here.

While starting up your website you don’t need to do anything WordPress. You just need to install it on your hosting server which is very easy. Moreover you can see here how to install WordPress here in this article.

You can also tell your hosting support to install the WordPress for you and you will get it installed.

2) A Domain name :

You can get a free domain for a year from any popular web host but I would recommend to get a domain name from either GoDaddy (affiliate link) or Namecheap (affiliate link).

If you are going for a free domain from any web host then on renewal it might cost a you a bit more than usual. So going for either GoDaddy (Full Review) or Namecheap (Full Review) domain is beneficial in the longer run.

3) A Hosting :

A hosting let’s you publish your content all over the internet. It is because of the hosting server only you can have your website available to everyone over the internet.

Your hosting will give you a cPanel from where you can easily manage your website. So getting a hosting and a domain is a must to start your own blog or website.

Here below are some of the very best hosting that might be beneficial for you to start with. So select a hosting as per your need.

Other Additional Requirements :

4) Grammarly :

If you are going to start a blog or website where you need to write a lot then you will need Grammarly (affiliate link) as well. Most of the Grammarly services are for free and are more than sufficient for any beginner.

5) Canva :

Canva (affiliate link) is a design application that you will definitely need for social media marketing for sure.

The free version of Canva (affiliate link) is more than sufficient for most of the beginners.

Apart from this Canva Pro (affiliate link) in itself is so great and powerful that you can build your career and income around Canva in many ways.

Hosting Deals That Best Suits You :

Here you will see the various hosting as per hosting type.

1) Shared Hosting :

This is a very basic kind of hosting that is ideal for the newbies. Shared hosting type is the most affordable one with basic security and performance features.

Here below you can find some of the best shared hosting that will give you super affordable shared or cloud plans.

2) Managed Hosting :

Managed hosting is ideal for those who want the best performance and security for their website.

Managed hosting keeps you free from all the hassles of maintaining the website performance and security. The dedicated team manages all the things and keep everything optimized for your website.

Some of the very best managed hosting are :

Kinsta (Full Review), WP Engine (Full Review), LiquidWeb (Full Review).

3) Shared Cloud Hosting :

Shared cloud hosting gives you some extra performance and security than shared hosting.

Here are some of the very best shared cloud web hosting plans.

Always remember you can always upgrade from your shared plans to cloud plans whenever you need.

4) VPS hosting :

VPS hosting is something that you will need when you have grown up your website to the ultimate level.

You will need VPS hosting for super performance and security. If you are just starting as a newbie then there is no need to start with a VPS. Start with a basic shared hosting.

Here in this article you can find some of the very best VPS if you need one.

VPS is generally for established sites or the sites that require a large volume of content and visitors.

Some of the very best Web Hosts that you can start your website with :

Best things about GreenGeeks :

  • Superb security features.
  • LiteSpeed technology for the best performance.
  • Green and Feature rich Web Host.

Best things about DreamHost :

  • Unbeatable Uptime Guarantee.
  • Longest Moneyback Guarantee in the business.
  • Greater performance due to Nginx servers.

Best things about InterServer :

  • Best alternative all popular Web Hosts.
  • Inter Insurance is a great feature.
  • Greater advantage over Inode limits.
  • Plenty of features to offer.

Best Things About Hostinger :

  • Super Affordable Pricing.
  • Great features in cheap prices.

Best things about Namecheap :

  • Stellar Plans are great.
  • Cheapest One Year Hosting Plans.
  • More than enough Inodes.

Conclusion :

So in conclusion I don’t think there is anything more basic you need to start a website.

Of course there are some plugins etc. that you will need after starting your website for sure but that is after starting up your WordPress website.

If we make a list of all the requirements to start and run a website then there is no limit but here on this page I tried to give you some of the very basic things that you will definitely need to start a website or blog. I hope you found it useful.

That’s it. If you have any questions regarding this subject you can subscribe to for our emails and expect to get answers on it.