LiquidWeb Review : The Best Super Giant Managed Hosting.

In this article you will get info on LiquidWeb plans and pricing.

LiquidWeb is a super powerful hosting that is well known for its managed VPS (affiliate link) and managed WordPress plans (affiliate link).

There are many other kinds of hosting solutions you can get with LiquidWeb (affiliate link) as well like Dedicated and Cloud hosting.

Here in this article you will find some answers why LiquidWeb can be the one that you might be looking for and why I call LiquidWeb a super giant managed hosting.

So let’s see why LiquidWeb can be the best for you.

Why LiquidWeb is Recommended ?

LiquidWeb is recommended because of its reliable service.

When it comes to LiquidWeb (affiliate link) all is fully managed. That’s how everything goes at LiquidWeb, Everything is fully managed.

Secondly LiquidWeb offers a wide range of services like dedicated hosting, cloud hosting and Magento cloud etc. So you get almost all kind of hosting services with LiquidWeb.

LiquidWeb is also recommended because of their managed WordPress plans. LiquidWeb is unbeatable in managed WordPress plans.

Apart from managed WordPress (affiliate link) LiquidWeb gives fully managed VPS hosting as well which is also very competitive.

With over 500K websites under their management LiquidWeb is a highly reliable hosting provider.

What about Up Time and Performance with LiquidWeb ?

LiquidWeb offers 100% network guarantee and you will get paid 10 times for facing any downtime.

Talking about performance since LiquidWeb (affiliate link) gives managed VPS hosting you will get larger bandwidth and greater SSD storage for your website.

LiquidWeb managed VPS and WordPress plans are super powerful.

LiquidWeb uses Nginx servers to bring the best performance for your website.

As LiquidWeb gives VPS hosting you will definitely get superior performance. As we know in VPS plans we get our resources completely isolated from other neighboring sites.

Due to isolated resources and accounts in VPS type of hosting we get greater security and performance.

There is also Cloudflare CDN with your VPS that brings extra performance as well.

LiquidWeb claims to be the fastest among most of the VPS hosting and they have a report on that also.

LiquidWeb claims to give you the 200% faster managed VPS.

So for performance and uptime there are no worries when you are with LiquidWeb.

LiquidWeb managed WordPress plans :

LiquidWeb also offers managed WordPress plans and it can be a great deal.

I like LiquidWeb managed WordPress more than their managed VPS.

Let’s see what you get with LiquidWeb managed WordPress :

  • With managed WordPress plans you get iTheme security Pro (affiliate link) for free. Yes ! no need to separately go for security solutions. You get iTheme Security Pro included in your managed WordPress plan.

  • You also get Beaver Builder lite to try out as well.

  • There are many WordPress plans that LiquidWeb and Nexcess offers. Spark (affiliate link) is the most basic and the best plan from the Nexcess managed WordPress hosting plan.

  • Nexcess has just joined forces with LiquidWeb. Nexcess provides powerful hosting solutions.

  • On all managed WordPress hosting plans you get unlimited email accounts.

  • The best thing about Nexcess and LiquidWeb managed WordPress plans is that you get no traffic limits and no page views limits.

  • For better performance you get image optimization plugin as well that will improve your page speed.

Is LiquidWeb Secure ?

Yes LiquidWeb is super secure.

You get free automatic SSL and free automatic daily backups with LiquidWeb (affiliate link).

LiquidWeb have their own data centers so they have full control over their data centers.

So no worries about security as everything is managed by LiquidWeb when it comes to maintaining security.

You get protection from malicious traffic due to LiquidWeb (affiliate link) firewall. Plus LiquidWeb is protected from DDoS attacks as well.

They also have virus and spam protection enabled for your website security as well.

For security you get all your servers and OS everything monitored and patched regularly.

So basically LiquidWeb is fully managed and highly secure web host over all.

Is LiquidWeb Affordable ?

LiquidWeb is highly affordable specifically if you talk about their managed WordPress plans.

Regarding other plans like managed VPS plans they give 75% discount for first 2 years. So in VPS category also LiquidWeb is highly affordable for sure.

Regarding the price renewals I would definitely say that there is nothing offered to old customers. So that can be a pain for sure.

But in the end if you are using the features and services offered by LiquidWeb fully then it would seem affordable for sure.

Talking about managed WordPress hosting it is a super affordable world beater plan for sure.

So LiquidWeb and Nexcess managed WordPress hosting (affiliate link) plans you should definitely look for.

What kind of support do I get from LiquidWeb ?

Support from LiquidWeb is great.

You get 24/7 support from LiquidWeb experts.

Plus most of their services are managed so you will not have much complaints to worry about.

LiquidWeb have set the standards very high for all their services. It is like that they have set 59 seconds initial response for sure whether it is on phone or chat.

So with LiquidWeb (affiliate link) you get top quality support for sure.

Comparing LiquidWeb with other Web Hosts :

There are a few hosting providers that are almost incomparable and LiquidWeb is one of them.

LiquidWeb, Kinsta and WPEngine are the kind of hosting that are unmatchable.

LiquidWeb comparison with unmanaged VPS :

On the first go it seems like unmanaged VPS are cheaper in price but the price renewal and features offered by unmanaged VPS makes it even.

In longer run you would like to go for LiquidWeb (affiliate link) managed VPS because you get better features with LiquidWeb. Plus there is no hassle for maintaining optimum security and performance as LiquidWeb does that for you.

Basically unmanaged VPS are for those sites which are not expecting the very big growth.

So if you think you need extra performance and security then you will get it with unmanaged VPS no doubt. There is no need for managed VPS if your website maintains a certain number of visitors every month.

But if you think your website is going to attract plethora of visitors and it will grow big in near future then you would definitely like to go for a managed service like LiquidWeb and not unmanaged VPS.

For example :

I am getting a traffic of 75k every month and I am not expecting any growth in it then I will go with unmanaged VPS. It will work for me.

But if I am getting a traffic of 75k this month and next month I am expecting it to be 100k or 150k per month then I would definitely need a hosting like LiquidWeb.

I would also need a hosting like LiquidWeb (affiliate link) if I want to remain tension free about the security and performance of my website as well.

LiquidWeb comparison with Kinsta :

As said earlier LiquidWeb, Kinsta and WPEngine (Full Review) are incomparable as their services are one of a kind. Still let’s try a bit to compare Kinsta and LiquidWeb.

  • Where LiquidWeb is offering managed VPS on the other hand Kinsta is totally dedicated to managed WordPress.

  • Since LiquideWeb and Nexcess offers managed WordPress also we can compare Nexcess fully managed WordPress (affiliate link) with Kinsta fully managed WordPress hosting.

  • Both the hosting give wide range of plans to their customers.

  • Both use Nginx for better performance.

  • On one hand with LiquidWeb and Nexcess fully managed WordPress (affiliate link) you get iTheme Security Pro for free. On the other hand Kinsta makes sure that you remain secure when you are with Kinsta. So Kinsta doesn’t need any extra security plugins to take care of your security.

  • Both services are fully managed. So you don’t need to worry about security and performance for sure.

  • In pricing Nexcess (affiliate link) and LiquidWeb managed WordPress seem cheaper than Kinsta.

  • In terms of traffic limits Kinsta shows there are specific traffic limits on all plans. If you reach the traffic limits you can upgrade to the next level or just pay the nominal extra fees for the overage of visits.

  • On the other hand with Nexcess fully managed WordPress plans you get higher visitors limits. In fact there are no traffic limits with Nexcess (affiliate link) Fully managed WordPress Hosting.

  • Comparing the popularity Kinsta is definitely popular and Nexcess will get time to become that much popular.

All in all both are Kinsta and LiquidWeb brings super powerful fully managed WordPress plans.

You get some good advantage with LiquidWeb when it comes to traffic or visitors limit and pricing for sure.

Conclusion :

So concluding this article LiquidWeb is one the very few hosting provider that serves you the premium quality hosting.

The best you can get from LiquidWeb is their fully managed WordPress plans.

LiquidWeb and Nexcess WordPress plans are of the ultimate quality. So you should definitely look for these plans if you are looking for the best WordPress hosting solutions.

The other best thing about LiquidWeb (affiliate link) is that you get 75% discount on their managed VPS plans which can be a great deal.

Remember always it is managed VPS from LiquidWeb and not VPS only plans. So you can expect to have optimum speed and security with your managed VPS as well.

LiquidWeb managed VPS will be far better than normal VPS.

Question and Answers :

First of all LiquidWeb offers fully managed VPS hosting so you will not need to worry about security and performance for sure.

So going with fully managed VPS (affiliate link) can be a good decision.

Second thing is that LiquidWeb and Nexcess fully managed WordPress (affiliate link) plans are game changer and super competitive. It can compete with Kinsta even. You have already seen the comparison above in this article.

So if you have a WordPress site then there cannot be any better hosting solution than LiquidWeb and Nexcess fully managed WordPress plans.

LiquidWeb managed WordPress plans seem more useful and precise than managed VPS.

LiquidWeb and Nexcess fully managed WordPress (affiliate link) plans are especially designed for WordPress sites.

Plus managed WordPress plans are cheaper than managed VPS plans of LiquidWeb as well.

You will get more precision and efficiency and features with LiquidWeb fully managed WordPress plans.

Of course as per your needs you can go for managed VPS as well.

If you are looking for alternatives then there are many VPS out there but it is hard to get a managed VPS better than LiquidWeb.

There very few competitors we can see that can match with LiquidWeb and that’s Kinsta and WPEngine.

If you want to see the unmanaged VPS hosting then you can see them here.

You cannot compare unmanaged VPS with LiquidWeb’s managed VPS because feature wise LiquidWeb out class unmanaged VPS.

First of all LiquidWeb offers all kind of hosting from VPS to managed WordPress hosting.

The other big reason to call LiquidWeb (affiliate link) a super giant hosting is that you get “no traffic limits” on their plans. The bandwidth and storage provided is also so very big that you can only say vow.

So if you see the LiquidWeb hosting plans you will have to admire them and there is the right word or phrase to describe LiquidWeb that is “Super Giant Hosting”.

So with this article I hope you might have got better info about LiquidWeb. With LiquidWeb everything is fully managed.

So you get a powerful hosting with LiquidWeb (affiliate link) that is super efficient. Plus all performance and security issues are taken care of and solved by LiquidWeb only.

I hope this article helps.

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