6 Best 2FA Plugins For Your WordPress Website

2FA or Two Factor Authentication has become very popular these days.

2FA is a new and reliable technology that adds extra security when you login.

So in this article you are going to get info on popular 2FA plugins in WordPress.

How 2FA works :

Two Factor Authentication works by adding an extra layer of authentication while you are logging in.

With 2FA enabled with any account user requires to enter security codes after successfully entering their passwords.

You get security codes in the authentication apps that you can have installed in your mobile phones.

So this is how if any attackers know your password they still cannot login because they also require your mobile device to access your account.

2FA is super secure and it has become a necessity to use 2FA along with a stronger password.

Here are some of the best Two Factor Authentication plugins :

2FA is a security feature.

So the thing is that you require either a complete security plugin like Wordfence to activate 2FA in WordPress or you need a specific plugin that give you 2FA.

It is better to have Wordfence as Wordfence offers overall complete security of your website and 2FA is included in Wordfence. So you can save on a plugin. If you already have Wordfence installed then you don’t need to go anywhere.

Just go to settings and work on the 2FA feature.

Apart from Wordfence here are all the 2FA plugins that you might like :

1) Mini Orange Google Authenticator :

Google Authenticator by Mini Orange can be a good option if you are not going for Wordfence or iTheme Security.

Mini Orange can be a great option because security solutions are their specialty.

Mini Orange has expertise in Two Factor Authentication, Single Sign On (SSO) and Cyber Forensics etc.

All in all Mini Orange is trustworthy.

The plugin integrates with BuddyPress, Woo Commerce, MemberPress, LearnDash, LearnPress, LifterLMS and many others. So it can be a great choice for 2FA.

2) Duo Two factor authentication :

DUO is also a company that has specialty in security. So going with DUO Two Factor Authentication can be a good decision.

DUO serves many business giants for security so if you are mad about security then DUO might be the ultimate destination for you.

(You can see the set up process for DUO 2FA in WordPress is here.)

So all in all DUO can be the great option for getting up 2FA on your site.

3) Wordfence :

Wordfence as mentioned earlier is not only a 2FA plugin but rather it is a total security suite.

A security suite that includes Two Factor Authentication as a security feature which is just a small part of it.

So you need 2FA and all along with other security features ? Get on with Wordfence.

It can be a great overall security solution apart from 2FA as well.

4) Rublon 2FA :

Rublon 2FA is another great 2FA plugin that you should definitely know about.

Rublon was launched as the world’s first commercial password less login solution. So it is definitely trustworthy.

You can definitely rely on Rublon for a secure 2FA.

Apart from this you can have a personal account which is free and luckily their business plan is also not very costly. Just $1 per month for a business account.

5) 2FAS :

This is also a great plugin if you want a special Two Factor Authentication on your site.

The plugin seems trustworthy and reliable to go with. It is called 2FAS.

You can check here the video tutorial how to use the plugin as well.

6) iTheme Pro 2FA :

iTheme security Pro (affiliate link) is same like Wordfence. You will get many security solutions with iTheme Pro and 2FA is just a small part of total website security that iTheme security provides to you.

You can know more about iTheme security here in this article.

The only reason to include iTheme security Pro (affiliate link) in this list is because iTheme security Pro is just a great deal. So you can get 2FA along with many other security solutions.

You should also see this LiquidWeb and Nexcess review where you get iTheme Security Pro absolutely free with Nexcess (affiliate link) managed WordPress hosting.

Conclusion :

Now seeing this many 2FA plugins you might be wondering which one is better for you.

I would suggest Wordfence 2FA as Wordfence brings total security solutions. Apart from Two Factor Authentication Wordfence has other security features as well.

So if you don’t want to invest in a specific Two Factor Authentication plugin then you can just enable 2FA with Wordfence plugin.

You will get 2FA in Wordfence free version as well.

iTheme Security Pro (affiliate link) can also be a good option to go with if you are thinking of longer run. iTheme Security Pro is totally free with Nexcess (affiliate link) Fully managed WordPress hosting as well. So try checking this LiquidWeb and Nexcess review for more info.

So that’s it for 2FA plugins for your WordPress website.

I hope this article will be helpful.

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