5 Best Database Cleaning Plugins for your WordPress Website

In this article you will get info on Database Cleaning Plugins.

Database cleaning is one of the most important tasks that you will always need to carry out to keep your website at optimized performance.

Database Cleaning Plugins are included in one of the most essential plugins. Here are some reasons why Database Cleaning Plugins are essential for your website.

Importance of database cleaning :

Database cleaning is a very important task that you are required to do it regularly if you need a better performing website.

As we know all data related to your website is collected in data tables. These data tables get heavier due to unnecessary data that gets accumulated into data tables.

This unnecessary data can be the result of deleted plugins data or spam or deleted comments data etc. This unwanted data gets your database to become heavier.

What you can do to get off this unwanted data is that you clean your data tables regularly.

A clean database will give extra performance or speed than a heavier database.

Cleaning data tables can be a difficult and complex task and that is why to clean databases we have plugins for that.

Database cleaning plugins are one of the most essential plugins that you will need regularly while running your website.

So it is always better to get a database cleaning plugin for your website.

Here are some of the widely popular database cleaning plugins.

Database cleaning plugins :

1) WP sweep :

WP Sweep can be very useful plugin to clean up your database efficiently.

WP Sweep as the name suggests cleans everything from Revisions, Auto Drafts, Deleted and Orphaned comments meta to Transients as well.

So all in all WP Sweep can be a great option for database cleaning.

2) WP – Optimize :

WP-Optimize can be great if you want to do certain tasks all with one plugin.

You can do database cleaning, Image Compression and Caching for your website all with the help of this one plugin only. So it can be a great plugin all in all.

WP-Optimize has over 1 million active installs so it is definitely trustworthy. Moreover WP-Optimize is a super product from UpdraftPlus.

So if you are familiar with UpdraftPlus backup plugin then yeah WP-Optimize is also from the same company. So brand wise also WP-Optimize can be a good reliable product.

You can check and compare the WP-Optimize free and paid plans here. The main difference between free and paid product is getting license to use WP-Optimize on more than one websites.

You get more features with paid versions as well.

3) WP – DB manager :

Lester Chan the same guy who has created WP Sweep is also seen after WP – DB manager.

This plugin enables you to optimize your database and also repair and backup the database.

All in all a very useful plugin.

4) Advanced database cleaner :

If you are looking for a plugin that totally cleans up all unwanted trash efficiently then this is the right plugin for you.

Advanced Database Cleaner (affiliate link) cleans up almost all trash from old auto drafts to ping backs, track backs and almost every unwanted trash that might slow down your website.

So this is a cool and efficient database cleaning plugin for sure. So count on it for efficient database cleaning.

5) Optimize Database after Deleting Revisions :

Well a very long name but it will clean up your database perfectly.

This plugin will clean up deleted posts, comments. It also deletes Ping Backs and trackbacks.

Plus it clears “OEMBED Cache” as well.

So Optimize Database after Deleting Revisions can be a good option as well for database optimization.

Conclusion :

As mentioned earlier Database cleaner plugins are one of the essential plugins that you will need regularly.

Using database cleaning plugins you can keep your database clean and light which brings extra performance for your website.

The best Database cleaner plugins are given above in the article.

WP Sweep and Advanced database cleaner (affiliate link) are popularly used.

It is better to use popular and widely downloaded plugins as they get updates regularly due to larger user base.

Widely Downloaded and timely updated plugins are considered safer than other plugins.

I hope this article would be helpful.

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