Hostinger Review : A Champion of Affordable Hosting.

As the title suggests Hostinger (affiliate link) is a champion in providing affordable web hosting and in this article you will come to know why.

Hostinger is not only the cheapest but also very reliable and that is why most of the web hosts will not be able to compete with Hostinger when it comes to affordability.

Hostinger is both popular and reliable also.

So let’s see how much powerful Hostinger is as a web host and whether you should go for it or not !

Why Hostinger is recommended ?

Hostinger is for those who want to make a small start and then want to scale up.

It is also recommended to those who want to save money while starting up.

Hostinger is not only recommended because it is cheap but it is reliable as well.

Hostinger has been there since 2004.

Over the years Hostinger has turned out to be a big player that can easily defeat most of web hosts with its competitive pricing.

When it comes to attracting new customers Hostinger (affiliate link) defeats everyone by providing tons of features in very cheap prices. In fact not only new but many customers would migrate to Hostinger because of their affordable rates.

Hostinger is recommended for its reliability, affordability and tons of features offered.

So Hostinger is highly trustworthy and highly recommended.

Will I get good uptime with Hostinger ?

Hostinger gives 99.9% Uptime guarantee in all of its plans at very cheap rate and that will just win your hearts.

Hostinger uses cloud Linux server platform that makes sure that enhanced efficiency, stability and uptime is achieved.

With its Premium web hosting plan Hostinger gives twice the more resources then its starter plan which brings a big promise of Uptime.

Further good news is that Hostinger (affiliate link) higher plan rates are so cheap and competitive that it can compete with starter plans of other web hosts in terms of affordability.

So no worries about Uptime Guarantee. It will be served for sure.

What about website Speed or Performance with Hostinger ?

Hostinger uses LiteSpeed cache technology and WordPress acceleration which is one of the newest and reliable technology to boost speed and uptime.

Plus SSD (solid state drives) technology is used to boost the website performance.

Moreover the mixture of PHP 7, HTTP/2, GZIP compression and threat detection brings greater website performance.

So speed or performance will be delivered for sure.

Hostinger Server Locations :

US, UK, Brazil, Netherlands, Singapore, Indonesia and Lithuania.

Hostinger provides twice the resources as the plans are getting higher. So as your plan grows you will get better performance.

Is Hostinger Secure ?

Hostinger brings not only affordable web hosting but also brings one of the best secured web hosting. Hostinger has a lot to tell when it comes to security.

Firstly all the data on servers are protected by multiple levels of fail safe, RAID 10, daily or weekly backups.

Hostinger provides free SSL certificates with all plans which is up to the industry standards.

Plus there are Cloudflare protected name servers which improves global DNS performance.

Moreover Hostinger (affiliate link) gives protection against DDoS attacks. Plus Bitninja or Imunify 360 firewall is deployed on each server.

Furthermore, there are LVE containers for account isolation which is essential these days for better performance and security.

Plus managed automated updates on all plans in affordable rates make them one of the best web hosting providers.

So Hostinger is highly secure.

Is Hostinger Affordable ?

You will not get any web host like Hostinger. Hostinger gives super performance in the cheapest rates.

So Hostinger is a super affordable web host.

Hostinger defeats everyone when it comes to affordability. Hostinger with it’s affordable plans give you everything that big giants are giving in costly rates.

With their cheapest plans Hostinger will always make you think twice when you are comparing other web hosts with Hostinger.

Hostinger (affiliate link) gives you top notch security and high reliability and performance with unmatchable pricing.

So why to select other costly web hosts when you get same security and performance with Hostinger !!

The only thing that hurts is that the plans discount are beneficial in a best manner only if you take it for four years span but it is a normal practice everywhere in the industry.

Definitely there is a one year plan lacking for sure with Hostinger. Many web hosts like DreamHost (Full Review) and Namecheap (Full Review) also offers one year plans as well.

All in all Hostinger is highly affordable. In fact Hostinger is a champion in affordable web hosting.

Will I get anytime support with Hostinger ??

Hostinger provides 24/7/365 support in all their plans which is great.

In fact Hostinger is support is lightening fast even on emails.

You will get your queries solved in seconds with Hostinger support.

So Hostinger support is Top class.

Do Hostinger provide backups ?

Weekly backups are provided in all plans Hostinger. Daily backups are provided in Business plans.

I would highly recommend that you develop a habit of taking your backups for yourself on daily basis.

To take the backups for yourself you can use UpdraftPlus (affiliate link) or any other backup plugins of your choice.

Will I get Money back guarantee ?

Hostinger provides 30 day money back guarantee which is good.

However there are many web hosts like TMDHosting (affiliate link) and DreamHost (affiliate link) which provide longer money back guarantees.

TMDHosting (Full Review) gives 60 days long money back guarantee.

DreamHost (Full Review) gives 97 days long money back guarantee.

HostGator (Full Review) and FastComet (Full Review) are giving 45 days long money back guarantees.

Although there are many tough competitors in terms of money back guarantee but you will not get any one more affordable than Hostinger.

So no worries as Hostinger (affiliate link) is a popular and reliable web host.

What about other features and offers like free domain with Hostinger ?

Hostinger because of its features offered has become one of the most popular web hosting brands.

Resources :

Talking about features the processing power and RAM increases with plans.

With Hostinger business plan you will get four times the processing power and RAM.

However the premium plan seems to be most affordable with twice the processing power and RAM.

Websites allowed :

Only one website can be hosted with the starting single plan and unlimited websites can be hosted with higher plans.

Storage and Bandwidth :

Sufficient SSD storage is provided and the SSD storage increases with higher plans.

Plus unlimited bandwidth in higher plans and sufficient bandwidth provided in single starter plan.

Free Domain for a year :

There is no free domain in the single web hosting plan which acceptable because single web hosting plan pricing is already very low.

Moreover in higher plans you will get a free domain for a year which is great.

SSL, Sub Domains and Email Accounts :

Free SSL certificate is provided with all the plans which is as per industry standards.

Plus 2 subdomains and 2 parked domains are given with single plan and 100 subdomains and 100 parked domains are given with higher plans.

Plus unlimited email accounts with higher plans and only one email account with single plan is provided.

Inodes and PHP version :

There are more than sufficient inodes provided in all plans.

Plus Inodes provided increases with plans.

Plus there are PHP versions up to PHP 7.4 are provided.

So seeing all these features Hostinger will definitely manage to become one of your most trusted web hosts.

Conclusion :

Concluding this review I can say that Hostinger has created a web hosting platform that has no drawbacks at all.

Hostinger (affiliate link) gives affordable hosting solutions with all the security and reliability features.

Hostinger is no doubt a web hosting giant that has everything that you need.

It is not only about Hostinger affordable plans that makes it one of the most loved web host.

There are many ways Hostinger rules the web hosting business.

Hostinger brings the right mixture of security, affordability and reliability to their customers which makes them the most trustworthy web host.

So there is not much to complain about Hostinger (affiliate link). Hostinger should definitely on your list when you are making a decision to start your online journey.

Question and Answers :

Here are some of the questions answered that will help you to be more clear about Hostinger.

The answer is very simple. Hostinger is giving you the new technology empowered web hosting in cheaper rates. There are big players which will charge a lot on the basis of security and performance they provide.

If you compare them with Hostinger (affiliate link) then you will see that Hostinger is also giving the same quality web hosting in very cheaper rates.

Plus Hostinger has been a very reliable platform and have grown to become a giant that can compete with any costly alternative.

So why not Hostinger ! Why to go somewhere else when you have all features in affordable rates with Hostinger !

Hostinger is unmatchable. Hostinger has a lot to offer at cheap rates however there are some options that cannot be ignored.

With Hostinger you will have to go for a 4 year plan if you want to enjoy the best discounts. So if you are looking for monthly or yearly plans then Namecheap (affiliate link) and DreamHost (affiliate link) might be an option.

MilesWeb (affiliate link) due to their buy and renew at same prices scheme can become a good competitor to Hostinger.

Performance-wise there are competitors like TMDHosting (Full Review), GreenGeeks (Full Review), InterServer (Full Review) as well that can match with Hostinger.

However, if you want the cheapest web hosting with superb performance then there is no one beating Hostinger (affiliate link).

To know about other web hosts you can see the quick advice page here.

Hostinger single web hosting plan is the cheapest one and that’s what you should go for to get the cheapest rates.

Premium web hosting plan from Hostinger (affiliate link) is the one that you should look for if you need more features.

It is better to get the very basic plan and then according to your need you can scale up.

Hostinger single web hosting doesn’t give you a free domain but a Domain from GoDaddy (affiliate link) or Namecheap (affiliate link) will be beneficial in the longer run.

So this is how you get performance, affordability, features and security everything from Hostinger.

Hostinger is unmatchable when it comes to giving superb features in affordable rates.

So think of Hostinger (affiliate link) first if you want performance along with affordable web hosting.

I hope this article will be helpful.

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