Web Hosts with Larger Inodes Limits

In this article you will get some info on Inodes limits and their effects on web hosting.

You will also come to know which web hosts are better when it comes to Inode limits.

So let’s start.

What is an Inode :

In Linux based hosting the inodes are created when you create something on your website.

As per Wikipedia Inode describes a file or directory.

Almost any activity can lead to inode creation on the servers.

For example :

1) A visitor visits your website at that time also an inode is created.

2) You create a post on your website and the inode gets created.

Inodes are the factors that will limit your ability to use your web hosts in a certain ways.

For example :

Your web hosts will give you “Unlimited storage” for sure but they cannot give you unlimited Inodes. Inodes eventually limits your storage on server levels.

It can be possible that before you reach your storage limits you may have reached your Inode limits and that will cause you to upgrade your hosting account.

How to deal with Inode limits :

It is not that much big problem and that is why we hardly hear about it.

1) If you face inode restrictions from your web hosts then just simply upgrading to the higher plans will solve the problem for you.

2) Generally inode limits becomes a problem when your website grows bigger. So Inode limits will not be a problem for beginners.

3) Selecting cloud plans will give you larger Inode limits than shared plans. So it is better to go for cloud plans or higher plans.

4) If you are just handling one website then most probably you will not face much problems with inode limits. Inode limits can be a problem if you are hosting more than one websites with your web host.

5) If you are not compressing images before uploading on your website then also you might face inode issues early in future. So it is better to use compressed images as well.

6) Using web host server for Email marketing can also cause you to hit your inode limits early. So it is always better to use other Email marketing services for sending emails.

7) Clean your database that will clean up spams and deleted comments. Cleaning up your database can eventually get you save some inodes.

Web Hosts with larger inodes limits :

Here are some web hosts that will give you better Inodes limits.

1) DreamHost :

There are no Inode limits with DreamHost (affiliate link). So DreamHost (Full Review) can be a great choice if you don’t want to face Inode problems in future.

2) Namecheap :

Namecheap (affiliate link) gives 300000 inodes on starter plans which is better than many web hosts. Namecheap gives larger inode limits with higher plans.

3) TMDHosting :

TMDHosting (affiliate link) cloud plans can be a great option as they give good inode limits with LiteSpeed. So with TMDHosting you get better performance with better inodes limit of up to 400000.

4) MilesWeb :

MilesWeb (affiliate link) shared hosting also can be very useful in log term. MilesWeb shared plans give 200000 to 600000 inodes in their different plans.

5) InterServer :

InterServer (affiliate link) is a superb web host and they provide 400000 inodes which is more than sufficient.

Even further with their Boost plans you will get 800000 Inodes. So it is a super powerful Web Host.

See the Full Review for InterServer here.

6) FastComet :

FastComet (affiliate link) can also be a great option. FastComet gives up to 500000 inodes on their shared hosting plans.

7) Hostinger :

Hostinger (affiliate link) is a super affordable web host giving you 200000 to 600000 inodes in their different different plans.

8) Kinsta :

Kinsta (affiliate link) as we all know is known for its quality web hosting and Kinsta gives unlimited inode limits on their web hosting.

Hey see the Kinsta Full Review here to know more about this Super Power web host.

9) LiquidWeb :

LiquidWeb (affiliate link) is another super giant hosting that will give you tons and tons of inodes so that you will never have to worry about inodes.

See the LiquidWeb full review here.

Conclusion :

So concluding this article Inode limits are not that much big issue if you are just beginning with one website.

Web Hosts like DreamHost (affiliate link) and Kinsta (Full Review) can be an ideal choice in long run as there are no inode limits with DreamHost.

However inode limits are not the issues that you face overnight but it can be possible that you face this issue in future and it depends on your habits how you use your server resources.

For example :

Compressing images before uploading on your website can be a good habit that can save you many inodes for future.

So this is it for inode limits.

I hope this article will be helpful.

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