WP Engine Review : A Super Powerful & Affordable Managed Hosting

In this article you are going to get info on WP Engine (affiliate link) managed hosting.

Most of us would start our journey with a shared hosting and as we grow we want to upgrade to the best hosting.

There are certain types of hosting popular like shared hosting, cloud hosting, managed and VPS hosting.

Where shared hosting gives you the basic features and basic performance on the other hand with VPS and managed hosting you get the ultimate performance for your website.

So sooner or later you are going to think about hosting your website on either VPS hosting or on the managed hosting atmosphere for sure.

So here in this post you will get info on why WP Engine (affiliate link) can be the hosting that you have been looking for. Plus we will make some comparison between WP Engine and VPS as well to find out what can be the best for you.

so let’s start the review with a basic question that why WP Engine costs are high.

1) Is WP Engine costly or cheaper ? Why WP Engine monthly costs are higher than normal hosting ?

The answer is WP Engine highly affordable.

WP Engine is a fully managed hosting service. WP Engine takes care of all the performance and security related stuffs for you.

So you get the best performance and best security solutions with WP Engine without any hassle.

So WP Engine is not at all costly. Especially if you see their offers with StudioPress themes (affiliate link) you will fall in love with WP Engine.

You get all the StudioPress premium themes (affiliate link) free with WP Engine hosting.

The cost of premium StudioPress themes is around $ 2000.

So now ask your self is WP Engine really costly !! Of course not. In fact in the managed hosting category WP Engine proves to be the most competitive and the most affordable hosting.

Talking about the monthly costs if you are comparing WP Engine with traditional shared hosting then it will look costly.

Seeing the power and features WP Engine is giving it is only possible to compare WP Engine with best VPS level hosting. Comparing WP Engine with shared hosting would be meaningless.

As mentioned earlier WP Engine (affiliate link) is more than just hosting. Everything is fully managed here. You will hardly need to think about performance and security. Plus you get free StudioPress Premium themes or Genesis themes for free.

So WP Engine is worth of money. You get value for what you pay.

2) Do I get good Performance and Uptime with WP Engine ?

You will get supreme performance with WP Engine.

WP Engine claims to give 40% increase in the page speed when you are using their platform.

Talking further about Uptime and performance WP Engine (affiliate link) partners with Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform to bring the best performance and uptime for your website.

WP Engine have their own proprietary caching system and global data centers which makes sure you get the best speed and uptime for your site.

Plus WP Engine have fully managed global CDN (MaxCDN) which will boost your uptime, security and performance as well.

3) Do I get good security with WP Engine ?

With WP Engine you get everything monitored for security by experts.

With WP Engine WordPress updates, security patches and threat detection everything is managed by the dedicated security experts.

So no worries about security when you are with WP Engine (affiliate link).

Obviously you get free Let’s encrypt SSL also for free which has become an industry standard these days.

The best thing is that you get expert recovery help if in case your site is compromised.

WP Engine have their own security firewall as well. So all in all WP Engine is supremely secure.

4) Some other special things about WP Engine.

WP Engine has been powered by more than 30 open source technologies.

So if you believe in Open Source then you are in good company because WP Engine also trust in the power of open source technology.

5) Do I get Money back Guarantee and Backups with WP Engine ?

You get 60 days long and more than sufficient money back guarantee with WP Engine.

WP Engine provides daily automatic backups as well.

There is automatic site migration is provided as well in just a few clicks.

6) Do I get good support at WP Engine ?

WP Engine as mentioned earlier is the fully managed hosting so no worries about support.

WP Engine provides 24/7/365 quality support no matter what the issue is.

With WP Engine you get everything taken care of by experts whether it is site migration or site growth. You get everything managed for you.

7) Is WP Engine for me ? How can I make the most out of WP Engine ?

WP Engine is for all those people who are taking their websites seriously.

After all who doesn’t want free premium themes (affiliate link) for their websites !

Who wouldn’t love to have a hosting that is fully managed and gives you the trust of supreme security and performance !

So basically if you are planning for long term and you are completely dedicated to grow your website then WP Engine is the ideal choice.

More precisely you should definitely consider WP Engine (affiliate link) if you are looking for a VPS hosting as well.

WP Engine can be more easy and efficient than a VPS for sure. Let’s learn it by comparing WP Engine with any other VPS.

8) WP Engine Vs Any VPS :

Here we are comparing VPS hosting with managed hosting like WP Engine because both the hosting types are super powerful and comparable.

Many would like to go for a VPS and many would opt for a managed hosting like WP Engine based on their situations. So see this comparison and decide what can be the best for you.

Performance Comparison of WP Engine and VPS :

Both managed WordPress like WP Engine and VPS are super powerful when it comes to performance. The only difference is that you will have to put extra efforts by your self to get optimized performance with any VPS.

For Example :

WP Engine (affiliate link) and other managed hosting have their own CDN to boost your performance. On the other hand with any VPS you might have to spend specifically for a CDN.

So feature wise you will need to invest more with a VPS to get optimized performance.

WP Engine and other managed hosting have their own in house technologies to bring the best performance optimization for your website. Whereas with VPS you will have to give your own efforts and your own mind to get the best performance. Which might be tough in the beginning.

Security comparison WP Engine and any VPS :

Security can be a great matter of concern for website owners.

Even if you have taken care of performance but for security you need expertise.

It is always better to have the experts by your side when it comes to security.

To take care of security with VPS either you have to invest in good security plugins or have to spend after extra security features. Whereas with managed hosting like WP Engine (affiliate link) you don’t have to worry about security at all.

The best advantage with WP Engine managed hosting is that they will make sure that nothing bad takes place for your site. Whereas with VPS you have to take care of your VPS security.

With fully managed hosting like WP Engine you get premium security features. Whereas with VPS you get traditional security features and you might need to work harder to maintain security as well.

Support comparison with VPS and WP Engine :

Since everything is managed with WP Engine you get better and responsible support from WP Engine.

With VPS you get support for sure but you are supposed to do almost everything on your own.

You might get your website cleaned if you get your website compromised with WPEngine. On the other hand with VPS you might need to spend more on security and website cleaning.

Comparison of Features with WP Engine and VPS :

You get traditional features with VPS like cPanel and other performance and security features. On the other hand with managed hosting you can enjoy the powerful and newest technology that can bring supreme performance to your website.

For Example :

With VPS you get caching solution that is traditional technology based.

Whereas with WP Engine (affiliate link) you get to enjoy their own in house caching solutions that are more powerful than normal caching.

There are many features you can only see with managed hosting and these features are especially built in house for the special purpose.

Which is more affordable ? Managed hosting like WP Engine or VPS ?

VPS seems more affordable on first go if you check the promotional prices but in longer run you will miss managed hosting for sure.

As mentioned earlier with managed hosting you don’t have to spend extra on performance and security. Whereas with VPS you might need to invest more after getting greater performance and security etc.

Which is more powerful ? managed hosting like WP Engine or VPS ?

Overall VPS hosting gives you more power for sure but you need to capitalize on it. Depending on your needs you will still find managed hosting more useful and efficient even though you get more power with VPS.

VPS is more traffic oriented and managed hosting is more performance oriented.

These days no one wants to face the hassle of capitalizing on the features. With VPS you need some technical skills and many don’t have those skills.

Even though you have skills you might not want to face the hassle to look after the VPS all the time right !

Even though you get more power with VPS it depends on you how want to use it. With VPS your site performance depends totally upon you how you manage it.

If VPS is more powerful then why to go with managed hosting ?

It depends on your needs and skills whether you want to go with VPS or not.

Many hosting companies require from you to have at least some basic knowledge of maintaining your VPS. If you don’t have basic knowledge and skills to manage your VPS then your own Hosting will not recommend you the VPS.

Instead they might recommend you the cloud or managed hosting which is easier to handle.

If you have skills or you have a dedicated person to look after your VPS then there is no problem going for VPS either.

Why managed hosting is better ?

It is not the power of managed hosting that beats VPS but it is the flexibility and optimization that you get with managed hosting like WP Engine (affiliate link) and for that reason you might want to go with managed hosting.

If you get expert people managing your website’s performance and security then what’s wrong in that. So that’s where managed hosting is preferred as you don’t have to worry about security and performance related issues at all.

Managed hosting is not like getting all the power and resources. Managed hosting is like getting everything optimized for the best results.

So seeing the technical hassles attached with VPS many would like to go for a managed hosting like WP Engine.

The only pain with managed hosting :

Managed hosting no doubt can be a great option for optimized performance but there are always visitors limit fixed with various managed plans.

Where in VPS you have advantage over visitors that you get more visitors capacity with VPS. whereas on the other hand with managed hosting you might need to bear the pain of limited visitors capacity.

In this scenario where you need larger bandwidth you might prefer VPS or managed VPS over managed WordPress hosting.

One solution to limited visitors capacity of managed hosting is that you either upgrade to higher plans or just pay extra for extra visitors.

Conclusion :

Concluding this article WP Engine fully managed WordPress hosting can be a great deal because of the free premium StudioPress themes with it.

Basically WP Engine (affiliate link) and other managed hosting are providing you the alternative to the VPS hosting. Moreover if you don’t have skills for VPS then there is nothing better than a managed hosting like WP Engine.

You would love to choose WP Engine because of the free premium StudioPress themes, the powerful performance and security features it offers.

Comparing managed hosting with VPS makes us learn that VPS still can be more powerful but in long run a well managed WordPress hosting will give you better performance for sure.

VPS still can be an option for a bit techy people who like to manage all the things on their own.

VPS can also be an option if you think you will grow at crazy speed and you will attract more and more visitors in a very limited time.

All in all managed WordPress from WP Engine along with free premium themes can be a great deal if you are thinking and planning of long term.

So think wisely between a VPS and managed hosting like WP Engine (affiliate link) as you don’t get free premium themes with a VPS. Plus if you are anon techy and don’t want to waste your time then managed hosting like WP Engine are the best hosting solutions for you.

There are good solid reasons why many people are going for WP Engine.

You will not have to worry about performance and security optimization at all when you are with WP Engine. So if you are thinking of VPS you should also think of WP Engine and other managed WordPress hosting as well.

I hope this article will be helpful.

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