Canva or Crello ? : Why not both

This post is regarding comparing two of the best online platform that will help you in your social media marketing content creation a lot.

Canva (affiliate link) and Crello are two best online design making platforms. You can use these platforms and their contents for creating really attractive Instagram, Facebook and all social media related posts.

Talking about social media You Tube, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram are widely famous among Influencers and beginners to generate traffic.

So if you want to attract or inspire your audience you need great posts with superb designs and that’s where Canva and Crello seems a lot useful.

So in this article we are going to talk very short and basic about Canva features and Crello features. We will do a little comparison also but as you know both platforms are great and I would suggest to use both platforms according to your need.

In short what is the use of Canva and Crello :

Today only having a website is not enough. To bring traffic to your website you need social media marketing and for any kind of marketing you need content.

So for creating contents related with various social media campaigns Canva and Crello seems to be very very very useful platforms.

Today many users don’t know how to create better engaging designs. Many people don’t want to go through the learning curves of various design software like Photoshop. Because software with longer learning curves takes away too much of time.

Today we all need better designs prepared in greater speed. So for creating designs without any learning curves Canva and Crello comes up with their pre made templates.

You can use these templates by making preferred changes into them and you can then download for your use.

So that is how Canva and Crello gives you a better, faster and cheaper option to create designs for your social media marketing and other purposes.

Let’s see and compare Canva and Crello features :

1) Canva (affiliate link) free content is easy to use and there are no download limits that is the biggest advantage with Canva free content.

On the other hand Crello also offers great free content. But there is a monthly limit of downloads with free Crello contents.

2) Canva paid features are great but the abundance of free features are more than sufficient for any beginner to start with.

Crello becomes a little harder to use in abundance because of their 5 downloads per month limits. So you will enjoy Crello free content but there is a limit of 5 downloads per month which is a bit painful. But there is a solution for that so keep on reading. 🙂

3) Crello is beneficial in the sense that Crello offers a yearly subscription plan and it is highly useful in creating limitless social media marketing content.

Canva also offers a very useful yearly subscription plan which is called Canva Pro (affiliate link). You might see a mix up of free and paid content while creating designs with Canva.

Crello seems much more simple in its paid plans that just pay for certain plans and use all the contents.

4) Then there is one more important aspect that we have to talk about is how to commercially use the contents.

For commercial use purposes Crello seems much more easier than Canva.

Crello commercial licenses seem much more open and easy to understand than Canva commercial licenses.

5) Subscription plans are also great from both Crello and Canva. Crello seems more useful when you subscribe and use Crello fully while subscription.

Canva on the other hand because of its free content and no download limits gives great benefits to beginners.

6) With both the platforms you can get greater benefits if you have a team of social media marketers or content creators. So with a team you can create more contents out of a limited period subscription plan.

Canva and Crello both are useful for Non Profit Organizations. Pro plans of both Crello and Canva are free for NGOs or Non Profit Organizations.

Conclusion :

In conclusion use both the platforms. Both Canva and Crello are great in their own way.

Canva (affiliate link) is better used for its free features because as a beginner you need more designs and there is no download limits with Canva.

Crello is more useful in its subscription plans and Crello commercial licenses are more open and easy to understand. Crello seems commercially more useful.

For personal use Canva free content is more than sufficient for beginners.

Canva is widely used because of no download limits on Canva free templates.

Also many freelancers use Canva (affiliate link) to make money on the freelancing platforms like Fiverr (affiliate link). So keep that in mind as well if you are looking for ways to make money online.

So this was it for this article. I hope this article will be helpful.

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