How to Bring More Traffic To Your Website With SEO and SEM

As we all know having a website only isn’t the guarantee that you will receive followers or web traffic.

There are millions of websites for different niches. In any kind of niche it takes a good amount of effort to earn a good website rank.

Now why we all are mad about getting a higher rank in search engines like Google ?

The short and simple answer is to get higher traffic. The more traffic your website receives there are more chances to generate sales and income out of your website.

So for getting higher traffic you need a good ranking and for good ranking you need good content with SEO.

Obviously there are many factors involved in getting a rank by any search engines but here we will focus on SEO and SEM to learn how we can get higher traffic for our website.

Bringing Traffic to your site :

Basically there are two prime ways to bring traffic to your site.

On the basis of which way you bring traffic to your site you can differentiate the type of traffic.

Types of Traffic :

1) Organic traffic :

The traffic that you get without paid marketing is called the Organic traffic.

For getting organic traffic you have to rely on Search Engine Optimization. The more SEO friendly content you make the more organic traffic you get.

Organic traffic means you are not putting paid efforts to generate traffic. You are getting traffic to your side because you deserve to get it due to the quality of your website.

For example :

Your website content gets ranked higher in Google and you get direct traffic from Google.

Second example is through Quora or Facebook posts you get traffic to your site.

2) Inorganic traffic :

The traffic that you get to your website with the help of paid marketing is called inorganic traffic.

Inorganic traffic means not a natural traffic but you just run some paid ads and you get the desired results. This kind of approach of creating paid ads and getting traffic is called Search Engine Marketing.

For example :

You get traffic to your site with the help of Facebook ads. So that is the example of inorganic traffic.

It is not like inorganic traffic is bad or organic traffic is good. You will need both if you want to see the quick results.

Basically you need the combination of both SEO and SEM to get some good results.

Two Prime Ways To Bring Traffic :

So if you have written a good content then you would definitely like people to see it.

If you have taken care of the SEO in your overall content then you can expect to get ranked in the search engines like Google and it will bring you the traffic as well.

Many times only writing good content is not enough. You also have to put some efforts to bring some traffic to your website.

Now primarily on the basis of two ways you can think of bringing traffic to your site.

One way is to bring traffic to your site is by SEO and the other way is to bring traffic by SEM.

The best way is to use the combination of both SEO and SEM to bring traffic.

Now Let’s know the difference between SEO and SEM.

Difference Between SEO and SEM.

Let’s start with SEO :

SEO is called Search Engine Optimization :

It is something that every website owner should do to improve the ranking of their website. Basically we all are trying to improve our ranking because we want more traffic in the end.

SEO is something like doing what Search Engines like. So you do Key Word Research, try to earn back links and much more because Search Engine likes it.

Obviously visitors would like it too but we are improving our site as per Search Engine guidelines and then we wait for the results.

So with SEO the problem might be that it takes so much amount of time to get perfect results.

SEO is like doing the hard work with your website and then leave the results to the search engines.

On the other SEM is absolutely different. With SEM it is more like you do the hard work on your content but then do Search Engine Marketing to get some traffic.

So this is how SEM is called Search Engine Marketing.

Search Engine Marketing :

Basically with Search Engine Marketing you run Ads on Search Engines that relates with your website or product.

These Ads are so targeted in nature that you get good amount of possibility that you can expect some amount of traffic or sales out of it.

The biggest advantage with SEM is that you don’t rely on Search Engines to get you the rankings. You just pay some money to get seen on the web and then traffic and sales takes place (If you are lucky).

Obviously you will require a very good strategy to start with SEM.

As mentioned earlier you need a good combination of SEO and SEM to get the things working for you.

Why to use SEO and SEM in a combination :

SEO is important for getting a rank on search engine. SEO will make your content available to people for longer period of time without costing you extra money.

On the other hand SEM is important for extra sales. You will have to do Search Engine Marketing according to your budget.

At the end SEM costs you money but you can expect to generate sales if you apply a good SEM strategy.

It is like depending only on SEO will cost you a lot of time as most of the times new contents get more time to get ranked higher in search results. It can take months to years to get ranked perfectly.

On the other hand relying totally on SEM also doesn’t seem practical as there is money involved in it.

SEM will cost you money and if you are a beginner you will learn by practice and with time.

So total dependence on SEO will cost you time and total dependence on SEM can cost you money. So that is why it is always better to go with the combination of SEO and SEM.

Now let’s see how to use the combination of SEO and SEM to get more traffic :

How To Bring More Traffic Using SEO and SEM Both Together :

Here are some steps to follow the process :

1) Do the SEO right way :

SEO is something that you are doing because search engines and visitors will like it. So make sure you completely touch every aspect of SEO. Do not miss anything in SEO.

So here are a few steps to make your content SEO friendly :

Master the On page SEO :

Apply some good Key Words before publishing your content.

Here are few free tools with which you can do your Key Word Research.

Use SEO plugins to help you with your content presentation and to improve your overall on page SEO.

Rank Math, Yoast and All in One SEO are some good SEO plugins that you can choose from.

With on page SEO done well you are getting your site ready for a better ranking with the Search Engine.

Take Off Page SEO seriously :

It is not only that you have done hard work on your post and that’s enough. Off page SEO is something that you will have to do to get quicker results from the search engine.

As a part of the Off Page SEO strategy try to bring organic traffic from Social media.

Quora, FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest are well known social media platforms.

Don’t invest in Social Media Ads right now but you can just open the accounts and become active over your social media accounts.

For Example :

Make a FaceBook page and try to tell people what are doing on your website.

With Instagram and Pinterest also you can get some visitors towards your website.

Medium is also a great place to share your articles. You can expect some traffic from Medium as well.

Try using Quora for not only answering but driving traffic to your site as well.

Try to get back links.

Technical SEO :

Do interlink between your own posts. Inter linking will increase engagement with visitors. Eventually visitors will stay for more time on your site.

If visitors are staying more on your website then Search Engines will improve your website ranking.

Get Regular SEO checks and Analysis :

When you are working SEO it is always better to keep checking that everything is working well on your site. Always keep your eyes on SEO of your site.

There are many SEO analysis tools and platforms like Ahref web master tools are free for website owners. Apart from Ahref Uber Suggest etc Alexa can be a great option as well.

Do check your SEO score and work accordingly as per SEO reports regularly.

Once you are all ready with SEO then it is the right time to get prepared for SEM.

2) Carry out SEM with patience :

Once you have mastered your SEO you have done 80% of your work to get traffic.

Now you can think of carrying on SEM or paid Ads.

To carry out SEM successfully :

  • Have patience with what you are doing.
  • Learn from experience.
  • Choose your target audience wisely.
  • Analyze and select the Ad platforms wisely. You will have to master Ads creation and implementation with different social media platforms and Google as well.
  • Properly create high quality Ads that visitors get interested in.
  • Wait for the results.
  • If you see success then continue to optimize the process and reapply it.

So that’s how you can use SEO and SEM both together in a combination and expect a better result with traffic and sales overall.

So that’s it from me on this topic of bringing traffic and using SEO and SEM together.

I hope the article will be helpful.

FAQ : Frequently Asked Questions :

As per MOZ a Website rank shows where your website or its content appears on a search engine result page.

There are different algorithms different Search Engines use to give ranking to your website but there are certain factors that heavily impact the website rank like web traffic, bounce rates, page loading speed etc.

Your website rank also depends on how much traffic your website gets and on the basis of how much relevant your content is.

Back links these days are also important to get a higher ranking in any search engine as having more back links is considered to be having more authority as well.

So that’s how website ranks are decided on the basis of various factors and algorithms.

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