How to earn Happiness and Money with Blogging : Start Blogging

Feeling lonely or Depressed !! Why don’t you start blogging.

Sometimes in life there comes the precious moments that teach us the value of happiness in life. Different individuals find happiness differently in different aspects of life.

For me I found about WordPress and blogging and it became happiness for me.

So that is why I have titled this post as ” How to earn happiness with blogging ” rather than how to make money blogging. Because even if you are making money but you are not happy while doing that process then it becomes meaningless. Isn’t it ?

So let’s find out how you can happily earn while writing blogs.

First of all let’s do some talk about beating loneliness or depression with blogging.

Beating Loneliness and Depression with Blogging :

As I have mentioned earlier different individuals find happiness differently in different aspects of life. I firmly believe that blogging can help you tackle loneliness and depression easily. Plus you will increase your performance and productivity in life as well.

If you are a person who loves to talk. And somehow in your life you are not getting that chance to talk to different people and make friends then blogging can bring that thing back to you.

Although this blog post seems to connect with most of the elderly people but in these Corona days it is useful to everyone.

So if you are feeling lonely try blogging. Do some research what you like and start working on it. Blogging will bring happiness for sure.

Now regarding depression if you are depressed blogging can be a blessing for you.

Here are some points blogging will help you in your life:

  • The overall lifestyle will become disciplined when you have decided to work after blogging.

  • Through Blogging, You tubing, Instagram and Facebook you can make professional friends. Friends who are like minded and share the same ideology and dream that you have for life.
  • You will learn new things with blogging and your mind will become busy in learning meaningful things.

  • When you are learning something meaningful in life the useless thoughts and useless people will not be able to affect you anymore.

  • You will see growth economically and more importantly you will see happiness growing in your life.

Now the big question is that how to deal with haters over the internet ?

Obviously there are haters everywhere but you can easily get rid of them by deleting their comments. haha 🙂

Now let’s learn about starting up the blog or website :

Here are some technical things to start blogging :

  1. To start blogging you will need to select a good CMS (Content Management System) which can be WordPress.

  2. You will need a Domain and Hosting to start your website.

  3. Then as per your interest you can select any niche for your website. So that around that topic or niche you can grow your website.

  4. Then for the money or financial aspect you can go for various affiliate opportunities.

  5. Additionally there are some ad networks also that you can select.

Now let’s see in detail :

1) Selecting CMS :

CMS or content management system is kind of a software that enables you to present or publish your content in a desired manner. WordPress, Squarespace, Joomla, Wix are different ways you can publish your materials.

Here is an article regarding WordPress.Org Vs that you should read. So in short WordPress.Org is the thing you will definitely would like to go for.

WordPress is a simple and well known CMS which is widely used because of its continuous evolution over the period of time.

Here are some reasons to go for WordPress.Org :

1) ) If you just want to start blogging as a hobby then you might like or Blogger. But even there you have plenty of limitations to face and that will eventually push you towards WordPress.Org which is free.

2) People move to WordPress.Org because of many reasons. The main reason is liberty with content. You own your content completely. You are in control when you are using WordPress.Org.

3) The other reason why people go for WordPress is because WordPress.Org is completely free.

4) So I would suggest starting with WordPress.Org only. Because there is an element of making Money here along with blogging. Moreover seeing many other factors WordPress.Org can be a great option.

2) Getting a Domain name :

Domains are like your website address. So searching you domain name people can find your website over the Internet.

Talking about domains you will get Domains in cheaper rates from GoDaddy or Namecheap.

You can also get a free domain name for a year with most of the Web Hosting these days. Web Hosts like GreenGeeks (affiliate link), TMDhosting (affiliate link) give away free domain names for a year. You can try seeing some good Web Hosts here.

Talking about who will read your content. Well it might take time but you can drive traffic through social media.

Regarding who will read your content it is seen that the more content you get on your site the more visibility your website will get over the Internet. So if you write valuable and relevant content regularly the content itself will drive people to your website.

3) Getting a Hosting :

Hosting is something like a place where your whole website resides. If Domain is an address then Hosting can be called as a location.

Basically a server is provided to your website which connects your whole website with the rest of the world through internet and that’s what is called hosting.

To get a good web host you can either go to our Quick Advice Page or to know more you can read this article where you can get some basics regarding selecting any hosting.

For domain and hosting you pay money to own Domain and Hosting so that eventually your website can run over the internet. Don’t worry price is not that costly.

GoDaddy will bring you the cheapest Domain and HostGator or MilesWeb can get you the cheapest hosting. For more Hosting options go to Quick Advice page.

It’s like Domain is your website address and Hosting your website location over the internet. So these two are essential things to start your own website.

4) Selecting the Niche :

Niche can be called the topic or direction of your whole website or blog.

Niche is like the specialty of your website.

For example : You like to cook a lot and you decide to make a website or blog dedicated to recipes and cooking. So cooking is called your website niche.

Now there are two ways to select any niche for your website or blog :

  1. Select the niche that you are passionate about or that you think it generates interests in you.

    For Example : You are already passionate about soccer then you don’t need to learn much about it. It is just that you need to learn how you are going to present soccer from within on to your website. You learn with time. Right !!

  2. Select the niche on the basis of your skills and experience.

    For Example : You are very good at teaching English. So teaching English is the skill that you already have. You don’t have to learn it. And if you love teaching English then you will do wonders.

So it’s always important that you select a niche that you know something about or either the niche creates good amount of curiosity within you. Selecting niche on the basis of your skills or experience will also do great.

Now about money related things :

There are three main ways you can generate income or money out of your blog or website :

  1. Affiliate marketing.

  2. Ads networks.

  3. Your own Courses.

Affiliate Marketing :

No matter which niche you select there are affiliate chances with every niche. So first thing you should concentrate on is which niche you want to work on. Then you can go on to make strategies regarding monetizing your blog or website.

Here is an article regarding importance of affiliate marketing that you can read.

There are some affiliate networks popular that are given here. Going through these affiliate networks you can connect with various companies in your field.

Here are some popular affiliate networks :

1) Share A Sale (affiliate link) :

2) JVZoo :

3) ClickBank :

4) Amazon Associates :

There are many Affiliate networks like these which are given above. Just Google it and try out some which suits you dude !

You can just promote the companies on your platform and give them some sales and you will earn good with affiliate marketing. This article would be good for you if you want to know more regarding affiliate marketing.

Ads Network :

Ads networks like Google ads facilitate ads to appear on your website. This is how with different ads networks you can earn money if ads are shown on your website and if these ads generate some sales.

Here are some popular ads networks that you can try however I don’t use any ads on my site to keep it easy for readers.

1) Google Ads


There are many Ads networks like the above two. You can just Google it.

Creating your own Courses :

These days skills and experience are worth like Gold. If you have great skills and a good engaging content to deliver then creating your own course in any particular niche can be great.

If you have passion for something and you love to do something then there is no one stopping you from getting the best out of the niche. When you have become the best you prepare others to become best. Isn’t it !!

For example : If you make a website where you teach English then try to sell premium content to people. You can just keep basic things and concepts for free in a free course. And sell the difficult topics under a paid course.

Conclusion :

Concluding this article I would say because of WordPress everything seems so much easy and convenient that almost anyone without any experience can start a website.

All you need is just some good amount of information. It is so easy to start a website.

Get the free CMS WordPress. Get the Domain from GoDaddy (affiliate link) or Namecheap and get a good hosting. That’s it. Just start blogging then after.

So that’s it regarding starting a blog or website. I hope it will be useful to you.

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