4 Best Migration Plugins for your WordPress Website

In this article you are going to get info on migration plugins.

Migration plugins are not essential plugins that you need regularly but you may need it when you are changing your web hosts.

Migration plugins will help you clone your site files and all data to other web host in just one click.

Generally there are web hosts that provide free website migration as well so these days the task of migrating to other web hosts is not that much difficult.

However free migration is provided by web hosts but many would like to complete this task on their own. Since it takes a lot of care and patience for carrying out migration and you would like to handle it on your own with your responsibility. So here are the 4 best migration plugins that might prove handy while carrying out migration.

Here are the 4 Best Migration Plugins :

These 4 migrator plugins are very easy to use and just in a few clicks you can get your website migrated to your desired destinations.

So let’s see the migrator plugins.

1) UpdraftPlus :

UpdraftPlus is a widely used backup plugin so it might be possible that you are already using UpdraftPlus for your website.

UpdraftPlus gives you Backup service but with UpdraftPlus Premium (affiliate link) you can go for migration as well.

2) VaultPress :

VaultPress is a super powerful plugin. You not only get site migration feature but you also get uptime monitoring, brute force protection etc kind of features as well.

VaultPress has been designed by Automattic so VaultPress is super reliable.

So think of VaultPress not only when you are migrating to other web hosts.There are some great VaultPress features that keep you away from malwares and hackers as well.

3) Duplicator :

This is the most popular migration plugin. Duplicator (affiliate link) is so popular because it is specially made for site migration.

Duplicator has been downloaded for more than 20 million times. Right now there has been over 1 million active installation of Duplicator plugin.

So it is a super reliable plugin that you should definitely look for when you need a site migration.

4) All in One WP Migration :

This plugin has over 3 million active installations right now. So All in One WP Migration is another trustworthy plugin that you should look for when you are need for migration.

The best thing about this plugin is that you don’t need any technical knowledge to use it.

You can export your website anywhere within just a few clicks.

So count on All in One Migration plugin as well when you need to migrate.

Conclusion :

Concluding this article all these plugins are the best performing ones. So you can use these above given plugins for website migration for sure.

Also don’t forget the best web hosts that can give you free migration as well.

Duplicator (affiliate link) and All in One WP Migration are widely used these days as they are specially made for migration purpose only.

I hope this article will be useful.

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