WordPress.com Vs WordPress.org : Why WordPress.Org is the best

The articles on difference between WordPress.Com and WordPress.Org are widely seen on the internet and it is essential for the beginners to know the difference between WordPress.Com and WordPress.Org.

Instead of writing a long article I would just rather give clear view why WordPress.Org is better than WordPress.Com and overall the best.

To be clear and precise WordPress.Org is the best and it is free.

Whether you are planning for long term blogging or whether you are just thinking of short term blogging, WordPress.Org is the answer to your queries.

WordPress.Org is a free and Open Source platform and it gives you the freedom to own the things that you have created using WordPress.

To give clear and concise conclusion :

WordPress.com is a blogging platform like any other platform like Wix or Blogger where you can write blogs which are controlled by WordPress.com or that particular platform.

On the other hand WordPress.Org is simply God. Whatever you write or create with WordPress.Org belongs to you and no one controls it more than you.

When we are talking about control over the content you should just see the WordPress.com plans. You will notice that you will have to pay to remove the ads from your site if you are with WordPress.com.

Where as on the other hand with WordPress.org you can control everything on your website and you will decide whether to show ads on your website or not. It is only possible when you are with Free WordPress.org.

Here are some other points where WordPress.Org may prove to be beneficial to you :

Ownership :

As I have mentioned earlier with WordPress.Org you own your content and no one can control your blog or website more than you.

In certain cases your content can go down when you are with WordPress.com. You can find some reasons here for website suspension with WordPress.com.

Monetization :

With WordPress.Org it will be rather easy for you to monetize your website.

On the other hand WordPress.Com is definitely free but it is very difficult to monetize on WordPress.Com

Ads control :

With WordPress.Org you are in control whether you show the ads or not but with WordPress.Com you will have to pay to remove ads which may prove costly.

Other limitations :

WordPress.Org gives all freedom regarding customizing, creating and owning the content but when you are dealing with WordPress.Com you will have to pay as per their plans to get benefits out of various features.

WordPress.Org is better and affordable :

WordPress.Com because of it’s restrictions and limitations becomes a costly option and on the other hand WordPress.Org is way better, useful and affordable for beginners and in long term also WordPress.Org is way more pocket friendly than all other platforms.

So all in all, that is how whether you just want to learn and experiment WordPress or you are just thinking of long term, WordPress.Org should be the best possible platform for you.

My experience with WordPress :

In my personal experience also it was very confusing to differentiate between WordPress.Com and WordPress.Org and I was always looking for a platform which brings super freedom and guarantee of ownership to me.

I wanted to publish my articles like a magazine in 2016 and whenever I used to see WordPress.Com plans there I could see a lot of limitations regarding how you control and manage your website and I didn’t know much about WordPress.Org at that time so just not knowing the difference between these two platforms cost me at least 8 to 12 months delay in my project.

So that is why the highlight of this article is that WordPress.Org is the best and one should definitely think twice before going for other platforms. WordPress is simply the best.

If you want full control over your website then WordPress.Org is the best platform for you.

The thing is that many of us think that first we will try with the free platforms like Blogger and then we will migrate to WordPress.Org but why to do such hassles when you have decided that you want to blog for longer run ?

Even if you are thinking of short term learning and experimenting with blogging and WordPress then also WordPress.Org is the right platform for experimentation because you get all the freedom with WordPress.Org and you get to use all plugins and tools freely while experimenting.

Conclusion :

So this is how out of WordPress.org and WordPress.com (and all others) I will always suggest WordPress.org because you get full control over your content and website and WordPress.Org is also free so it will be highly profitable in long run.

So I hope you got the right idea and got the clear concept in mind that which platform can be beneficial to you. And regarding using WordPress to make a Website you only need your own Domain name and Hosting to get started with WordPress.org.

To know more about Domain and Hosting to start a website read this article.

I hope this article could help.

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