Types of Web Hosting : Know Which type suits you better

Whenever we are looking for a web host we see various kinds of plans and hosting types. Many times we are wondering which web host can be the best for us.

We always select Hosting on the basis of what performance and uptime a hosting can deliver. But while comparing web hosts we always forgot to see which type of hosting plans we are selecting.

It generally doesn’t matter which web host you have selected. Because most of the famous web hosts try to give everything possible to their existing customers. No one wants to see their customers go away. So you will get good performance and uptime almost with all popular web hosts.

What you really should care while selecting a web host depends on various factors and what type of web hosting you have selected. If you are good at knowing which type of hosting suits your needs then it will be easier for you to happily select your hosting provider.

So there are many things that depend on what type of web hosting you select. So in this article you may find about different types of web hosting.

First of all let’s What is web hosting :

What is Hosting

To host means to give space or provide resources to third party. In web hosting or hosting the hosting provider give resources of it’s server to your website. so it is said that your website is being hosted on the hosting provider’s server.

So there are many companies like BlueHost (Full Review), TMDHosting (Full Review), HostGator (Full Review) etc they are called web hosts. These companies give you server resources to successfully host your website on their servers.

As a result of web hosting your website becomes visible over the internet.

Now along with Hosting you also might want to know what is a Domain right !

What is a Domain or Domain name :

So your Domain is kind of a very specific thing that defines your location on the internet. In short Domain is like your website’s address on the internet. If anyone want to see your website they can just type the right Domain name and they can reach your website.

Your Domain name is something that you can register with legit Domain Registrars.

Well Known Domain registrars are GoDaddy (Full Review) and Namecheap (Full Review). You can also get your Domain name from your Hosting provider as well at the time of getting a hosting.

Now let’s get to the main topic :

Types of Hosting

Now as you might have seen with various web hosts that you get different types of hosting. On the basis of types of hosting only you can get your many questions solved.

For example if you want greater Performance and Uptime then Cloud Web Hosting is better to go with rather than shared hosting.

If you only think of saving some money while you start up like me then shared hosting can be the best choice for you.

So the thing is that mostly it doesn’t matter which web host you select. It matters which type of web hosting plan you select.

There are main five types of web hosting popular :

  1. Shared Hosting

  2. Dedicated Hosting

  3. VPS Hosting

  4. Managed WordPress Hosting

  5. Cloud Hosting

Shared Hosting :

This is the most common and affordable type of hosting. Most of the beginners start with this type of hosting. Along with time when the blog or website grows, they switch to the higher tier of hosting types like VPS, Dedicated or Cloud hosting.

As the name suggests the shared hosting gives to you the space to host your website on a server which is shared with other websites. It means that it is like a shared space where everyone has been allotted a specified space and all the resources of the server are shared between the different different websites.

Shared Hosting Example

You can see best Shared Hosting plans here.

Advantages :
  • It is cheap in price. In fact the cheapest.

  • The best option for those who want to start their blogging journey and want to save money as well.
  • As the resources on a server are shared you will get limited resources.

  • If there are more websites on your server which are using more than usual resources then it is possible that your website’s speed and performance might get affected. But there is a solution for that.

  • To let you know there are web hosts like GreenGeeks (Full Review) that give account isolation in shared hosting. Due to account isolation your websites will be protected from your neighboring effect websites.

  • Talking about other limitations shared hosting is more vulnerable to external attacks. Moreover there will be a limit for you to use the server resources.

  • If your web host is over crowding the server then also your website performance will get affected due to lack of resources.
Some of the best Shared Hosting are :

Hostinger (affiliate link) MilesWeb (affiliate link), GreenGeeks (affiliate link), HostGator (affiliate link), InterServer (affiliate link) and DreamHost (affiliate link).

Dedicated Hosting :

As the name suggests it provides the facility to host your website on a dedicated server which is just for you.

Dedicated server hosting is used mostly by the websites which are widely popular and receive heavy amount of visits regularly.

This type of web hosting is great for those websites which have become a brand over the internet with heavy traffic and requires highest uptime, performance and security.

The biggest drawback for Dedicated hosting is that it can be very costly. It is not for steady starters. Generally dedicated hosting is seen with those websites which are managed by multiple authors and managers.

For Example : Many news websites which are serving hundreds of articles everyday, they require Dedicated types of web hosting.

Dedicated Hosting Example
Advantage of Dedicated Hosting :
  • The whole server is yours.

  • No neighboring websites can affect your speed and uptime.

  • Greater resources means greater uptime and performance.
Disadvantages of Dedicated Hosting :
  • Dedicated hosting is not for everyone. It can prove to be very costly.

  • VPS is always considered first when you think of scaling from shared hosting plans to higher plans.
Some of the best dedicated hosting plans are :

LiquidWeb (Full Review), InterServer (Full Review).

Virtual Private Server:

VPS is considered mainly as a hosting type that is giving services that fills the gaps between shared hosting and dedicated hosting.

The main difference between shared hosting and dedicated hosting is that in shared hosting you will get a shared space on server. While on dedicated hosting you will get a dedicated server that you will not share with anyone.

The limitation of dedicated hosting is that it can be costly to those who are just starting the website. So to fill the gap between shared and dedicated hosting there comes the Virtual Private Server which is cheaper than dedicated hosting.

The main advantage of virtual private server is that you don’t have to share the server resources. It seems like it is a dedicated server. There is more freedom to utilize the server resources.

Obviously you are still sharing the server with other VPS on the same server. But you can utilize more resources than what you get in shared hosting.

VPS example
Advantages with VPS :
  • VPS is cheaper than the Dedicated types of Hosting. So VPS is definitely an alternative to Dedicated type of Hosting.

  • Your website will not be affected by other websites if they overuse their resources. It is because more dedicated resources are given to each VPS account. So that others on the same server don’t get affected.
Disadvantages with VPS :
  • VPS can be an alternative to Dedicated Hosting type but cannot be an alternative to Shared hosting. It’s because VPS is still much costly than Shared hosting.

  • So it is like VPS is cheaper than Dedicated hosting but costlier than Shared hosting. The solution is in Cloud Hosting type. So keep reading. 🙂
Some of the best VPS hosting :

LiquidWeb (affiliate link), DreamHost (affiliate link), HostGator (affiliate link) and InterServer (affiliate link).

Managed WordPress hosting:

Most of the Hosting services are also offering managed WordPress hosting. It is like you will not have to worry about updates and speed and performance of your websites because the hosting provider will make sure that your website is optimized.

The main big advantage of a WordPress hosting is that it can handle bigger traffic than common shared hosting. Plus you don’t have to worry about security and performance at all.

If you cannot afford virtual private network and still want more features than shared hosting then you should consider going for either Managed WordPress hosting plans or cloud plans.

The best managed hosting type of Hosting is DreamPress from DreamHost (Full Review).

Some very famous managed hosting are :

Kinsta (Full Review), WP Engine (Full Review), LiquidWeb & Nexcess (Full Review).

Cloud hosting:

The cloud hosting plans are also offered by most of the hosting providers. This new technology provides the advantage of enabling more traffic and more speed to the website because of the cloud network of the servers.

Cloud here means that a network of servers or computers on which the website is hosted. So with Cloud or cluster of servers even if one server is down or exhausted the network of servers will still make it possible for the website to perform well.

Shared Cloud Hosting Example

Best Cloud Plans you can get with TMDHosting (affiliate link).

You can see FastComet FastCloud (affiliate link) plan also which can be great for single website.

Here are more cloud plans that you might like.

Conclusion :

So it is always easier to decide a web host and what you want for your WordPress website on the basis of types of hosting.

Go for shared hosting if you want to save money while starting up.

Go for managed or shared cloud hosting if you want greater performance, uptime and security.

Select VPS hosting like InterServer (affiliate link) when you have grown big with your website.

Go for Dedicated hosting when you think you need to scale up from VPS hosting.

So that’s it regarding various types of hosting. I hope this will be helpful.

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