What is a Back link : How to get Back links.

In this article you are going to get info on Back links and how to get back links to your website or blog to get higher rankings in search engine.

So let’s begin.

What is a Back link ? What is the difference between a Back link & a referring link ?

Before we define a Back link it is better we first get to know about a simple referring link. This is what I have confirmed from WPbeginner.

Referring link :

A referring link is a simple link that will take a visitor from my website to the other website which I am referring to.

For Example :

I refer to Quora website or Wikipedia article from my website then it is called a referring link that is taking away the visitors from my website to the other website.

To refer to any website or article you just have to get their URL mentioned on your website and visitors by just one click can visit what you are referring to them.

Now let’s see what is a Back link :

Back link on the other hand is something that is referring back to your website from the other website.

For example :

You are putting a link on Quora that is taking people from Quora to your site. So in this case the link from Quora is called a backlink to your website.

Importance of Backlinks :

1) Backlinks from different different websites or domains will tell Google about your website’s strength.

2) Backlinks are a big ranking factor when it comes to search engines.

3) The more backlinks you get there are more chances for your website to get higher rankings in search engines.

4) Backlinks means not only higher ranking but it also drives higher traffic to your site as well.

5) It is better to get Backlinks from different domains rather than just one domain.

For Example :

If you get 10 Backlinks from a single domain then it might work but it would work even better if you get 10 different Backlinks from different website or domains.

Why I personally don’t like Backlinks :

I personally don’t like backlinks.

I don’t like backlinks because these days people have made it a malpractice to pay for backlinks.

Many bloggers and website owners literally pay to get backlinks from certain website. In long run this kind of mal attitude to pay for backlinks will ruin the whole concept of backlinks.

So don’t be surprised if you don’t get any benefit for backlinks in your Google rankings in near future.

The thing is that relevancy of content matters and backlinks are only useful if your content has that relevancy power in it.

So I personally prefer writing more meaningful content rather than trying for backlinks.

Ways to get Backlinks :

I personally don’t like to get backlinks but there are people who would like to get backlinks. So here are certain ways to get backlinks.

1) Get into guest blogging :

Guess blogging these days is very popular and one of the most easy ways to get the backlinks.

It is often said to keep eyes on your competitors. This is Internet. There is no competition.

It is only that which are the right people you can find on the Internet who you can collaborate with rather than just getting into self shrinking and deficient competitions.

Popular bloggers generally don’t even reply but you will find people who have the same motive and goals that you have and they will definitely reply.

If you search for like minded people on he Internet you will definitely get to them. Internet these days is better than what we see in the social life around us.

So it is easier to find good people over the internet. Find like minded people and write the Guest Posts for them and also invite them to write guest posts on your platform as well.

2) Use Social Media :

Use platforms like Quora, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook to not advertise but you can get backlinks from these platforms also.

As the time passes the search engines will get to know the flow of traffic from the social media accounts to your website and you will get the benefits in ranking eventually.

3) You can post on Medium as well :

Medium is a great platform as well. Especially if you are living in European countries Medium can be a great way to make money and also to get some backlinks.

You can write some posts specially for your Medium audience and you can also use your website blogs to be re posted on Medium as well.

4) Help A Reporter Out :

HARO is a great platform to get in contact with good sources.

Many times you will get chances to share your Website and blog articles etc with the different people and organizations and that is how you get back links from them also.

The best thing with HARO is that you will easily find people who may give you backlinks if you give relevant information to them.

5) Shotgun Sky Scrapper Method :

Here is a full article of Ahref on how to execute Shotgun Sky Scrapper method.

6) Blogger and WordPress :

Make a small website on Blogger or WordPress.com and then get yourself backlinks from there.

Blogger & WordPress.com are the free platforms from which you can easily get yourself a backlink.

Further more, it is easier than Sky Scrapper method because you don’t have to ask from others to get a backlink. It is just that you have to spend more time after creating new websites but in the end you don’t have to depend on others for getting a Backlink.

7) Use Free website builders from Constant Contact :

You can use Constant Contact also as your email marketing service and with that you can get a website builder using which you can build 3 websites for free.

So eventually you can get some backlinks from these websites also that you create with Constant Contact.

Conclusion :

A relevant and trustworthy website is enough to get ranked. As a beginner no one will make you number one overnight on search engines.

It takes time to build backlinks and make relevant contents. So obviously it will require some time to get ranked also.

Over the period of time importance of backlinks has declined and it will continue to decline.

If you want more trustworthiness in your content then try giving referring links to the sources from that you have learnt from.

Your site will be seen as a more trustworthy site in the search engine and you might get ranked for relevancy and trustworthiness as well.

So backlinks are good to go for only if you really need them.

These days Quora and other social media platforms are good enough for anyone to get good traffic. So why pay for lesser important backlinks !!

That is how backlinks are important but relevancy and freshness of content is more important than backlinks.

I hope this article was useful.

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Useful References :

Here in this Backlinko article you will get more info on getting some quality backlinks.

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