Best VPS Hostings in the Hosting Business

In this article you are going to get some info on VPS type of hosting. Plus you are going to get to know some of the very best VPS in the hosting business.

Talking about VPS types of hosting it is the most popular solution for getting supreme performance and security for your website.

VPS is one of the ultimate type of hosting solution which enables you to have a high performing website.

So let’s know more about VPS.

What is VPS ?

VPS means Virtual Private Server. To understand VPS in a better way first let’s see what is shared hosting and dedicated hosting.

A dedicated hosting means you get a whole server dedicated for your website. Whereas in shared hosting you have to share the server resources with other website owners.

Now shared hosting and dedicated hosting have their own pros and cons.

Where shared hosting is the most affordable hosting type but you will get very limited performance and security features.

On the other hand Dedicated hosting will give you ultimate performance and security but it is way too costly.

So to fill the gap between shared and hosting we have VPS hosting.

VPS means virtual private server which means you still share your server with some other websites but you can still enjoy the power of dedicated hosting.

Advantages with a VPS Hosting :

  • Compared to shared hosting you will get tons of more resources and power with VPS. So compared to shared hosting you will get superior performance with VPS.

  • If we compare VPS with Dedicated hosting then VPS seems more affordable than Dedicated hosting.

  • It is like with VPS you can add more resources as per your need and scale up accordingly. So you can utilize the resources more efficiently with VPS.

  • So basically VPS is both affordable and efficient hosting solution.

Disadvantages with a VPS Hosting :

  • You have to have some knowledge and technical skills to start with a VPS.

  • You are mainly responsible for the performance and security of your website. Your hosting might give you limited support to handle your VPS.

Many people these days don’t know how to handle a VPS on their own and that is why their first choice becomes a managed hosting rather than a VPS.

So always choose wisely between a VPS or managed hosting.

Some of the very best managed hosting are :

  1. Kinsta (Full Review)

  2. WP Engine (Full Review)

  3. LiquidWeb (Full Review)

Let’s see some of the best cheapest VPS hosting solutions :

Best VPS Hosting :

Here are some of the best VPS which are super powerful and affordable as well.

1) Hostinger VPS :

Hostinger is a champion in providing the cheapest hosting solutions.

If we see the Hostinger VPS plans you get tons of plans to scale up.

Hostinger VPS plans are one of the most affordable ones in the business.

Just like their shared plans you will get better discount if you purchase the VPS plans for a longer period of time.

You get more than sufficient SSD storage with all Hostinger VPS plans. Plus the best thing is that you get dedicated IP address as well with any of the Hostinger VPS plans.

So Hostinger VPS due to their reliability should definitely be on your list.

2) LiquidWeb managed VPS :

LiquidWeb has a very special VPS plan for you and that’s called LiquidWeb managed VPS hosting.

If you want to stay away from the hassle of managing and optimizing your VPS then there cannot be any better option than LiquidWeb managed VPS.

LiquidWeb managed VPS uses Nginx for the best performance. Plus you get 100% power and network uptime guarantee makes LiquidWeb the most reliable managed hosting.

Apart from all these you get supreme security features as well so that you don’t have to worry about security at all.

LiquidWeb managed VPS is so powerful that it beats any popular hosting in the hosting world.

Is LiquidWeb managed VPS ideal for me ?

LiquidWeb managed VPS is ideal for those who are expecting faster growth in their website.

Apart from faster growth LiquidWeb is also ideal for those who want the best performance and security for their websites.

So all in all you want to build a giant website which is growing every minute and you want supreme power and performance for your website then LiquidWeb managed VPS is the best possible solution for that.

3) InterServer VPS :

InterServer is well known for their reliability and performance.

You will get the best performance for your website in the most affordable rates when you are with InterServer VPS.

With InterServer you get 99.9 % uptime guarantee which makes it a desirable hosting.

The best thing is that you can get the Direct Admin control panel for free with InterServer VPS.

I don’t think there is any hosting more affordable than InterServer. So don’t miss out on InterServer when you are thinking of VPS hosting for sure.

4) HostGator VPS :

HostGator is not only known for their discounts. You can get really powerful VPS with HostGator.

You get cPanel integrated with all the HostGator VPS hosting plans.

So HostGator can be a great option not only in shared hosting category but it can be great for VPS as well.

5) GreenGeeks VPS :

GreenGeeks is best known for their security and performance features.

We know how great GreenGeeks shared hosting plans are and the same quality you get with GreenGeeks VPS as well.

GreenGeeks VPS is one of the most powerful in the hosting business.

You get tons of features and larger bandwidth that you will hardly see with any other VPS.

So if you want a powerful VPS in affordable rates then GreenGeeks VPS can be the best choice.

Conclusion :

So concluding this article VPS can be the ultimate solution for many websites.

Many times it is hard to choose between VPS and managed hosting. So always remember with managed hosting you may get more optimization but with VPS you can get more power.

So take your time while comparing VPS and managed hosting. Both are good in whatever they are offering.

If you think you have time and skill to handle a VPS then there is nothing better than a VPS.

All in all above given VPS can be the ultimate destination for your websites.

As mentioned earlier InterServer can be a great affordable option. While on the other hand LiquidWeb managed VPS have set their own standards.

Hostinger, GreenGeeks and HostGator are also very good in VPS category.

Choose wisely as per your needs.

I hope this article will help.

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