What is a Domain name : Where to get domains

If you are a beginner and want to start a website then you might have heard of domain names. A domain, a hosting and WordPress.Org (free) that’s all you need to start a website.

For more info regarding starting a website or blog you should see this article.

1) What is a domain name?

The domain name is a unique name that defines your address or location on the internet. As we know how big this ocean of internet is. So if you want people to know where you are and what blogs you have for them to read then it necessary to have a domain name and a host to get your blogs or website going.

It is like if hosting is your location over the internet. Then Domains can be the address that defines your location over the internet.

So this is how domain name indicates your address and the identity of your website. Your domain name will be yours and will be unique that no one else can have same domain name that you have. So when people type your domain name in the browser, it will lead them to your website which have this unique domain name.

Hosting, Domain and Website :

Now, if you are just starting your blogging journey you will come to know about words like hosting, domain and website. It is better to know what all these words are suggesting.

So whenever you want to start your blog or website you need a host or hosting provider. This host or web hosting is going to give you their servers and resources.

Due to their web hosting resources you can build your website. Now these hosting or web hosting providers will charge you some money because you are using their resources to build your website.

So the domain is going to be the address of your website that you are hosting on any hosting providers server. This is how you will need a hosting to build your website on it’s server and a domain name that will indicate that on which server your website is located in the internet.

I hope everything is clear with Domain, Hosting and Website. Now let’s see some other terms.

2) What is a sub domain?

Sub domain means a domain which is a part of a main domain. Suppose you have a website called yourblog.com and you want a subdomain like shop attached with your website then the subdomain will be like shop.yourblog.com.

The main advantage of subdomains is that search engines take subdomains acting as a website. So for better SEO you can create bank links easily with your own sub domains.

Moreover if you have a big website and you want to diversify your content then subdomains are very important. And because the search engines will rank it as a different website you can expect more visitors to your website.

3) What is a parked Domain or Alias?

Parked domains are those which are used to reserve a name for future projects.

The second use of parked domain is to secure your website or business against cyber squatting.

It might be possible that when your business grows there might be people who are taking domain names similar to your domain which can mislead your readers and customers. To cop up with this challenge many businesses get parked domains.

There are many Businesses who want to use multiple domain names which can show the same content of the website can use parked domains.

4) What are Add-on Domains ?

Addon domains are generally used to host more than one websites under the same account with the hosting provider. Generally hosting providers have in their features list that how many addon domains they are allowing.

Addon domains are like how many websites are allowed within the hosting plan.

5) How to get a domain name & some popular domain registrars :

There are many Domain registrars with which you can go and get your Domain name registered. Generally there is a one year time after which you will have to pay renewal fees to get it going.

You can get a domain name free for one year with any Hosting provider like TMDHosting (affiliate link), DreamHost (Affiliate link), GreenGeeks (affiliate link) etc.

Here are some Hosting providers or web hosts that you can select from which are also providing domains along with hosting as well.

Here are some Domain Registrars which are giving affordable Domain names and giving hosting also. It is up to you whether you just want a domain name or want to grab a package where generally Domain is free for one year.

Best Domain Registrars :

1) GoDaddy (affiliate link) – Cheapest and most affordable domains

2) Namecheap (affiliate link) – Cheapest domains with WhoisGuard

3) Google Domains – Superb security with domains

6) Why to go for Google domains !!

Unlike other Registrars there is no price rise after one year if you go for Google Domain.

The other benefit is that it provides privacy protection for free. Other registrars may charge a fee to give WhoisGuard. However Namecheap (Full Review) is giving free WhoisGuard protection for their Domains. That’s why I personally like Namecheap.

But with Google Domains there are other Google products related offers you can enjoy. Further more the thing is that Google cloud based DNS system gives good speed to the website.

Conclusion :

So I hope the concept of Domain name is clear now.

A domain name suggests your website’s address over the internet. When someone types your domain name they can find your content or website over the internet.

Generally you can set your domain name as your website name for easy operations. That’s how I have seen things going up over the internet.

For example : My site title is Bloggingjournalists.com so I will try to keep my domain also on this name only so that visitors can easily find it.

If your site title and logo etc is different than what your domain is then there are more chances people will get confused when they visit your site. Isn’t it !!

So always try to find short and easy domain names unlike what I have here on this site. 🙂

So with this fun note I think this much is enough for this post. I hope this will be useful for readers.

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