GoDaddy Review : Most Affordable and Cheapest Domains

GoDaddy has been one of the most popular and the most affordable domain registrar hosting ever. There is no one giving cheaper domains than GoDaddy in the domain business. There are very few like Namecheap (Full Review) which can compete with GoDaddy when it comes to affordable and cheapest domains.

If anyone deserves the credit for spreading awareness about online business and how to start your business online with the help of a website then GoDaddy (affiliate link) certainly deserves that credit.

Many small business owners and many bloggers who did not have any idea about websites, domain and online business will always remain thankful to GoDaddy.

GoDaddy has spread great amount of awareness about starting a website through their own branding.

Only because of GoDaddy (affiliate link) branding and advertising many people have come to know the real potential of online businesses and that has been GoDaddy’s one of the greatest contribution to the online world.

So now let’s know how GoDaddy can be beneficial for you as a domain registrar and what other products GoDaddy has to offer.

Why GoDaddy Domain is Recommended ?

As I have mentioned earlier GoDaddy is simply one of the most popular brands.

Many people might have started their online journeys by watching GoDaddy advertisements.

Those who were not even thinking about starting a website have thrived in online world because they got a word from GoDaddy (affiliate link) and many are starting their online journey with GoDaddy.

GoDaddy Domain names are super affordable and that’s the biggest strength of GoDaddy.

GoDaddy has been serving more than 20 million customers and that brings the proof that how many people are having trust in GoDaddy.

When it comes to domains GoDaddy simply rules the market by serving more than 80 million domain names.

So when it comes to Domains there is no one better than GoDaddy.

So GoDaddy is highly recommended for their cheapest domains.

Should I go for GoDaddy Hosting plans also or buy it from some other Web Host ?

I would only suggest GoDaddy domains rather than hosting.

The thing is that GoDaddy (affiliate link) is a super powerful domain registrar and they are known for their cheaper domains and not for hosting.

So I would highly recommend purchasing a domain from GoDaddy and then getting a hosting from somewhere else.

Here you can see plenty of good hosting that you might be looking for.

What about security with GoDaddy Domains ?

You will get decent security with GoDaddy domain.

Do not forget to activate 2FA on GoDaddy account.

More security features will cost you some money.

For better security features you can register your domain to Namecheap (affiliate link) also.

Namecheap gives WHOISGUARD for free however Namecheap doesn’t give first year discounts with Domains.

There is one drawback that may cause many bloggers not to go with GoDaddy and that is lack of SSL certificates. GoDaddy only offers free SSL certificate with their costliest ultimate plan.

Other security measures with GoDaddy :

GoDaddy with continuous monitoring of DDoS protection make sure your website is secure.

Then with their WordPress plans GoDaddy (affiliate link) have automatic malware scan as well.

One thing many people will ask that why GoDaddy doesn’t provide free Let’s encrypt SSL certificate when it is free anyways.

Yes there is no free let’s encrypt SSL certificate either. That’s the biggest drawback. Instead of let’s encrypt GoDaddy gives the option of purchasing a branded SSL rather.

GoDaddy has their own SSL certificates that they give for free but only for one year.

GoDaddy Website Builder :

I would recommend GoDaddy website builder over GoDaddy web hosting.

GoDaddy has spread the word about taking your business website online and maybe that is why GoDaddy is not for bloggers and it is more resourceful when you use their website builder to make your website.

When you use GoDaddy website builder you will see that you don’t need the SSL certificate separately and your website already becomes secure.

Since GoDaddy is more business centric you will get all useful features to grow your business website with GoDaddy website builder.

So for business websites GoDaddy website builder can be great choice.

Is GoDaddy Affordable :

GoDaddy domains are super affordable.

You will not get this cheap domains anywhere.

Regarding web hosting I would say it may become costly at the time of renewals and there are better web hosts that you can think of.

Regarding website builder and other offerings I would say GoDaddy is highly affordable.

Will I get good support from GoDaddy ?

GoDaddy provides great support 24/7.

Almost every hosting provider gives 24/7 support and GoDaddy provides the same to satisfy their large customer base.

Backup and Moneyback Guarantee :

There are some questions regarding their automatic backups also. It is like you will have to pay for activating automatic daily backups.

There are other hosting providers giving free automatic daily backups.

Regarding money back guarantee GoDaddy provides 30 day money back guarantee which is good.

There are web hosts like DreamHost (affiliate link) and TMDHosting (affiliate link) giving 97 days and 60 days long money back guarantees.

Some other web hosts like HostGator (Full Review) and FastComet (Full Review) also give 45 days long money back guarantees.

Some other useful offerings of GoDaddy :

There are other useful services GoDaddy is offering and that’s email marketing and Microsoft 365.

For GoDaddy email marketing (affiliate link) there are beginner and pro plans available that you can see here (affiliate link).

GoDaddy also offers Professional email with Microsoft 365 (affiliate link)which can be very useful as well.

Conclusion :

So concluding this article I would say GoDaddy is unbeatable when it comes to cheaper domains.

There is no one better than GoDaddy (affiliate link) in providing cheapest domain names.

GoDaddy domains makes the whole process of making a website very affordable. I mean just look how much easy it is to start a website. WordPress is anyways free and the cheapest GoDaddy domain makes it even more affordable to start a website.

It is always better when you are making a website that you get domains either from Namecheap (affiliate link) or GoDaddy (affiliate link) and get the hosting separately from other web hosts.

Apart from domains GoDaddy offers web hosting as well but GoDaddy website builder is better to go with if you are just looking for a small business website.

GoDaddy also offers email marketing (affiliate link) and Microsoft 365 (affiliate link) which can be great deal.

So there is no one better than GoDaddy when it comes to domains. So always make sure to get your domains from GoDaddy (affiliate link) if you want save some money on your domains.

Question and Answers :

Here are some questions answered that might help you learn more about GoDaddy.

GoDaddy defeats everyone when it comes to Domain names and definitely GoDaddy is great when it comes to purchasing domains.

So best thing that I can suggest is that purchase domains from GoDaddy (affiliate link) and get hosting from other hosting providers.

Regarding domain names there is one alternative to GoDaddy and that’s Namecheap.

Namecheap (Full Review) provides free WHOISGUARD with your domain.

If talk about web hosting alternatives to GoDaddy then there are many web hosts that you can see here.

So GoDaddy can very useful with it’s website builder and other offerings.

Regarding web hosting I would suggest other web hosts over GoDaddy but when it comes to Domain names there is no one better than GoDaddy (affiliate link). Else you can go for Namecheap (affiliate link) as well for Domains and Hosting as well.

I hope this article will be helpful.

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