GreenGeeks Vs Hostinger Vs HostGator : Best Web Host Comparison

In this article you are going to get info on some of the very best Hostings.

When we are looking for starting out our journey in blogging or while starting up a website you need a web host.

Choosing a web host is always difficult and when we have so many web hosts it is always hard to compare and select the best out of them.

So in this article you are going to get info on comparing some of the very best web hosts so that you can take your decisions very easily when it comes to select between web hosts.

So now let’s begin with listing out 3 best hosting providers which are the best in their category.

1) GreenGeeks :

GreenGeeks is the best hosting when it comes to delivering performance and speed to your website. You will get the reasons why GreenGeeks is the best when it comes to performance and features offered.

2) Hostinger :

Hostinger is the best when you are looking for cheapest hosting for longer period of time.

3) HostGator :

HostGator is considered the first choice for those who are starting up their online journey.

We are going to compare these 3 best hosting and find out which can be the best possible hosting for your future project.

Starting the comparison let’s compare the prices by these 3 best web hosts.

Web Hosts Comparison by Price :

1) GreenGeeks prices :

GreenGeeks offers hosting for $ 2.95/month which seems a bit higher than Hostinger and HostGator but feature-wise and overall the price seems quite obvious.

2) Hostinger prices :

Hostinger offers hosting for $ 1.39/month but you have to pay for 4 years upfront for taking this advantage.

3) HostGator prices :

HostGator offers hosting for $ 2.75/month for hatchling plan which is considered best those who are looking for starting up their online journey.

Comparing 3 web hosts for their prices the GreenGeeks seems to be charging a bit higher but when we see the features offered the prices seem quite affordable from GreenGeeks.

Seeing Hostinger prices it is one of the most affordable hosting but you will have to pay for 4 years upfront to get this much affordable hosting.

HostGator on the other hand can prove to be the most affordable in Cyber sales and New Year sales time period.

Here are the full reviews of these 3 web hosts :

Web Hosts comparison by Features Offered :

Let’s compare the features offered by these 3 best web hosts.

1) GreenGeeks features :

  • GreenGeeks offers Lite plan which is their most basic hosting plan with which you can host only 1 website and not more than one websites.

  • The best thing about GreenGeeks is that your website get hosted on the fastest LiteSpeed servers which makes GreenGeeks one of the best hosting.
  • c net which is a great media review website also gives GreenGeeks a credit of being the best web host in the year 2021.
  • GreenGeeks also gives you a free domain which is not seen with most of the hosting providers.
  • Also you get a very fast CDN and Nightly backups which makes GreenGeeks one of the most secure and fast hosting.
  • You get 50 GB space and 50 email accounts with the basic lite plan and you get unlimited email accounts and unlimited space with higher plans.
  • Apart from all this you also indirectly benefit the nature by giving 300% energy back to the environment and they also plant a tree for you when you host your website with GreenGeeks.

2) Hostinger features :

  • Hostinger offers 3 tiers of hosting out of which Single Web Hosting is the most affordable hosting tier.
  • You get 30 GB SSD storage and 2 databases with the most basic plan and unlimited databases with the higher plan.
  • There is no free domain with basic Single Web Hosting plan but with higher plans you get a free domain.
  • You get GIT and SSH access with Hostinger which is a great thing.
  • You get 1 E mail account with single web hosting plan and more email accounts with higher plans.

3) HostGator features :

  • With HostGator you get many different hosting plans and starter plan is the most basic plan from HostGator.
  • You get 20 GB SSD space with the most basic starter plan.
  • You get 5 email accounts with starter plan and unlimited email accounts with higher plans.

Which is a better web host ?

Comparing the features of these 3 best web hosts the main difference is with performance, domain and back ups.

GreenGeeks seems to be providing all the required features to have a super performing website.

Comparing the features you get a free domain even with the basic plans of GreenGeeks.

You get more regular nightly backups with GreenGeeks that makes it more secure than other web hosts.

If we want to compare all the three web hosts for quality performance then there is no better technology these days than LiteSpeed.

Furthermore you get LS caching with GreenGeeks which makes it a high performing web host which will give you superb power and performance for hosting a website.

Conclusion :

Concluding this article GreenGeeks seems to be providing more features which makes it one of the best web hosts which are providing tons of features.

Seeing Hostinger and HostGator feature-wise, Hostinger seems to be giving more features.

HostGator on the other hand wins the battle at the time of Cyber sales when the prices are super affordable.

Overall comparing the performance, features and prices GreenGeeks seems to be offering more quality.

One drawback with GreenGeeks might be their pricing but seeing the features it is proving to be the best web host.

Hostinger is also not falling short when we compare it’s features but you will have to pay for 4 years upfront to get the most out of the Hostinger plans.

Here are some more web hosts that can be compared along side Hostinger, GreenGeeks and HostGator :

Here are some more best web hosts.

Web Hosts that can be closely compared with GreenGeeks :

Web Hosts that can be closely compared with Hostinger :

Web Hosts that can be closely compared with HostGator :

So these are the web hosts you can compare and decide for yourself.

Hope this article helps.

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