Inmotion Hosting Review : Best WordPress Hosting

Inmotion has been one of the oldest webhosts. Inmotion is ne of the most popular names and is said to be one of those web hosts which empower small and mid level businesses.

Seeing the special marketing features they offer on their different level of plans Inmotion should definitely be on your list if you want to grow your small business or blog online.

So let’s check how useful Inmotion can prove to be as a webhost.

Why should I go for Inmotion Hosting ?

Inmotion WordPress hosting plans are world beaters and there are very few which can compete with Inmotion WordPress hosting plans.

So it would be a great decision to go with Inmotion WordPress hosting.

Is Inmotion a reliable web host ?

Inmotion has been there since 2001 and has been growing as a reliable brand since then. Inmotion in last 20 years have built up a good customer base because of their quality web hosting and the features that they provide.

Many times Inmotion Hosting (affiliate link) is seen on the list of the most recommended web hosts and can definitely bring some competition among popular webhosts. Seeing the features they provide Inmotion is definitely reliable.

Do You get Uptime guarantee with Inmotion Hosting ?

Inmotion gives 99.9% uptime guarantee which makes them stand in the competition of some popular webhosts however pro level support regarding uptime maintenance is only mentioned in Pro plan which can be a drawback.

What about website speed with Inmotion Hosting ?

Inmotion Hosting gives sufficient features to offer you optimum speed. Lite plan which is a starting plan gives you 2x performance and the level of performance improves along with higher plans.

Inmotion Hosting uses new SSD (solid state drives) technology to make sure that visitors can access your website quickly that eventually brings enhanced performance.

Plus there is faster web hosting solution provided through max speed zones which makes sure that your content is delivered faster to your visitors.

How are the security features with Inmotion Hosting ?

Regarding security Inmotion Hosting (affiliate link) offers security suite in all plans. This security suite includes free SSL (secure socket layers) certificates which brings more security and authenticity to the website.

Plus there is enhanced hack & malware protection which makes sure that suspicious files and other malicious acts are immediately quarantined and eliminated to prevent damage to your website.

Plus DDoS protection and automatic backups are also available which enhances the security of your website.

Is Inmotion Hosting affordable ?

Inmotion is definitely one of the most affordable ones when it comes to offered features and pricing however there is more expectations regarding features.

Talking about affordability there is not much price difference between WordPress plans and shared plans regular prices so it will be more beneficial to go for WordPress plans.

Talking about shared plans there are more features seen in the higher plans (affiliate link).

All in all Inmotion Hosting is one of the most affordable webhosts however you will have to spend more on higher plans to unlock some features.

How is the support and Back up by Inmotion Hosting ?

Inmotion Hosting provides 24/7/365 US based support which is great.

Inmotion Hosting also provides backup manager which automates the backup process.

How long is the Money back Guarantee with Inmotion Hosting ?

Inmotion Hosting (affiliate link) gives 90 days moneyback guarantee on longer term plans which is one of the finest among the webhosts.

Which are the greatest features from Inmotion ?

Inmotion has a lot to praise about their offerings however certain features are only provided in higher plans.

  • Starting with the SSD storage provided the SSD storage increases with higher plans. Sufficient SSD storage provided in all plans.

  • Plus there is unlimited bandwidth provided which means you will not have to worry about extra data usage at the time of peak hours.

  • There is only one drawback that is no free domain provided with the starter lite plan.

  • Only one website and one free email address is provided with the lite plan. More websites and emails are provided with higher plans.

Other useful features :

  • Plus free SSL certificates are provided in all plans which brings more security and authenticity to your website.

  • Plus there are marketing tools provided but limited tools are provided in lite plan.

  • Further, there is boldgrid website builder included in all plans.

  • No advertising credit included in lite plan (affiliate link).

  • Plus there is free website migration is provided.

  • So there is a lot to talk about features but still there are some limits with features in the lite plan which is a basic starter plan.

It is recommended to invest in WordPress plans rather than shared plans because there is not much regular price level difference in mid level shared and WordPress plans and you will get more performance with WordPress plans.

So with this review of Inmotion I hope that you will be able to take a better judgement regarding Inmotion as a webhost.

There are few questions that can be answered.

Inmotion has some limitations on its shared starter plan for sure where there is no free domain and the regular prices are higher but if you look at WordPress 1000S and 2000S features and pricing then it is better to go for Inmotion (affiliate link) WordPress plans because regular prices of mid level shared and WordPress plans is somewhat the same.

In fact you will get better performance with lower WordPress plans rather than if you go for higher shared plans.

Inmotion Hosting WordPress Hosting plans are world beaters.

So Inmotion is certainly one of the best web hosting option for WordPress hosting and after all what we all want is good performing website.

So if you are ready to spend on a longer term plan then choose longer term WordPress plan and be assured of great performance.

Inmotion has its own class of web hosting and definitely there is some improvement needed in shared hosting plans.

So yes there are definitely some more affordable options available which can bring more features and more easiness in website hosting. Here are the affordable alternatives that you should definitely check.

Dreamhost (affiliate link) can be an alternative which is giving same or more features in lesser prices.

TMD hosting (affiliate link) can be another alternative which has exceptional support and features in cheaper rates.

Namecheap (affiliate link) can also be an ideal option which is giving the most affordable one year plan where you can host 3 websites with the starter plan.

MilesWeb (affiliate link) can also proven to be an option if you are looking for straight pricing and no price hikes because MilesWeb offers plans in which there is no renewal price hikes and you can enjoy webhosting at the promotional rates forever.

There is also one web host that cannot be ignored and that is Hostinger which is well known for giving the cheapest web hosting plans however to get the most benefits out of the offers you will have to purchase the plans for 4 years.

FastComet (affiliate link) starter shared Cloud Plans can proved to be a great deal because you can get better Uptime with shared cloud plans that you cannot expect with traditional shared hosting.

Conclusion :

Concluding this article Inmotion Hosting WordPress hosting plans can be a great choice if you are looking for long term hosting solutions.

There is no doubt Inmotion (affiliate link) is one the best and personally I did not see any negatives with Inmotion Hosting.

There are other competitors and alternative are there for sure but Inmotion will never let you down for sure.

So going for Inmotion Hosting can be a superb choice.

That’s it for this Inmotion Hosting review.

I hope you found it useful.

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