LiquidWeb & Nexcess hosting review : Which Hosting best suits you.

In this article you are going to learn more about LiquidWeb & Nexcess as a hosting.

You can already see this LiquidWeb overall review here where you get to know about the LiquidWeb hosting services.

There are many products that LiquidWeb hosting offers and Nexcess (affiliate link) is one of the very best hosting services that LiquidWeb gives to you.

So in this article we are going to see LiquidWeb products and we are going to take a look at Nexcess as well as I think this can be a great product to look for.

Here is an Infographic to let you know the comparison of both the hosting.

Infographic Showing Nexcess & LiquidWeb Comparison.

So let’s begin. in detail.

1) What are LiquidWeb & Nexcess ?

Basically LiquidWeb is a super giant hosting provider that gives you services related with hosting and Nexcess is a service or a product that is a very important part of LiquidWeb.

Now it is better to understand that Nexcess (affiliate link) is definitely a part of LiquidWeb but they have a whole dedicated team managing Nexcess.

So you can say that LiquidWeb and Nexcess are both kind of attached with each other yet both are different. Different in a manner that both are different types of services.

On one hand where LiquidWeb (affiliate link) is a big bunch or combination of various types of hosting like cloud hosting, VPS hosting, managed WooCommerce etc.

Where on the other hand Nexcess is only offering Managed WordPress hosting which is absolutely dedicated for WordPress websites. There are other services like WooCommerce and Magento Hosting also popular with Nexcess Hosting.

2) Which is better for you ?

LiquidWeb & Nexcess both are powerful and it totally depends on your requirements that which one would be the best for you.

So which one you should go for. LiquidWeb or Nexcess ?

Answer is simple. Nexcess (affiliate link) is a managed WordPress hosting service. So if you have got WordPress website and you want to make it super powerful (performance wise) then go for Nexcess managed WordPress hosting.

Simply saying Nexcess is more like Kinsta (Full Review) and WP Engine (Full Review) which are giving you managed WordPress services.

3) Now what about LiquidWeb and when LiquidWeb is really useful ?

LiquidWeb is useful when you are aiming for a greater target. Go for LiquidWeb VPS or Cloud services if you have a really big sized website which is filled with new data everyday. Yup, LiquidWeb is great when it comes to managing giant websites.

For example :

You want to manage a magazine or News website then hosting like LiquidWeb are the best choice for it.

Apart from giant websites you can also think of using LiquidWeb (affiliate link) for managing more than one websites altogether.

Adding further you can manage WordPress websites also with LiquidWeb hosting but depends on you that how you can make the most of the LiquidWeb hosting as you get tons of hosting capacity that is only useful when you have a very giant website which is growing everyday.

4) What features we get with LiquidWeb & Nexcess ?

Talking about features both are giving different features and it is always better to see the features first and compare it with your needs and then you can take your decision.

Nexcess Hosting Features :

The basic plan which is called the spark plan of the Nexcess Hosting offers 15 GB Storage and 2 TB bandwidth which is more than enough for any WordPress site.

You also get unlimited email accounts.

With Nexcess fully managed WordPress hosting you also get iTheme Security Pro and iTheme Sync services for free as well.

You can manage 1 site with Nexcess Spark plan and you get a 30 days money back guarantee.

You can see all Nexcess Plans here (affiliate link).

All in all Nexcess is world beater in providing managed WordPress hosting as you get no traffic or page views limit with Nexcess which is a great thing that you don’t see with many hosting.

LiquidWeb features :

With LiquidWeb everything is fully managed so you will never have to worry about performance and security at all.

So talking about features.

  • The managed VPS of LiquidWeb offers 2 GB RAM, 2 virtual CPU and 40 GB SSD space with a very basic plan.

  • You can get 10 TB bandwidth with LiquidWeb basic managed VPS plan which you will hardly get anywhere else.

  • Also get Plesk, cPanel or InterWorx as a control panel as well to carry out website related operations in a better way.

LiquidWeb Cloud Plan features :

The cloud plans of LiquidWeb starts with 4 GB RAM.

You get tons of storage with LiquidWeb (affiliate link) cloud plans as well which makes it a good option if you want to go for hosting a big website or more than one website.

So based on the features you can decide with which plan you can go.

For me as an individual website owner Nexcess suits me the best and maybe in future I can go for LiquidWeb VPS as will if my site grows that big.

Conclusion :

So concluding this article I would say that LiquidWeb and Nexcess both are powerful hosting services and you it depends on your needs which one suits you the best.

As mentioned earlier if you don’t have many stuff going in your website and you have a small website then go for Nexcess managed WordPress hosting.

With Nexcess (affiliate link) you will not have to face the performance and security issues at all plus there are many free premium services from iThemes you get as well.

So for individuals who are owning a WordPress website Nexcess can be a great option in long run.

LiquidWeb on the other hand can be a great option if you have more than one websites to be managed or you have a big website that is growing everyday.

So this is it for comparing LiquidWeb (affiliate link) and Nexcess. I hope article would be helpful to understand both the services.

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