5 Best Gutenberg Based Blocks for your WordPress website

Johannes Gutenberg as we all know brought a revolution in publishing.

Now in today’s world remembering Gutenberg WordPress has launched Gutenberg block editor in WordPress.

As it was expected by WordPress it really has brought revolution in publication.

Now it has brought more power to publishing the content.

These days many Gutenberg based blocks from many themes have been introduced which are challenging the page builders in many aspects.

Gutenberg Blocks are more popular these days due to some very obvious reasons.

Reasons why Gutenberg Based Blocks are useful :

  • Gutenberg blocks are lighter than page builders. So you will see improved website performance a bit when you are using Gutenberg blocks rather than a Page Builder.

  • Blocks make the website to perform well.

  • Blocks are easy to use.

  • In today’s world you don’t have to reply only on page builders. Gutenberg based blocks present an alternative to Page Builders.

Many beginners are starting today with Gutenberg Based Blocks and they are finding it to be very easy. For many website owners using blocks is the coolest way to publish their content.

So let’s see some of the very useful Gutenberg based Blocks.

The Best Gutenberg Blocks :

Here are the best tried and tested Gutenberg blocks :

1) Kadence blocks :

Kadence theme has become so much popular these days and along with Kadence theme (affiliate link) you get to see Kadence blocks (affiliate link) as well.

You get some very useful blocks like Raw Layout and Testimonial blocks with Kadence Blocks.

Kadence Blocks (affiliate link) are very flexible to use and very powerful as well. You might get some time to be familiarize with Kadence blocks but wit time you will master the blocks.

Kadence blocks are comparatively new but are so perfect that Kadence theme (affiliate link) and blocks are directly competing with Astra (affiliate link) which is considered the best in the business.

2) Ultimate Addons from Astra :

Ultimate addons are introduced by the world famous Astra and Brainstorm Force.

Astra is already well known for their theme but what they are offering with Gutenberg based blocks is really ultimate.

Right know with Ultimate Gutenberg you can get more than 40 blocks. Who knows may be when you are reading this they might have crossed 60 blocks.

If you are using Beaver Builder or Elementor then you get Ultimate addons for Beaver Builder (affiliate link) and Ultimate addons for Elementor (affiliate link) as well.

The best blocks from Ultimate Gutenberg are advanced columns, FAQ schema and many others.

In versatility and features there is no one beating Astra.

3) Otter blocks from themeisle :

Themeisle is well known for Neve and Hestia themes and now they have brought Otter blocks.

Otter blocks will give you a superb publishing experience with some great block features.

There are many blocks like progress bar blocks, pricing block etc that you will find useful.

4) Stackable :

Just like Astra, Stackable has also brought super attractive blocks. You can see some of the Mind Blowing Demos (affiliate link) here.

Stackable Blocks will enable you to build some of the great designs for your website in a few minutes.

Stackable has introduced some of the great blocks like Notification blocks, Advanced Columns, Video Pop up block and many more.

You will not miss a Page Builder when you are with Stackable Blocks for sure.

5) Atomic Blocks :

With Atomic Blocks you get blocks like Newsletter block, Pricing Table block etc very useful blocks.

The best thing about Atomic Blocks is that now they have joined the WPEngine family.

So you will see some really great improvements in up coming time with Atomic Blocks.

Conclusion :

Concluding this article Kadence Blocks are special design blocks that you would definitely like to try.

Ultimate Addons from Astra will make your all tasks easy with more than 40 different blocks.

Stackable blocks can also be a powerful design and publishing tool for sure.

The best thing with Blocks is that it feels like you are working with a Page Builder only.

You can also enable or disable any block according to your needs.

Blocks are considered lighter than Page Builders and many people these days are trying out different blocks to build their website.

I hope this article would be useful.

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