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8 Best Top Class WordPress Themes

In this article you will find some of the best themes that you might be looking for.

It is always said that a theme can be very important part of your WordPress website as it decides the basic design and looks of your website.

Apart from looks there are many factors depended on your theme.

Your website performance and security also may get affected if you are not with a good theme.

So let’s see this small article on WordPress themes :

Contents :

1) How to Decide on a Theme for WordPress :

2) Best Top Class Themes :

Let’s begin with some of the things that you would consider before going for any theme :

How to Decide on a Theme for WordPress :

There are certain criteria on the basis of which you can select your theme.

1) Mobile Responsiveness :

Almost all themes these days are mobile responsive but it is better check the responsiveness before going for any theme.

Bets way to check mobile responsiveness is with GTmetrix or Google Page Speed Insights.

2) Clean codes or Simplicity or lesser complex codes :

If you search the web you can find the experts opinions about how clean the codes are from any theme.

A theme with clean codes make it lesser clumsy and more SEO friendly.

So a cleaner theme will give you extra performance for your website as well.

3) Reliability :

You would definitely like the theme to be there for longer period of time.

No one wants a plugin or theme to be discontinued.

So select popular and well established themes or plugins.

4) Layouts and designs offered :

Many themes offer various styles and designs in their layouts which brings a different feeling to the visitors.

You can see theme demos and easily figure out what you would want from that theme.

For example :

Newspaper theme will give you a layout and feeling that you need for making a magazine publishing site.

A fashion theme will give you a different feeling and style than that of a newspaper theme.

5) Features offered :

Features offered with any theme decides your UI or User Experience with that theme.

There free editions of themes available with WordPress and it is always better to test any theme before buying any pro packages.

6) Pre made templates :

Many people would decide a theme on the basis of which kind of templates are being served by the theme.

There are many themes like Astra which are giving abundance of pre made templates and it works for most of the website owners.

Now let’s which are the best themes that you can rely on :

Best Top Class Themes :

Here are some very well established themes that you may find useful :

1) Genesis :

Genesis is a super reliable and widely popular theme made by StudioPress.

Talking about some great characteristics of Genesis framework (affiliate link) it is highly Search Engine Optimized.

All StudioPress (affiliate link) made themes are highly responsive and flexible as well.

The best thing here is that with WP Engine managed hosting (affiliate link) you get Genesis framework and all the StudioPress premium themes absolutely for free.

Plus there is one more thing you should not miss and that is a Genesis blocks plugin. Genesis blocks is absolutely free so try it as well.

2) Astra :

With more than 1 million active installs Astra (affiliate link) is the most trusted theme ever.

Astra has been there for years and there are very few themes that can match with the powerful Astra theme.

Along with the Astra theme (affiliate link) you get tons of pre made templates that you can easily use with any kind of page builders you have.

Astra has it all from SEO friendly codes to highly customizable templates. So you can make almost any kind of website with Astra.

For many years Astra has been the first choice of many while selecting any themes as there is no one near to Astra’s power and flexibility for sure.

3) GeneratePress :

With over 300k active installs GeneratePress (affiliate link) is also one of the very reliable themes.

GeneratePress has been in the news because of its light weight codes. A fresh GeneratePress will add less than 10 kb only to your page size if it is g Zipped.

So GeneratePress is the theme that will boost your website performance for sure.

GeneratePress is compatible with all page builders and plugins. So it is a theme that you should use and try at least for once in your life for sure.

4) Kadence :

Kadence has created a buzz due to the features and design they offer.

With Kadence theme (affiliate link) you get templates for almost all kind of websites.

Along with Kadence theme you should also see Kadence blocks (affiliate link) as well which are widely popular.

Kadence integrates with almost all plugins like Beaver Builder, WooCommerce, LearnDash etc.

Recently Kadence has been compared with Astra by many experts. Some prime advantages with Kadence is that you get a feature rich theme which is SEO friendly as well.

Global color palette from Kadence (affiliate link) has been a great feature as well.

So Kadence is growing daily and going with Kadence can be a great choice in long run.

5) Themify :

Themify can be super awesome choice because of their theme layouts and effects that they bring in their themes.

Where other themes are increasing their prices gradually Themify (affiliate link) seems a very affordable option to costly themes.

Not only price wise but feature wise also Themify can beat any popular theme.

The best advantage with Themify is their bundled pack or Master Club where you get the access to all kind of themes.

With Themify you get all kinds of fully customizable and highly responsive themes.

Whether it is a Blog theme or WooCommerce theme you get all kinds of themes with Themify.

Themify also offers a lifetime package of themes as well that you should definitely check.

6) Thrive themes :

Thrive themes are part of a big powerful Thrive Suite (affiliate link) which includes plenty of useful tools that will make you a beautiful website.

The best thing Thrive themes is that the tools are so feature rich that you will hardly need to invest in extra plugins.

Along with Thrive Suite you get Thrive themes, Thrive Architect page builder, Thrive comments, Thrive leads and many other tools.

So with super powerful features Thrive Suite can make you a beautiful conversion focused website.

With conversions in mind Thrive themes are highly mobile responsive as well. So Thrive themes can be a good choice in long run.

7) Beaver Builder :

You can get Beaver Builder theme with the Beaver Builder Pro (affiliate link) package.

Beaver Builder Theme is also highly responsive and SEO friendly theme.

You also get premium templates with any Beaver Builder (affiliate link) package which enables you to make beautiful websites just in a few minutes.

So if you are thinking about Beaver Builder as a page builder then also try Beaver Builder theme as well to get the best results.

The best thing with Beaver Builder is that you get 40% discount on the renewal prices.

Yes, discount on the renewal prices so the renewals will not be that much painful with Beaver Builder.

8) aThemes :

If you want super fast themes with beautiful designs then aThemes can be the best choice.

aThemes (affiliate link) has one of the cleanest designs in the business. Plus you will not find combination of the simplicity and beauty both in the theme anywhere else.

aThemes works well with all WordPress plugins and it is one of the highly trusted themes as well.

So aThemes should be definitely on your list if you are looking for a flexible, simple yet powerful and a cleanest theme.

Conclusion :

As you can see there are many themes to select from. It can be overwhelming to select from this much big range of themes.

If you know which kind of website you want to make and what style you want to present to your visitors then it will be easier to select from these themes.

Further concluding Astra, Genesis, GeneratePress, Kadence etc. are well known for multi purpose sites. All these 8 themes are reliable and widely popular so going for either of these should be a beneficial decision.

Astra (affiliate link) also presents wide range of pre made templates that you should not miss out to see here. Plus Astra is considered one of the very best for since a long time now.

Kadence is great due to Kadence blocks (affiliate link) that you use with the theme.

GeneratePress (affiliate link) is said to be one of the cleanest and coolest themes as well.

Plus don’t forget that you can get all premium StudioPress themes (affiliate link) for free if you select WP Engine (affiliate link) as your host. Know more about selecting a web host here.

So depending your needs you can select any theme.

I hope this article would be helpful.

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