12 MS Office Alternatives Free & Paid

In this article you are going to get info on free MS Office alternatives.

Most of the free alternatives to MS office are Open Source projects.

As we all know MS Office has become a prime need for many students and professionals.

In last few years Windows has grown from Windows 7 to Windows 10 and many people have lost their version of MS Office when they upgrade from Windows 7 to 10.

So how about some alternatives to MS Office which can be free, cheaper and more convenient than MS Office.

MS Office is unmatchable but there is certainly a class of users who need a free alternative to MS Office as well.

Free Alternatives to MS Office :

So here is the list of Free alternatives to MS Office :

Most of the Free Alternatives to MS Office are Open Source Software and highly reliable.

1) LibreOffice :

Libre Office is the most popular alternative to MS Office. It is a Free and Open Source software.

Libre Office avaialable for Mac, Windows and Linux.

If MS Office offers Word, PowerPoint and Excel then with Libre Office you will get Writer, Impress and Calc.

Moreover Libre Office gets you all the programs like Draw, Math, Charts so it is a complete solution for carrying out many business and personal tasks.

Reminding you again Libre Office Suite is completely free. So try it wouldn’t cost you anything.

2) Calligra :

Calligra is a free and open source office suite which definitely should be on your list.

Calligra has tools like Words, Kexi, Plan,Gemini, Karbon, Sheets, Stage etc. All the tools will make you work easily even without MS Office.

Karbon is the tool that let’s you work in Vector Drawing. With Calligra Author you can make E books.

So all in all you can get a variety of features and tools that you can freely use.

So it’s a great suite. You should definitely consider this free and Open Source option.

3) WPS Office :

WPS Office is a very popular alternative to MS Office.

With superb features WPS Office is widely used as an alternative to MS Office.

WPS Office is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. Also you might see WPS office in many phones also as WPS Office is available for Android and iOS as well.

4) OnlyOffice :

OnlyOffice is a super class Free and Open Source Office Suite.

With only office Free DeskTop version you get Documents, SpreadSheets and Presentations.

So all in all you can live without MS Office if you have got Free OnlyOffice DeskTop version.

There are also an Android and iOS App from OnlyOffice as well. You can use OnlyOffice Connectors for integrating with certain platforms.

The good news is that OnlyOffice Groups is also free and there are more features with OnlyOffice groups like CRM, Email management and other tools.

So all in all a great Suite which brings all powerful stuffs for free. So try it.

5) FreeOffice :

Free is simply the best free alternative to MS Office.

The best thing is that Free Office is free for personal and business use.

Free Office also offers super useful PDF editor which also for free.

Free Office gives you Text Maker, Plan Maker and Presentations. With Free Office tools you can easily live without MS Office.

Plus the tools like Text Maker, Presentation etc are super powerful and the more you use it the more you can get out of it.

6) Polaris Office :

Polaris Office has four different plans out of which basic plan is free.

Talking about customer base Polaris office has 100 million users overall. So definitely a trustworthy brand.

So trying out a free basic plan is not a bad idea. Ads might run on your devices while using the free basic Polaris office.

7) OpenOffice :

It is a Free and Open Source office suite that is very popular.

Open Office is a reliable software and it has been loved for its features and quality. It is basically called Apache OpenOffice and there are millions of users for Apache Open Office.

It has been there for years. So definitely a reliable and free alternative to MS Office.

Now let’s see some paid alternatives :

Paid Alternatives To MS Office :

Many would like to get a paid alternative to MS Office as well so here are some of the best paid alternatives to MS Office.

1) OfficeSuite :

OfficeSuite can be the best alternative of MS Office because of their One Time Purchase plan.

With OfficeSuite (affiliate link) you get Documents, Sheets, Slides, Mail & Calendar and PDF tools. OfficeSuite with it’s super rich tools and One Time Purchase can be a great deal for sure.

Plus you get all commercial right with One Time purchase of Office Suite Home & Business as well.

2) WordPerfect :

WordPerfect is a super powerful suit that gives you great publishing power.

With WordPerfect you can work with more than 60 file formats.

You get more power to work and edit PDFs as well.

WordPerfect serves you perfectly with the powerful programs like WordPerfect Lightning, Quattro Pro and AfterShot 3 etc.

Plus WordPerfect keeps on bringing new and powerful features regularly so it can be a good powerful choice.

3) Google Workspace :

The best alternative to Ms office is Google Workspace.

Google Workspace which was known as G suite has almost everything that you need for your business.

With Google Workspace you get Gmail Business Email, Google Meet, Chat, Drive, Docs, Slides everything so you will not miss MS Office for sure.

4) Zoho Workplace :

Zoho Workplace is super amazing suite that will bring you the top class Zoho writer, Zoho Sheet and Zoho Show.

Just like Google Workspace with Zoho you get Zoho mail, Zoho meet and Zoho Drive as well.

For email marketing you can use Zoho Campaigns as well. You can see other very good email marketing services here as well.

5) MS Office 365 :

MS Office 365 is the online version of MS Office.

As the data gets cheaper it is easier for us to work on the Internet.

So in the end MS Office 365 (affiliate link) is also not a bad option.

Conclusion :

Concluding this article Libre Office and Open Office are popular Free and Open Source alternatives to MS Office.

Only Office and Calligra are also very powerful office suite that you should definitely try.

Free Office also can be a super alternative to MS Office.

Regarding paid alternatives Google Workspace and Zoho Workplace are obvious alternatives to MS Office.

WordPerfect and OfficeSuite (affiliate link) have their own customer base due the quality they provide.

I would recommend to at least try Free and Open Source alternatives once.

I hope this article will be helpful.

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