Cloudways Hosting Review :

In this blog article you are going to get info on CloudWays hosting which is one of the popular and best performing hosting.

The best thing with Cloudways is their “Pay as you Go” plans which brings the best hosting experience to you in the most affordable manner.

So let’s start by comparing some of the best hosting types with Cloudways :

Is Cloudways Affordable ?

As mentioned earlier Cloudways brings “The pay as you Go” plans and that is the best thing you get from Cloudways. It is a super affordable hosting.

Comparing Cloudways with Shared Hosting :

Talking about the very simple “Shared Hosting Plans” you get limited SSD space and very limited bandwidth.

You will have to pay for these limited features in a monthly or yearly subscription plans which makes the shared hosting a bit cheaper but you get limited storage and limited features with shared hosting.

Feature wise Cloudways will bring you the very best features which are incomparable and unmatchable.

Comparing prices Cloudways seems very different from other kind of hosting because you can enjoy superb features and powerful hosting in very affordable rates.

Comparing Cloudways with VPS :

VPS these days is considered as the ideal hosting for those who have large sized websites which are growing everyday.

VPS means Virtual Private Servers which are super powerful can be great featurewise but might prove to be costly.

Now talking about Cloudways, it simply brings same amount of power and featureful hosting in cheaper rates.

Comparing Cloudways with Dedicated Hosting :

Dedicated hosting is considered as the most powerful hosting.

You get higher bandwidth in tons and also you get good amount of RAM and awesome processing power as well.

If you compare Dedicated Hosting with Cloudways then you will realize how greatly cheaper Cloudways can be.

So the best thing that makes Cloudways win the comparison is their “Pay as you Go” feature.

Performance and Speed with Cloudways :

As compared earlier Cloudways gives you the power and features like Dedicated hosting.

Here are some factors that makes Cloudways a super powerful hosting.

  • Dedicated Environment.
  • SSD – Based Hosting which makes the data processing easier and better.
  • Advanced Caches.
  • PHP 7 based Servers.
  • Cloudways CDN.
  • HTTP/2 supported servers.

All these above factors make Cloudways a great performing hosting.

Security features with Cloudways :

  • Dedicated Firewalls.
  • IP White Listing.
  • Bot Protection.
  • 2 Factor Authentication.

What makes Cloudways different from other Hostings ?

As compared earlier the power of Cloudways hosting is comparable with VPS or Dedicated level hosting.

The best thing with Cloudways is that it brings super secure and best performing hosting in the best affordable rates to you.

If we compare Cloudways with some of the managed hosting providers then Cloudways seems to be winning all.

Managed WordPress hosting happens to be the most ideal for WordPress websites. Whether it is speed, power or performance you get all served with managed WordPress hosting.

Cloudways is that is how bringing cheaper hosting than most of the Managed WordPress Hosting however difficulty with Cloudways can be that it might become a bit techy to handle things with Cloudways.

Cloudways is a bit different which is giving you same amount of power, speed and performance that you can get with managed WordPress hosting and with greater affordability as well.

So how Cloudways is different is that it brings powerful hosting like VPS in a very affordable costs.

You get super uptime as you get the hosting from some of the very best Cloud vendors like Digital Ocean, Linode and AWS etc…

When to go for Cloudways Hosting :

If you are just starting up and you don’t have any plans to enlarge your website and you don’t require uptime then I think starting with a very simple shared web hosting is also great.

If you require better uptime primarily and your website is continuously growing then you should try either Cloudways or managed Hosting.

Conclusion :

Concluding this blog article Cloudways is a hosting that will give you a powerful hosting at the very affordable rates.

The best thing about Cloudways is their ” Pay as you go ” plan which makes it super affordable.

Cloudways brings you the power and uptime like no other hosting.

More info you can find in the Frequently Asked Questions Segment.

Frequently Asked Questions :

As mentioned earlier Cloudways brings you greater uptime, super speed and powerful performance that is incomparable.

Plus there is super affordable and simple plans that makes Cloudways an awesome choice.
To be honest for high traffic and large websites there is no one better than Cloudways.

Cloudways is a giant and brings super performance to your website.

In certain circumstances you might want to start with other web hosts for example when you don’t need traffic or uptime then you want to go for other web hosts.

Maybe you want a smaller start with a small website then also you can go for other web hosts.

The closest competitors to Cloudways are managed WordPress Hostings like Kinsta, WPEngine and Nexcess.

These managed WordPress Hostings have their own importance but Cloudways is a bit different because it provides you the service directly from the AWS or Digital Ocean etc vendors.

So technical things might be difficult with Cloudways but it might be affordable option to managed WordPress hosting.

This is it. I hope this article might be useful to you.

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