How To Create A Business Email with cPanel

In this article you are going to get info on how to create a business Email through your cPanel.

If you have got a WordPress website then sooner or later you will need a professional email for sure.

These days E mail marketing is widely used and a business email makes the things easier for you in email marketing.

These days you get Business Emails for free with most of the web hosts. So it is better you create a few business emails with your web hosts.

At the time of migrating to the other web hosts also your business emails be with you.

So let’s see the article.

Importance of a Business Email :

A business email can be very useful for website owners.

Business Email brings professionality :

A personal email might look like yourwebsite@Gmail.com but a business email looks more professional.

A business email looks like hello@yourwebsite.com. It looks more professional right !

Business Email Increases your Brand Value :

A business email not only looks professional but as you grow your business you need branding for your website.

So a professional business email ads value to your brand as well.

Business Email is More Secure :

Apart from brand value a cPanel based Business email is always more secure than normal emails.

You can see here how you can increase your email security in this article.

In any case of external attacks your web host can support you any time. So it is highly secure.

For better work culture also a Business Email is used for professional purposes. For many professional communications you will not like to use your personal Gmail email at all.

How to Create a Business Email :

Creating a business email is very easy.

You will need your own Domain and Hosting for creating your own business Email.

You can get Domains in very cheap rates from GoDaddy or Namecheap.

After purchasing a Domain you might need a web host. You can see all web hosts here.

Before going for any purchase you might also like to read this article which will bring info on selecting a web host.

You might also like to read this article to know how to start a blog or a website.

So basically creating a business email is the process that you will need after you have started your website or blog.

So make sure you have started your own blog or website.

Steps to Create a Business Email through cPanel :

Now after you have got your Domain and Hosting you will get a cPanel link from your hosting.

Hey if you have not started your website yet you will also require to install WordPress and SSL to start your website. So do that as well. Don’t worry these are very simple and basic steps.

1) Now use the cPanel link to login to your cPanel. cPanel login link will be provided by your web host.

2) Go to Email accounts section in your cPanel.

3) Select the Domain name for which you want to make a business email.

4) In the given Email option you will have to write the name that you want to use with your email.

For example : you want your business email to be like Hello@yourdomain.com then you will write Hello in the Email section.

5) In the password section you can create a password for yourself. Either you create your own password or you can use generate password from cPanel as well.

Make sure you create a strong password.

6) In the mail quota section you would like to select unlimited option so that you can use your email without any limitations.

7) After filling this much info you can click create account.

After following these steps you can see your Email got created through cPanel.

These were the steps to create an Email account.

(To see how to use your business Email with Gmail you should see this article.)

Conclusion : Things to Keep in Mind

So creating a business email is one of the most important things that you will need to do after starting your website.

This Business email you can use in email marketing and it will bring professionality in your work for sure.

As you have seen creating a business email is very easy but there are a few things you should keep in mind.

first thing is increasing security of your business email as hackers can attack through email route as well. In this article you will see some steps to increase your email security. So don’t forget to read this article.

Second thing is selecting an Email marketing service for carrying out email marketing or sending news letters. You can read here which email marketing service can be the best for you.

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  2. Selecting a Web Host : Basic Questions answered.

So this is it for creating a business email account through cPanel.

Go to Quick Advice to know more about different web hosts.

I hope this article will help.

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