Web Hosts With the Longest Money Back Guarantee :

Moneyback Guarantee can be a deciding factor while selecting any web host.

The longer the money back guarantee the more reliable a service or a web host seems to appear. right !

Many beginners would take more than a month to get familiar with hosting environment. That’s absolutely normal.

So while starting up it is always better if you have longer money back guarantees.

Let’s begin with Importance of Longer Money Back Guarantees :

Importance of Longer Money Back Guarantees :

Longer Moneyback Guarantee gives better amount of time to the beginners to reverse their decisions.

Longer Moneyback Guarantees also shows Hosting providers’ confidence in their own products and services.

So definitely web hosts with longer money back guarantee seems more reliable and trustworthy than others.

Generally we consider 30 days Moneyback Guarantee as normal. So here are a few web hosts which give longer money back guarantee than 30 days.

Web Hosts with Longer Money Back Guarantees :

Here are a few Web Hosts with longer money back guarantees.

1) DreamHost :

DreamHost gives Moneyback Guarantee of 97 days which is the longest in the web hosting business.

Not only Moneyback Guarantee but you should also go for DreamHost(affiliate link) if you want better performance and uptime.

DreamHost is also known for giving better quality web hosting. DreamHost uses Nginx which is one of the best web servers that gives higher performance to your website.

So going with DreamHost (Full Review) whether you are a beginner or expert is always a great decision.

2) TMDHosting :

TMDHosting is well known for their uptime and longer Moneyback Guarantee as well.

TMDHosting gives a 60 days long Moneyback Guarantee which is more than sufficient for beginners.

Apart from longer money back Guarantee TMDHosting (affiliate link) uses LiteSpeed servers which are the best for giving you higher performance and uptime.

TMDHosting cloud plans are unmatchable and one should definitely consider TMDHosting for greater performance and uptime.

TMDHosting (Full Review) shared plans are also very competitive. So going TMDHosting is always a wise decision for sure.

3) FastComet :

FastComet gives a 45 days long Moneyback Guarantee which is better than many web hosts.

FastComet (affiliate link) is also known for their affordable cloud plans and security features.

A starter plan Fast cloud (Full Review) can be a great option for starting up with one website.

FastComet gives you cloud hosting in unmatchable cheap rates. Especially going with Fast Cloud (affiliate link) plan can a great profitable decision.

4) HostGator :

HostGator gives 45 days long Moneyback Guarantee as well.

HostGator is well known for their discount offers.

With greater discounts HostGator (affiliate link) is affordable for sure. Moreover with 45 days long Moneyback Guarantee HostGator seems reliable as well.

HostGator (Full Review) can be a great option for beginners who want to save money while starting up their online journey.

5) WP Engine :

WP Engine is another super powerful hosting which only serves in managed hosting.

Even though managed hosting itself has their own higher standards but WP Engine (affiliate link) makes it even more reliable by offering 60 days long money back guarantee.

WP Engine becomes a great choice for those who are thinking for long term as you get StudioPress Premium themes (affiliate link) absolutely free with WP Engine hosting.

Conclusion :

So in conclusion I would again state that Moneyback Guarantees reflect company’s own confidence in their services.

So it is always better to go with the products with longer Moneyback Guarantees as they seem more reliable.

It doesn’t mean that those web hosts with 30 days long money guarantee are not great but it is just that DreamHost (Full Review), TMDHosting (Full Review), HostGator (Full Review), WP Engine (Full Review) and FastComet (Full Review) are giving something more than the industry standards.

I hope this article will be helpful.

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