2 Best Google Analytics Alternatives That You Should Know in 2021

Due to GDPR rules and many other rules it becomes harder for many website owners to comply with these rules especially when they are using Google Analytics.

So in this article you are going to get some alternatives that you can use in place of Google Analytics. There are 5 powerful alternatives to Google Analytics out of which 2 can be called a perfect alternative to Google Analytics.

You can use these alternatives in place of Google Analytics and you can expect to comply with GDPR and other rules and standards without any worries.

Problem with Google Analytics :

The problem with Google analytics is that it is damn powerful.

Google analytics is so powerful that you can easily target the visitors devices and locations.

As per GDPR you will have to tell your visitors that you are using Google Analytics on your website. But that is not all.

Google Analytics privacy policy is so long that common people who owns a website would definitely like to skip it and move to alternatives.

Moreover when you put weird pop ups asking for tracking consent from the visitors it look very unprofessional. Many visitors would bounce off quickly when they see these kinds of unprofessional pop ups.

So that is why in the end Google Analytics alternatives are a necessity these days.

Here are Google Analytics alternatives :

Here are Google Analytics alternatives :

1) Matomo :

Matomo is simply the best alternative to Google Analytics.

The headline from Matomo is “Protect your Data and Your Customers’ Privacy”.

Matomo is GDPR and CCPA compliant so definitely a reliable alternative.

Moreover Matomo is Free and Open Source. So most of the core features with Matomo are free.

You get some more addon features that might cost you a bit.

Plus you don’t require to put tracking consent notice or banner on your website.

2) Plausible :

With Plausible also you don’t require to show the visitors any tracking consent or cookie related statements.

The big thing is that Plausible is GDPR, CCPA and PECR compliant.

Plausible is simply the best because of its features and cheaper plans.

The more page views you get the more costly your plan becomes but don’t worry Plausible is pocket friendly for sure.

It is said that Google Analytics is difficult to understand but Plausible is rather simpler.

With Plausible you own and control the data.

Plausible is also Open Source so anyone can check their codes if they want to. It is seemingly fair and super useful.

3) Open Web Analytics :

Open Web Analytics is also free and Open Source web analytics software.

OWA or Open Web Analytics is damn powerful because of its advanced features.

Some of the OWA advanced features are Heat maps, Detailed Web Page usage, Anonymized user session tracking etc.

Due to some advanced features Open Web Analytics might not be GDPR compliant. You can just turn off some features to make it a simple web analytics tool.

4) AWstats :

AWstats is another feature rich web analytics software. It analyses the data from Internet, FTP and various other sources. Data is presented in reports in AWstats.

AWstats is Free and Open Source Software.

Due to its rich features AWstats also might not be GDPR compliant.

5) Countly :

Countly can be a great Google Analytics alternative. The best thing is that Countly has 2 plans.

Countly community plan is absolutely free and you get mostly all useful features in the free plan.

So all in all a very useful and cheaper web analytics tool for sure.

Countly is a super Open Source product that will help you to become GDPR compliant.

So no problem to with Countly.

Conclusion :

So concluding this article there are many alternatives to Google Analytics but out these Plausible and Matomo seems more reliable alternatives.

The best thing with these two alternatives is that Matomo and Plausible both are GDPR and CCPA complaint.

If you are using Matomo or Plausible you will not have to put weird cookie consent banners in front of your visitors.

So try to go for either Matomo or Plausible if you want a perfect Google Analytics alternative.

I hope this article would be helpful.

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