LiteSpeed, Nginx or Apache : Which Popular Web Server type is the best for you

In this article you are going to find out about the servers that are used in web hosting business.

The prime reason for your website’s better performance lies in the server types used by your web hosts.

So without wasting any time let’s begin.

Types of Web Servers popularly in use :

There are mainly three types of servers that are mainly in use by the popular web hosts these days :

These servers are :

1) Apache 2) Nginx 3) LiteSpeed

1) Apache :

Apache is considered to be one of the oldest and yet the most popular web servers till date.

Even though newer web servers like Nginx and LiteSpeed are faster than Apache still you will find many websites are getting hosted on the Apache web servers which shows how widely used Apache is.

Apache is a free and open source web server which we can call as the oldest and the very first mile stone in all the web servers.

You can read more about Apache web server and Apache Software Foundation here.

2) Nginx :

Nginx is an Open Source software for web serving. You can read more about Nginx here.

Nginx is considered the newer technology than Apache and it can give you 4 times more performance than Apache.

However it is harder to configure Nginx but it will give you the ultimate performance and load balancing capacity to your server that we all would love to have.

Nginx is well known for giving the best performance by handling the most amount of requests by using very least amount of memory.

It is said that the goal behind creating Nginx was to create the fastest web server in the world and today also Nginx is growing and evolving as the worlds most efficient web server.

3) LiteSpeed :

Just like Nginx web server LiteSpeed is also considered as one of the best alternatives to Apache.

LiteSpeed and Nginx are newer technology and give you better performance than Apache as these are based on event driven architecture which is different than Apache.

The benefit with LiteSpeed is that you can double the capacity of handling the web traffic with very low RAM and CPU consumption.

If we compare three of these well known server types :

1) LiteSpeed is considered the best server type that can give you supreme performance.

2) Nginx is also said to be the best and many web hosts like DreamHost and Kinsta use Nginx to give their customers greater speed and uptime. Yup Kinsta also use Nginx.

3) Apache is said to be the oldest and widely used server type. Apache is used to give decent performance in cheaper rate.

Which server type is the best for you :

If you want supreme performance and greater uptime then go for web hosts that are using LiteSpeed or Nginx servers.

Web Hosts that use LiteSpeed are :

TMDHosting (affiliate link) , GreenGeeks (affiliate link), InterServer (affiliate link),

MilesWeb (affiliate link), Hostinger (affiliate link)

Web Hosts with Nginx servers are :

DreamHost (affiliate link), Kinsta (affiliate link).

If you want to save money while starting up your website then you need cheaper web hosting based on Apache.

So going with web hosts based on Apache can be cheaper rates and you get decent performance as well.

Web Hosts with Apache are :

HostGator (affiliate link), BlueHost (Full Review), Namecheap (affiliate link),

FastComet (affiliate link).

Conclusion :

Server types are the main reason behind your website’s good or bad performance. So while selecting any web hosting the server types used can be the great deciding factor.

DreamHost (Full Review) and Kinsta (Full Review) has proved their great ability to use Nginx for greater performance.

On the other hand there are many web hosts like TMDHosting (Full Review), GreenGeeks (Full Review), InterServer (Full Review), MilesWeb (Full Review) that are using LiteSpeed servers to give you the best performance.

There are many well known web hosts like HostGator (Full Review), BlueHost (Full Review), Namecheap (Full Review) and FastComet (Full Review) are using Apache servers very wisely to give you the affordable web hosting solutions so that you can save money while starting up.

So this is how server types are of great importance for speed and uptime and overall good performance of any website.

Adding further it is not like that only Apache based web hosting is cheaper. You can find cheaper web hosting with Hostinger (affiliate link) and MilesWeb (affiliate link) also.

Hostinger (Full Review) is also a champion of affordable web hosting with LiteSpeed servers which can be a great option too.

I hope this article will be useful.

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