How to Increase WordPress Security : Must Do Tricks to Increase Site Security

In this short article you are going to get info on how to make your WordPress site more secure.

As 30000 new websites gets hacked on average every day website security is a must these days.

These days for many people security is one of the main criteria to select any web hosting provider.

So in this article you are going to find a few ways that are widely popular to increase the security of your website.

These tricks will not make your website completely secure but these are the must to do things if you want better security of your website.

So here are the ways you can make your WordPress site more secure :

1) Use security plugins :

Security plugins like Wordfence, Sucuri or iTheme security are well known for providing better website security.

These plugins are dedicated to security tasks only. So using these plugins will improve your site security in many ways.

The prime security feature these plugins provide is the internal firewall. The Internal Firewall or website firewall makes sure that website is secured even when server is attacked.

Website firewall is like an extra layer to website security. So getting a security plugin for your website is a must.

You will get all free versions of these plugins in the WordPress plugin repository. You can download these free versions directly from your WordPress website.

There are paid versions of these plugins as well. See the whole comparison of these security plugins here in this article.

2) Update Regularly :

Regular updates of WordPress and all the themes and plugins is very important.

It is better to select plugins and themes that are regularly updated.

Updated plugins and themes are lesser vulnerable to attacks and malwares.

The best thing you can do while selecting any plugins and themes is that see which are the best stable plugins and themes.

Select the themes and plugins that are secure and set auto updates for WordPress, Plugins and themes.

Setting auto updates will make sure that themes, plugins and WordPress gets updated regularly.

With auto updates you don’t have to worry about updating themes, plugins and WordPress manually. Not only it saves time but it saves you from external attacks also.

Adding further select stable and secure plugins that are widely used as there are chances to get attacked through updates as well. It will hardly happen if your plugins and themes are secure.

3) Backup regularly :

If you have a backup then you can survive any big external hacking attack or malwares.

Without a Backup it maybe possible that you lose everything.

So always keep Backup of your site.

You can use popular plugins like UpdraftPlus (affiliate link) for backups.

UpdraftPlus is very easy to use (affiliate link) for taking a backup.

(Here is the article on all Backup plugins that you can choose from.)

4) Use 2FA and stronger passwords :

2FA or Two Factor Authentication is a necessity these days for better security.

2FA adds an extra layer of security while you are logging in.

Authy and many apps are well known for providing Two Factor Authentication.

(Here is an article on well known 2FA plugins for WordPress.)

The best is that you use Wordfence security plugin which includes 2FA in it as a security feature.

Stronger password is also very important.

It is said that the longer and complex passwords are very hard to break than simple passwords.

While making the passwords make sure you use all elements of your key board to make the password complex and harder to guess.

5) Use different Emails for different tasks :

It is better not to reveal the Email that you use for WordPress.

For better security it is better you use a different Email for contact purpose and login purpose.

Never give your login Email and Password to anyone.

6) Change Login URL :

There are a few plugins that enable you to change your login URL.

The default login URL you get might be like “”. So since it is a default URL and it is easier for attackers to reach your login page.

So the idea is to change this default URL into a harder URL that is not easy to guess.

Many website owners use this technique.

There are security plugins like iTheme security give you this option to change your login URL.

(There certain plugins for this as well like “plugin name”.)

7) Use better web hosts :

There are web hosts like GreenGeeks (affiliate link) and TMDHosting (affiliate link) that provide better security.

There are web hosts like InterServer (affiliate link) that can clean your site if your site is affected with malwares.

So try to select web hosts like mentioned above that are providing better and secure web hosting.

DreamHost (affiliate link) and FastComet (affiliate link) are also considered better when it comes to security features.

8) Change your Admin name and Author name :

When you start WordPress by default your admin name and author name is the same. So any one seeing your posts can guess your username by seeing the author name.

So it is better you change the admin name to a different name that is harder to guess.

Admin name is something that you don’t want to show to everyone.

Conclusion :

Concluding this article these were some of the widely used tricks to keep your site secure.

The best thing you can do is to choose a secure web host.

With a secure web host there are lesser chances of external attacks.

As mentioned earlier GreenGeeks (Full Review), TMDHosting (Full Review), InterServer (Full Review) , DreamHost (Full Review) and FastComet (Full Review) are considered better when it comes to secure web hosting.

For better security using security plugins like Wordfence, iThemes Security or Sucuri is also a must. Security plugins are one of the most essential plugins that you will need regularly so don’t miss out on them.

Other tricks mentioned in the article are also very important to implement to keep your website secure.

As mentioned earlier using these tricks is not the guarantee of security but at present these tricks have become necessary to follow to increase website security.

So that’s all for increasing website security.

I hope this article helped.

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