What is Medium : How to get traffic and money from Medium

In this short article you are going to get info on Medium.com and how we can use it perfectly.

Medium is a great platform for getting traffic to your site just like Quora and other platforms.

In fact when it comes to making money Medium can be even more useful than bigger platforms like Quora. Read this post to know why.

So what is Medium ?

Medium as their website suggest is an open platform with more than 170 million readers.

With medium you can write anything and explore any topic as per your understanding.

The best thing about Medium is that affiliate links are allowed on this platform. So you can expect to earn with your affiliate links as well on Medium.

Medium for driving traffic to your website :

Apart from affiliate marketing many bloggers use medium for driving extra traffic to their original blogs or website.

You can easily re-post whatever you have on your website to your medium account and expect to get readers from Medium.

You can also write specifically for your Medium readers as well and expect to build connection with readers on Medium as well.

Making Money on Medium :

There are two main ways you can make money with Medium.

1) Making money with your affiliate links.

2) Making money with Medium partner program.

Talking about affiliate links it is easier to do affiliate marketing on Medium because affiliate links are allowed on Medium.com.

How to earn from Medium Partner Program :

Talking about Medium partner program it is like that the more readers admiration you get the more you earn.

  • It is just that you have to create a Medium account.
  • Join the partner program of Medium.com.
  • Publish your story under partner program on Medium and set your story as “Metered story” on Medium.
  • Now when readers will read or spend time on your posts or stories you will earn for that.
  • Then there is a parameter like claps.
  • The more claps you get from your readers the more chances are there that you will get paid more at the end of the month.

Here you can find more about publishing on Medium.

Limitations with Medium partner program :

Only the citizens from selected countries can earn from the Medium partner program. Most of the countries are European and Western countries.

So it is easy for European and Western citizens to make money on Medium.com.

So Medium Partner Program is not for everyone but we can just hope that one day it will become.

One benefit with Medium :

You can copy or re-post your post from your blog to Medium with the help of canonical posts and you will not get affected on Google ranking as well.

So it will save some good amount of time of yours.

Second benefit is that Medium.com is growing and spreading along with Internet. So maybe along with time almost all countries will be the part of Medium.com monetization scheme.

So pray for Medium.com growth. 🙂

Conclusion :

Now the limitations with earning is there but for the bloggers Medium gives a great platform to build some audience for yourself.

It is a great platform for generating some traffic as well. So you can use medium for generating traffic and affiliate marketing without any worries.

Apart from affiliate marketing you can think of writing and making content especially for your Medium audience. This is how you can connect in a better way with your audience.

All in all it is a super platform.

I hope this article will be helpful.

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