Creative Commons : Info on Licenses and their uses

If you are a content creator then you might be aware of Creative Commons.

Creative Commons is essential these days for content creators as it facilitates how you use the art works that are not owned by you.

In this article you are going to get info on Creative Commons and the licenses under which you get the liberty to use the works that you don’t own in a certain legal way.

So there are many advantages with Creative Commons if you are an owner or a creator or a social media marketer. So read on fully.

So let’s start with some basics.

What is Creative Commons :

Creative Commons is a non profit organization that provides licenses to art work owners that can facilitate permission to others. Permissions regarding how others will use their creations or art works.

Generally with normal copyrights it becomes very difficult for others to even distribute or share the works.

As a result due to normal copyright the useful information cannot reach the public easily.

So with Creative Commons the art work owners can decide how others can use their work.

If you as a creator register your work under Creative Commons then you are doing something really useful for the society.

Due to the easiness of Creative Commons you can decide how others can use your work and you still own your work.

Why creative commons is needed :

Copyright laws are very good in itself but in many ways for content creators copyright laws produce a big obstacle.

Copyright laws become the biggest problem when you want to share the art works or present any art works in a particular way.

As you know there are already download restrictions over music and video art works. So with these restrictions world is becoming difficult not only for content creators but for everyone.

These days it is very easy to get a copyright strike on You Tube due to harder copyright related laws.

So you need sources and art works that you can use easily in your projects.

Creative Commons is the source that everyone needs these days.

With Creative Commons as user you get freedoms to use the art work the way you want with certain minute restrictions.

It is simpler and better than Copyright laws.

Creative Commons basics :

Basically when you go to Creative Commons website you will get to know about the art works that are simple to use. You will reach the millions of art works that are free and simple to use.

Creative Commons motive is to facilitate distribution of knowledge that might be restricted due to copyright laws.

Basically Creative Commons is a kind of Copyright license that enable the owners of the art works to release their work for public so that people can use this work freely without any restrictions. Obviously the owner of the art work still remain the owner.

There are certain licenses that are available under Creative Commons Copyright system. As an owner you will need to register under one of these Creative Commons licenses.

If you are a user then as a user you will need to check which kind of CC license is attached with the art work. After checking the license attached you can use the art accordingly.

So for the users who want to use the art works it is very important to know about these CC licenses before they use art works.

These licenses will give certain rights to users that how they can use the original art works.

So read these CC rules and at the end read also which CC licenses or rules are the most beneficial to you as a user.

Creative Commons Licenses :

There are six types of Creative Commons licenses.

All the Creative Commons license require the users to give attribution to the owners. Apart from giving attribution let’s see what else the users require to use the works.

1) Attribution (BY) :

This type of license enable users to commercially use the art work. This is simply the best.

So always check before commercially using any art work that it is registered for CC (BY) license or not.

2) Attribution (BY – NC) :

If you find any art work registered under CC (BY-NC) then you can only use it for non commercial use.

3) CC (BY – SA) :

It is also for commercial or non commercial use.

The main thing is that you can license to others on the same terms as the original work.

4) CC (BY-ND) :

In this type of license users can use it commercially or non commercially but cannot adapt or modify the work.

5) CC (BY – NC – SA) :

It only gives non commercial rights to users.

You can adapt or modify the work but only for non commercial purpose.

6) CC (By-NC-ND) :

By using this license users cannot adapt the work but can only copy and distribute the work.

It is only for non commercial use.

Which CC license types are the most useful :

For You Tubers and many content creators the licenses that give commercial rights are the most valuable licenses.

So for any marketer or content creator starting up their journey you need CC (BY) type of licenses.

CC (BY) type of licenses give you all freedom with the works.

You can copy, adapt or modify, redistribute and license to others also. All you can do for commercial purpose also.

CC (BY-ND) and CC (BY-SA) are also useful as there are commercial rights given to users.

But with CC (BY-ND) you cannot adapt or modify the works.

On the other hand with CC (BY-SA) you can adapt or modify the work but you have to license to others on the same terms as original work.

Conclusion :

Concluding this article I would only say that Creative Commons website provides you millions of Free works that you can use in your projects.

Always make sure that you are giving attribution to the creators or owners of that work.

If possible also give donations to the platform since it is a non profit organization.

All in all CC or Creative Commons website can be very useful as a source of knowledge.

There are many types of licenses attached with each art work and CC (BY) can be the most valuable one since you can use it in your commercial projects as well.

So that’s it for Creative Commons. I hope this article will be helpful.

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