GetResponse Review : How to make money with GetResponse.

In this article you are going to get info on GetResponse (affiliate link) and how to make money with GetResponse even when you don’t have a website.

Many times you might have heard that having a website is a must to make money online.

Well, having a website is cool in longer run but if you have access to marketing tools like GetResponse then you don’t need anything else to start your online journey.

So let’s see in this article how you can make money with GetResponse and what are some of the very best features that you get with GetResponse.

How to make money with GetResponse :

There are many ways to make money online like making a website or E commerce store or email marketing etc.

With WordPress you can easily make a website for sure but if your only motive is to earn money quick then you can do it with GetResponse also.

GetResponse gives you some of the very best features which you can use to make money online.

Here are some ways you can use GetResponse to make money.

1) Make money using GetResponse landing pages.

GetResponse (affiliate link) gives you more than 200 landing page designs to make your sales friendly landing pages that you can use in your online marketing.

Just get a free account with ClickBank and you can start promoting the ClickBank affiliate products through the landing pages.

Here is an article on how to select products with ClickBank, JVZoo and ShareASale.

You can get unlimited landing pages with all the GetResponse plans.

2) Make money using GetResponse email marketing tools.

Email marketing can get you more conversions than any other way of marketing these days.

Apart from getting conversions you can build a strong relationship with your audience.

With email marketing you always have a chance to give a meaningful pitch to your interested audience about your up coming affiliate products or any product and can expect to close a sale.

You get email marketing and auto responders with all the GetResponse plans.

3) Use GetResponse Webinars to close the sales.

Webinars these days have become a great tool to introduce your products to the right audience.

You can expect to generate sales from Webinars if you have created a good sales pitch or strategy to introduce your product.

It might take more time and effort to master the webinars but after perfecting the skills to give a good pitch you can expect to the best sales from Webinars also.

You can have webinars feature with the GetResponse Plus (affiliate link) and higher plans.

4) Make money using GetResponse Sales funnels.

You can get 1 sales funnels in the GetResponse basic plan and more sales funnels in the higher plans.

With a Sales funnel you can expect to generate more sales with a proper conversion strategy rather than just burning more money after ads.

5) Make money with GetResponse website builder.

GetResponse also offers a website builder with all the GetResponse plans.

With GetResponse (affiliate link) website builder you can build a website which is more business friendly and can be highly converting due to the features offered.

You can just do affiliate marketing or can use all the integrated features to make a powerful highly converting website.

GetResponse Features :

Now let’s see some of the very best GetResponse features that makes it the very best online marketing suite.

1) Conversion funnel :

The conversion funnel from GetResponse makes sure that you can get higher conversions from your audience or target customers.

You can make a lead magnet funnel or Sales funnels in GetResponse (affiliate link) easily.

Take a look at how conversion funnel is made with GetResponse here.

2) Email Creator & Auto Responders :

You get an easy to use drag & drop email creator along with goal oriented templates.

With Auto Responders you can easily send your emails in well strategized and timely manner.

Based on a particular even or time you can send the automated emails to your target audience.

3) Email Analytics :

Based on email analytics you can study how your campaigns are going.

You can analyses clicks, open rates, bounces etc and take your decisions accordingly that how to strategize your next campaign.

There are many ways you can learn how your email campaigns and conversions are going so you will learn with time.

4) Email list building & Transactional emails :

You can automatically segment your subscribers based on various characteristics. Further you can also learn more about your audience by conducting various surveys.

You can send SMTP triggered transactional emails to generate more sales.

5) Marketing Automation Builder :

Marketing automation gives you more power than just Auto Responders.

You can set rules to automate your marketing like you can set automation based on behavior or do precise targeting with GetResponse automation builder.

6) Live chats & Landing pages :

You get unlimited landing pages with GetResponse and you can also add a chat window to your landing pages to increase the possibilities of closing the sales.

7) Webinars :

You get a webinar builder with plus and higher GetResponse plans.

You get more powerful webinar tools with more attendees capacities in the higher plans.

8) Website Builder :

You can make a highly converting website using the website builder provided in all the GetResponse plans (affiliate link).

Though WordPress is the ultimate free solution for making any website but with GetResponse you get a whole marketing suite that includes a website builder along with all other useful tools that you will hardly find anywhere else.

Plus you get the GetResponse hosting platform so there is nothing to worry about downtime or SEO difficulties or anything else like that.

You get some of the very best conversion friendly features along with the website builder like built in pop ups and global designing tools that will make your website highly converting.

Here are some benefits from GetResponse website builder :

1) You can use GetResponse (affiliate link) website builder without any coding knowledge. Because of AI driven and code free website builder you save a lot of time while making your website.

Drag & Drop & AI Features :

2) You get pre designed templates with the GetResponse website builder that makes your content more attractive. Further the templates are conversion friendly as well. So you it will be easier for you to get more conversions.

3) Since the website builder is AI driven you can import the content, images etc and the you can let the website builder create the things for you.

GetResponse Campaign Analysis Tools :

4) As mentioned earlier GetResponse is a complete marketing suite and you can easily analyze your campaign performance by tracking certain metrics like visits, clicks and learn how your campaign has performed.

Global Design Tool :

5) Adding further you get a Global Design Tool with the help of which you can easily change and apply the colors and design of your choice all over your website with just one click.

These kinds of Global design tools are hardly seen any where.

Built in Pop Up forms :

6) As mentioned earlier you don’t need go anywhere else for any feature. You get pop up forms built in which are highly useful in getting conversions.

Your own Domain with GetResponse :

7) You can have your own domain with GetResponse (affiliate link) website builder so that you can have your own identity over the web and which can be good for SEO purpose as well.

8) Moreover you get a great option for selecting the website design that suits your business or work. So there is no need to go through the hassle of making a website from scratch. You can get everything pre made and you just need to capitalize on it.

Adding further the biggest advantage with GetResponse is that you get all the features that you will definitely need to start online marketing.

There are so many sales friendly features that you don’t need anything else than just GetResponse to start your online journey.

You get landing pages, email marketing, conversion funnel & a superb website builder and many more things with all the GetResponse plans. So don’t miss out on it.

The features from GetResponse makes it the champion in delivering the best online marketing solutions. So try it once. You will not need anything else when you are using GetResponse.

All in all GetResponse website builder saves a lot of time of yours and gives you a website that is highly SEO friendly and conversion centric.

Conclusion :

So concluding this article I can only say that if you have got GetResponse then you don’t need anything else to start your online business or marketing.

Seeing this article you can easily measure the strength of GetResponse (affiliate link) as a marketing suite.

Simply GetResponse is the champion in the online marketing suite category. There are very few like Constant Contact that can compete with GetResponse when it comes to online marketing.

So before getting started with GetResponse (affiliate link) just make sure that you have a good content and marketing strategy ready to efficiently use GetResponse.

You can get some info here from the knowledge source to get started with GetResponse.

See here how to select the products from JVZoo, ClickBank and ShareASale. After getting started with ClickBank, ShareASale and JVZoo you can just market those products using GetResponse platform.

So be clear with your strategy when you use GetResponse as you can do everything with GetResponse (affiliate link). Moreover it depends on your skills and strategy how efficiently you can use GetResponse.

I hope this article helps.

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