10 days with Corona : How to deal with Corona at Home.

In this article you are going to get some info on certain home remedies and treatment for Corona.

In this article I have written what I experienced while facing Corona.

There are some home remedies that I tried and it worked well for me. So to give info on these remedies only I am writing this article.

Though this article does not suit the niche of this website but the way Corona has affected our life it was a necessity to write on this topic as well.

So let’s start the article.

The Ground Reality of Corona Spreading in India :

According to M. Vidyasagar the head of Government appointed scientists the total number of infections might be 50 times more.

So if we calculate the infections again :

The everyday average infection number is 300k but it should be 50 higher. So the real number of daily infections would be : 300k x 50 = 15 million infections daily.

Yes that’s the truth 15 million daily infections.

Moreover the number of deaths that India is seeing is even more cruel reality :

It is said that 2000 average deaths are taking place daily due to Corona. So if we do the calculation for daily deaths then it would be : 2000 x 50 = 100k daily deaths due to Corona.

If this thing continues for 3 months or 100 days you can expect 200K registered deaths and total 10 million unregistered deaths in India.

The reasons why these calculations might be true because people are experiencing the impact before their eye.

The crematoriums have never seen this much rise in everyday deaths.

The Hospitals are getting full due to Corona. People are not getting bed. All these happening in front of our eyes.

The other bigger fact is that India is one of the densely populated countries. So chances of infections are higher compared to western countries which are not densely populated.

The number of Doctors serving in the hospital and Hospital capacities are also low and that is the biggest reasons many lives are getting lost and many deaths not even getting reported.

Corona is Real :

Many people around me used to tell last year that Corona might be an international scandal.

Many who had not been through Corona took it very lightly.

Suddenly this year after march the second wave has hit India and now people have seen the real bad effect of Corona.

The second wave has hit and it has exposed the whole chain of mistakes and ignorance that we have conducted through out the year.

Many who used to think that Corona is a big lie have now come to know that Corona is real.

Reason to write this article :

I am writing on Corona because I have just been through this terrible disease.

Just in the month of April all the Indians are experiencing something that we only used to see happening in other countries.

We saw economically sound countries like Italy, England, France and USA struggling with Corona.

Almost all countries have struggled to save their citizens against Corona.

India last year did very well with the early and timely lock downs in the country.

We all thought Corona has just passed away but after the lock down the virus was spreading steadily in the whole population.

Today after going through certain symptoms of Corona I find it very important to share my experience and especially what worked well for me to over come this disease.

My experience with Corona :

I have not gone to Hospitals. Since Hospitals are fully filled with patients I decided to stay at home and treat Corona.

I have not taken the vaccine as well. After 20 days of getting exposed to Corona my body has lost some weight as you don’t feel hungry while this disease.

The experience with Corona was terrible.

Symptoms of Corona :

The very common and beginning symptom is fever. The fever stays for a few hours and then goes.

If you are taking very sugary and unhealthy diet then coughing will take place in no time.

A kind of dry coughing makes you absolutely uncomfortable to breathe properly.

Dry coughing and whooping dry coughing is the biggest symptom that you should take care of as early as possible.

The other terrible symptom is losing taste and losing saliva in the mouth. The whole mouth becomes dry. Since there is no saliva in mouth it becomes very hard to eat anything.

Everything seems tasteless and you have to take water every time you eat to swallow whatever you are eating.

There might be other symptoms with other people who are suffering with other diseases already but the above symptoms are the prime symptoms.

What worked well for me to treat Corona :

Many health professional say that Corona might give you discomfort but in most cases it goes away.

I have experienced Corona and it was absolutely terrible experience.

You cannot say whether you are going to get through it or something bad will happen.

So don’t take it lightly. Make sure that it never happens to you so that you don’t have to go through this experience.

Here are a few things that worked well for me as Home remedies :

1) Roasted Ginger with Turmeric powder worked well to stop whooping dry coughing. This is not my own remedy. This has been suggested by the great Rajiv Dixit Ji.

2) Second remedy I tried as per Rajiv Dixit Ji was warmed Pomegranate seeds. You can take warmed pomegranate juice as well. This also helps in stopping dry cough.

3) I was also taking Coronil tablets or Coronil Kit from Patanjali to treat the disease and it worked well.

4) Since India has its own ancient medicine system there are many formulations Indians make to tackle seasonal diseases. So we were taking Tulsi, Ginger, Black Pepper and Lemon with hot water or “Kadha” (home remedy) as well.

5) Taking lemon juice with warm water also worked well.

6) Taking lemon drops in the nose also worked well. This has been suggested by many Ayurvedic doctors here in India.

7) Corona kills the feeling of hunger for a few days but make sure you eat well so that you don’t lose energy of your body.

So this much things worked well for me when I had not taken a vaccine also.

Apart from all this if you have been doing Yoga regularly then there are lesser chances you will catch Corona.

Conclusion :

Concluding this article I would only say that make sure that you never meet Corona.

If in case you get through this disease make sure that you take good care of yourself.

The best medicine for Corona is Yoga. The people who have been doing Yoga regularly are not getting exposed to Corona.

So if you are healthy please include Yoga in your routine.

Apart from Yoga as I have said many people have to stay at home because of limitations of health facilities. So while staying at home you can try the things that I have tried.

Roasted Ginger with Turmeric did wonder for me. The dry cough was unstoppable but Roasted Ginger and Turmeric worked very well for me.

So this is how I have gone through Corona at home. Since our health system is struggling to serve all the citizens it is better you take care of yourself rather than relying on the health system.

I hope that the information will be helpful.

Stay safe in pandemic.

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