Constant Contact review : How to make money with Constant Contact.

In this article you are going to get info on Constant Contact (affiliate link) features and how you can easily make money with Constant Contact.

It has been said that you have to have a website to make money online which is true in most cases. You need a website if you have a long term plan but it is not always necessary that you have to have a website to make money online.

Here in this article you will get to know about Constant Contact and its features that will enable you to make money online without having a website also.

So let’s start this small review article on Constant Contact.

How to make money with Constant Contact

There are certain features you get with Constant Contact that will enable you to make money online. So here are a few ways to make money online with Constant Contact.

1) Make money with Constant Contact landing pages :

With Constant Contact (affiliate link) you get unlimited landing pages which can be a great asset to make money or generate sales online.

Just join any affiliate network like JVZoo, ShareASale or ClickBank and you can get many affiliate products that you can promote and sell through your Constant Contact landing pages.

Here is an article on how to select any product with ClickBank, JVZoo and ShareASale.

2) Make money using Constant Contact email marketing tool :

Email marketing tool of Constant Contact is top class. Plus you get almost all the features that will help you get a highly converting marketing suite.

You get some good features like automated emails, list building tools etc to get a powerful email marketing that is totally conversion centric.

3) Use Constant Contact website builder to make a highly converting website :

With Constant Contact (affiliate link)you get a big benefit of getting a website builder with which you can make up to 3 websites.

You can make a full fledged super powerful marketing system when you use the website builder along with other marketing tools that Constant Contact provide.

You can promote affiliate products or your own products through the complete marketing suite of Constant Contact.

Constant Contact Features :

Talking about features here are some of the very best features from Constant Contact that will give you a super successful marketing suite.

1) Websites with free hosting :

The best feature of Constant Contact that makes it highly desirable to marketers is their website builder.

With WordPress you can make a website for free for sure but there is an advantage with Constant Contact websites that it will be hosted on the Constant Contact hosting platform.

When your website is hosted on the Constant Contact (affiliate link) platform you can expect to get a better SEO advantage and no worries about downtime as well.

As mentioned earlier you can host up to 3 websites with unlimited storage so there is a lot you can do using Constant Contact in your online marketing campaign.

To be honest if you have got Constant Contact you don’t need anything else to start and grow in online marketing and sales.

There are very few like GetResponse that can compete with Constant Contact.

2) Marketing channels :

As a part of a marketing channel you can directly create posts from Constant Contact (affiliate link) dashboard which is called as a social post feature.

Then you get Google Ads and Facebook ads integrator from which you can start your ad campaign along side email marketing.

You get a logo maker and image library as well so that you don’t need to go anywhere else to create and build up content for your brand.

3) Landing Pages :

As mentioned earlier you can get unlimited landing pages with Constant Contact (affiliate link) and can expect to generate more leads and sales.

As mentioned earlier if you get a good grip on ads marketing you can expect to get good sales and you can just expect to grow through landing pages only.

You will hardly need anything else than landing pages to make money online if you just master the landing page marketing.

4) Polls & Surveys :

You can also conduct polls and surveys to analyze your customer or audience data.

Polls and Surveys feature you can get with email plus plans.

5) Marketing Automation :

These days marketing automation is widely popular and Constant Contact gives you a marketing automation that is perfect for your business.

With marketing automation you can have subject line A/B testing, email behavioral series and dynamic content etc kind of features that can help you build a highly converting email marketing campaign.

You also get list building and welcome email as well to make your email campaigns better.

Conclusion :

Concluding this short article I would definitely recommend Constant Contact as one of the best email marketing suite that you should definitely try once.

As mentioned earlier you will need nothing else to make money online when you have got Constant Contact (affiliate link) as an online marketing tool.

You get 3 websites allowed along with all other email marketing features that is more than sufficient to get started with online marketing.

Just make sure that you have a good strategy ready to use Constant Contact (affiliate link) in a better way as you get tons of features and it can be a bit difficult in the beginning to set up everything perfectly with constant Contact.

I hope this article will be helpful in growing and starting online marketing.

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