5 Best Affordable WordPress Hosting Plans

Whenever we are looking for a web host to start our blogging journey we come to see different types of hosting plans like shared, VPS, Dedicated hosting, Cloud hosting and WordPress hosting.

WordPress hosting plans always seem more attractive with it’s overall offerings and features and are always a better option over shared hosting but most of the times our limitations on our budget stop us to get the best WordPress hosting plans.

So here I have prepared a short list of beginner friendly WordPress hosting plans that are almost of a same price as shared hosting or somewhat cheaper if compared to other WordPress hosting plans.

1) Dreamhost :

Dreamhost has been one of the very few web hosts that are recommended by WordPress and seeing the Dreamhost WordPress plans you will definitely fall in love with Dreamhost.

Dreamhost offers premium WordPress hosting known as DreamPress and VPS WordPress which are very costly and for bigger websites but Dreamhost also has one WordPress basic plan for the beginners so that they can get to know how WordPress hosting works for their sites.

Dreamhost (affiliate link) has two plans known has WordPress starter and WordPress unlimited where WordPress starter allows only one website to be hosted but it has the same promotional and renewal rates which can be a good news for beginners. Whereas WordPress unlimited allows unlimited websites to be hosted and has a minor price hike at the time of renewal.

Which plan is recommended ?

Dreamhost WordPress unlimited plan is recommended because you get unlimited websites to be hosted plus unlimited email accounts are provided for free that you will have to pay for if you are going with WordPress starter plan.

So WordPress Unlimited plan is recommended.

Dreamhost data center in US and using CDN (content delivery network) you can speedup your website globally.

2) TMD hosting :

TMD hosting has many plans to offer which all are comparatively very very cheap and when it comes to managed WordPress hosting there is going to be no one that can match with TMD WordPress hosting plans.

TMDHosting (affiliate link) has three WordPress hosting plans that are managed by TMD so you will not have to worry about website performance optimization, Uptime and security related issues at all.

TMD has offered Starter plan, Business plan and Enterprise plan among which the starter plan will only allows one website to be hosted. Business plan has got almost everything that you might be looking for.

Which plan is recommended ?

Business plan is recommended because you get to host unlimited websites with it and there is only $1/month difference between starter plan and business plan. However if you are looking hosting one website only then starter plan is also good.

TMD shared plans and cloud plans are also very good and one should definitely check Cloud plans as well for better performance and stability.

TMD data centers are in North America, UK, Netherlands, Japan, Singapore and Australia.

3) GreenGeeks :

GreenGeeks is well known for it’s Eco friendly business system. It is also very competitive when to comes to providing daily backups and security related features.

GreenGeeks (affiliate link) is included in this list because of it’s starter plan pricing which is called Lite plan and it is as cheap as any shared plan.

GreenGeeks offers three WordPress plans which are Lite, Pro and Premium plans and here are the three plan features compared.

Which plan is recommended ?

If you plan to start only one website then Lite plan is sufficient for you so Lite plan is recommended. Other plans have good features but the renewal prices are too high and not much competitive if compared to other web hosts.

The only drawback with GreenGeeks is that the renewal prices are somewhat costly and it can give you some pain when you are going for a renewal of your plan. However the Lite plan still has something to offer and one can definitely try the lite plan.

GreenGeeks data centers are in US, Canada and Netherlands.

4) InMotion :

Inmotion WordPress plans are simply world beating and you will love Inmotion for it’s superb WordPress plans. Inmotion will never let you down when it comes to website speed and stability.

InMotion (affiliate link) has three WordPress plans to offer which are known as WP – 1000S, WP – 2000S, WP – 3000S. These plans can beat any costly pro or premium plan in the web hosting world.

Where there is certainly some limitations on how many websites you can host but after all it’s about quality and not quantity. The performance and resources increases with higher plans however all the plans offer more than sufficient resources and performance levels.

Which plan is recommended ?

If you need only one website then you will get enough with WP – 1000S which is the starter plan of Inmotion WordPress hosting. Where as WP -2000S and WP – 3000S are World beaters in terms of monthly visitors, performance and resources provided. All Inmotion WordPress plans can defeat any costly Pro or Premium level plans from any web host.

The best thing about all these plans are that the renewal price hikes are not that much and it is reasonable which is great.

Inmotion data centers are in US.

5) Namecheap :

Talking about affordability, Namecheap is a hosting that brings you EasyWP.

EasyWP is a WordPress hosting plan from Namecheap which differs from the normal hosting plans.

With Namecheap EasyWP (affiliate link) you get more power in terms of monthly traffic to your site. You get more freedom with monthly traffic and that’s the greatness with Namecheap. Everything is perfect.

You get sufficient SSD storage as well. The more higher plan you select the better performance and power you get with Namecheap EasyWP.

EasyWP from Namecheap can beat any other hosting if it comes to managing monthly traffic.

Which plan is recommended ?

To start with you can go for EasyWP starter plans.

As your website grows you can go for the higher turbo and super sonic plans.

6) Hostinger :

Hostinger is a champion in providing super features in affordable rates and in WordPress plans also Hostinger has everything to make you feel amazed.

Hostinger brings four managed WordPress plans where you need not worry about website performance and security etc things. Hostinger provides some of the cheapest managed WordPress plans that no one should miss out on.

Hostinger’s four managed WordPress plans are known as single WordPress, WordPress starter, WordPress Business WordPress and WordPress Premium.

Hostinger WordPress plans (affiliate link) are so cheap in pricing that you can easily pick Hostinger’s managed WordPress plans over any other web hosts costly shared plans.

Here are the features compared from all four managed WordPress plans from Hostinger.

Which plan is recommended ?

Hostinger’s WordPress starter and Business WordPress are recommended because you get almost everything with these plans and single plan has the limitations of no free domain, No Jet pack and etc which is free in higher plans.

The best thing about Hostinger is that you get almost all premium features included in affordable plans and the renewal price hikes are also very normal or minor.

Conclusion :

Concluding this article I hope you got good information on some very cheap and affordable WordPress plans that you can start with.

So with this article there might be some common questions that can be answered here.

Shared hosting is still very popular approach when you are just starting your online journey but there are always performance and security related questions in our mind whenever we are going for shared hosting plans.

That is why I have written this article about getting affordable WordPress hosting where you can think of starting with WordPress hosting rather than shared hosting even with the same budget in your hands.

If you get more secure and more optimized WordPress hosting in same rates as of shared hosting then it is better to choose WordPress hosting over shared hosting.

Since WordPress has been widely used to create websites the web hosts generally come up with their own dedicated team and dedicated system for managing all WordPress sites professionally in terms of performance, stability and security so that you can make your website more secure and more powerful than with normal shared hosting. So when your backups, updates and all security related matters are taken care by your web host that’s where you can say that you have got a managed WordPress hosting.

Generally with Unmanaged WordPress hosting you get limited features where you might get automatic back ups but more performance related measures and decisions are taken by your own self.

Generally the web hosts make it clear in the heading that the web hosting plans are managed or you can find in the features also that web hosts clarify it by giving features like managed WordPress hosting.

On this list you can easily find from features of certain web hosts that they are giving managed WordPress hosting. Generally you will get more offerings and features related with performance and security etc when it is managed WordPress hosting.

On this list I have mentioned Namecheap, TMD, InMotion and Hostinger that offers the cheapest managed WordPress plans in the web hosting world that will give you super performance, greater reliability and security.

So with this article I hope you got satisfying information on Managed WordPress hosting and how you can select some of the cheapest WordPress hosting plans that can be proved better option than shared hosting in terms of performance, reliability, security and affordability when you are starting your online journey.

I hope it was helpful and hope you liked it.

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