GeneratePress Theme Review : Fastest Theme

Themes play a crucial part in the overall performance of a website and there is no one better than GeneratePress when it comes to loading time or performance.

So let’s find out why should you count on GeneratePress (affiliate link) theme.

Why should I go for GeneratePress ??

GeneratePress (affiliate link) is one of the fastest loading themes ever.

The total style sheet of the theme is 5.2 KB the whole theme sends only 2 HTTPS requests totaling 7.5 KB in size.

Both size and HTTP requests plays crucial role in the overall performance of the website and that’s where GeneratePress proves to be the best.

So if you have chosen GeneratePress theme it will boost your overall website performance for sure and that is why you should choose it.

Other Features with GeneratePress :

Theme Builder :

A block based theme theme builder let’s you build your website in the best way possible.

With free and premium blocks you can save your time as well to design a better website.

Site library :

If you want professionally built designs and layouts for your site then Site library is for you.

You get some of the very best pre built websites that you can get benefit of.

Life time deals :

GeneratePress life time deals are one of the most beneficial deals you can ever have.

You get life time updates and life time premium support as well.

Simplicity of GeneratePress :

The most important reason why you should go for GeneratePress (affiliate link) is its Simplicity.

GeneratePress is simply the best and the fastest and that’s why you should go for it.

Conclusion :

Concluding this article GeneratePress is a theme that you should always have on your favorite list.

GeneratePress (affiliate link) beats almost all themes when it comes to overall size and HTTP requests which is very important for website speed.

You will hardly get a theme that is this much beneficial for website speed.

So it’s hard to neglect the quality of GeneratePress for sure and there is nothing wrong going for GeneratePress (affiliate link).

I hope this article will help.

You can get free version of GeneratePress from WordPress as well and then you can try the Pro version.

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