The Temporary Login Without Password Plugin : A Special Plugin

In this short article we are going to talk about a plugin that can be used to form special login links.

This plugin is not essential but you might need it in special situations and that’s what makes it a special plugin.

Writing about this plugin is so exciting because it is highly useful.

This plugin is called Temporary Login Without Password.

As the name suggests this plugin is used to create a login link that will not require a password.

What Makes It So Special :

Temporary Login Without Password is a plugin that you will need when you want to give access to someone but you still want to remain secure.

Temporary Login Without Password enables you to create login links that you can specially make for a particular person.

These login links will enable that particular person to access your site without using your password or login credentials.

This is how you will not have to specially make and share special user login credentials and still someone can have limited access to your site for limited amount of time.

The best thing is that you can set preferred roles as well for the particular person who will use the login link.

So the plugin is just perfect.

When you will need this plugin ?

Many times we have difficulties with our theme or plugins. So many times your theme developers or plugin support people may ask you to give access to your website.

So in these situations when your theme or plugin developers need access you can use give them the temporary login link using Temporary Login Without Password plugin.

The best thing that after the use you can delete the plugin. So it will not give you extra burdens when you are not using it.

The best thing is that it is secure and temporary admins cannot take full control of your site.

How the Plugin works :

1) You need to search for the plugin in the add new plugin section.

2) Download and activate plugin.

3) Create the temporary login link for any particular person.

4) Set the roles for the person who is going to use the Login link.

5) Set the link expiration time.

That’s it. Share the link with the person whom you want to give access to your site.

Simple and great. Isn’t it !

Is this plugin secure ?

Yes it is absolutely secure plugin and that is why you can see and use it in WordPress.

The best thing about Temporary Login Without Password plugin is that no one can change you as an admin. So it is highly secure.

Conclusion :

So login without password is not an essential plugin but you will need it on very special occasions.

Many times Developers or certain users will ask you to give permission to enter your Admin Dashboard.

So in these situation without hesitation you can give them the login links rather than login credentials.

All in all a very useful plugin to remember.

I hope this article will be useful.

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