4 Best Free and Paid Video Editing Software

Video editing software these days have become a prime need for content creators and marketers.

So in this article you will get info on the best free video editing software.

Apart form free video editing software you will also get info on paid video editors as well.

4 Best Free Video Editing Software :

As it’s been said the best things are always free. So here you will see the best video editing software that can match with any paid video editing software :

1) DaVinci Resolve :

DaVinci Resolve 17 is a free video editing product from the Blackmagic Design.

Basically you will see a lot of products like high resolution cameras etc on the DaVinci Resolve website.

DaVinci Resolve 17 is given for free so that eventually you can realize the quality and power of over all Blackmagicdesign products. You will love DaVinci resolve for many reasons.

Many people have switched to DaVinci Resolve from Premiere Pro etc software.

2) Hit film express :

Hit film express is another free product that can serve you high quality video editing.

You need expensive computers or cores to run DaVinci Resolve. On the other hand Hit Film Express will require you to have lesser ram in your computers.

In the end Hit Film Express is a super video editing product that you should definitely look for if your computer cannot run DaVinci Resolve.

Hit film express is a great Video Editing software and you will love it for their features.

Apart from a free product Hit Film Express offers some extra features as well in cheap rates.

So Hit Film Express suits everyone from beginners to experts.

3) Shotcut :

Shotcut is a free and Open Source video editing software and you don’t require more ram and cores to run this software.

With Shotcut you can do simple video editing. Anyone who starts video editing may start with Shotcut and then move on to higher options like Hit Film express.

4) Kdenlive :

Kdenlive is another Free and Open Source video editing software that you should definitely look for if you are beginning with video editing.

Kdenlive is said to be having more effects than Shotcut but overall Kdenlive and Shotcut both are equally good.

All in all these free video editors are more than enough for most of users but there are some paid video editors as well that you might be interested in.

Paid Video Editing Software :

Here are some of the best paid video editors.

1) VSDC :

VSDC is a software that can match with any industry standard Video Editing software.

There is a VSDC free version also but you cannot monetize your content using VSDC free version.

VSDC free version is not for commercial use.

So talking about the VSDC Pro which is a paid version you can use it in your commercial projects like for making monetized You Tube videos as well.

2) Adobe Premiere Pro :

Adobe is well known for its class and you get to feel the class that Premiere Pro offers to you when you use it.

Adobe Premiere Pro is well known for industry standard Video Editing whether it is for TV or You Tube or any private project.

For many people the first choice for Video Editing is always Adobe Premiere Pro.

However there are many who will switch to other options like Hit Film or DaVinci Resolve because there is no one time purchase offer. So it is always like you have to work on the basis of monthly subscriptions when you are using Premiere Pro.

All in all Adobe Premiere Pro is great for beginners and content creators.

3) Hit Film Pro :

With Hit Film Pro you get editing, compositing and 3D tools everything in a single product.

Hit Film Pro works with up to 8k videos and it gives the best results for professional projects.

With Hit Film Pro you get the biggest VFX software toolkit which is the biggest and the best in the business.

So Hit Film Pro can be a great option for super class video editing.

Conclusion :

Concluding this article DaVinci resolve is the best video editing software that you eventually would like to get.

HitFilm express and HitFilm Pro are also a great video editing software that requires lesser ram and cores than DaVinci resolve.

Shotcut and Kdenlive are something that you can start with if you are just beginning your editing journey.

Shotcut and Kdenlive can be great option if you are not using expensive computers. With the minimum ram like 4 GB also Kdenlive and Shotcut will do the work for you.

So all these video editing software are useful in one way or another. So don’t hesitate use these software as all are free to use. Paid ones are also good.

Also don’t forget to donate to Kdenlive and Shotcut as both are Free and Open Source software.

I hope this article will be useful.

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