How Board Exams Are Illegal in India and Online Education For All in India

In this article you are going to find how Board Exams Are Illegal in India and how its importance is declining everyday. Plus how Online education is gaining more and more popularity everyday.

We have seen many life stories getting rid of their lives because of just one reason and that is not getting enough marks in Board Exams.

We have seen in India that many students are affected because of bad education policies and rules.

Many students fall victims of depression and commit suicides because they failed exams or couldn’t make it to the merit lists.

So spread this article to those who needs it.

In this article we are going to prove how Board Exams are absolutely meaningless and why we shouldn’t take it seriously in today’s world.

So let’s start with this article :

1) How our Educational system lead us towards slavery :

If you have observed our whole life we have been only told to follow orders.

Whether it is regarding studies or doing a job or what so ever we have always been given orders to do certain things only in certain manners and in certain limits only.

If you see our educational system we are always given the knowledge so that we can become either a good clerk or a good obedient employee.

No one teaches us how to become a Steve Jobs or a Zuckerberg or a Bill Gates. You know why ?? Because these people never followed the orders.

These people made their own systems.

They created new opportunities not only for them selves but for many others.

They all left this educational system and made something that was suitable to their standards and capabilities.

This educational system will always produce slaves and less capable people untill it stops itself from giving orders.

You are given orders, you are told to follow rules in schools and at home not because you become a good citizen but you are told to do as per orders so that you can in future become a good employee.

Unemployment :

As a nation and in the whole world we are facing a bad situation called “unemployment” and suddenly everyone is looking for another Zuckerberg or Bill Gates and today we need tons of this much capable people.

Why we need more and more Steve Jobs or Bill Gates today ??

We need these kinds of Entrepreneurs today because we are facing employment saturation in all fields where employers have more options to reject or replace their employees.

In these conditions you might see that even Governments are pushing for businesses rather than directly giving employment to people.

So in today’s world we all get similar kind of education and we unfortunately posses similar kinds of skills and that is why we all are replaceable.

We all are not so unique, we all are graduate, we all have same capabilities, we all have same fears, we all have same resources, we all get driven by same orders and that is why we all are more or little are slaves to this system.

That’s why many times we see internal politics at offices because there is a certain kind of pity and unhealthy competition going out there all the times for positions.

This makes us slaves and rather cruel animals which are always fighting for something extra.

I hope you got the point. So let’s move ahead to another point.

2) How Board Exams are illegal :

So as mentioned earlier we all become slaves to a system and these schools and colleges play a big role in producing fearful human nature.

From schools and colleges we only learn one thing and that is that you should always be included in merit lists.

If you are not into merit lists then there is something wrong and you should be fearful. Fearful that no one will accept you or you will not get admission any where..

So this is how and in many other tiny ways fear is implanted into students’ mind. Students fearfully learn that they have to behave in a certain manner if they want to take advantage of someone.

We produce fearful foxes out of our educational system which are going to compete for highest Job positions in near future.

So let’s learn how Board Exams are illegal :

According to law you can only vote if you are 18 years of age. This means that at the age of 18 people think that you become so mature that you can decide whom to vote or which political party deserves your vote.

Now think, selecting or choosing a stream for studies is easier than voting ? Think about it.
Do you think that at the age of 15-16 we all are mature and witty enough to decide that in which stream or in which directions we should go ??

I mean come on, how many of us have seen a career transition.

A career transition is so obvious these days. Isn’t it a mistake that got rooted in the educational system ?? Of course it is.

Now take it this way

In this country we don’t know which would be the right stream for us and still we are deciding who should rule this country for next 5 years.

It is a very logical thing here and you need some good amount of logic to accept this thing but this is how Board Exams are absolutely illegal by law.

2nd example :

If you have seen some legal juvenile cases.

On one hand students commit suicide because they couldn’t reach the merit and on the other hand some Juveniles get away from punishments because they were not beyond 18.

It shows that we are not beyond 18 while we are giving the most important exams of our lives and that is why we should not be responsible for our failures as we all are Juveniles.

So this is how this whole process of taking exams is just so unnecessary that we can call it legally illegal by the above two examples.

Rethink over these two examples given above and think that Board Exams are illegal or not.

3) Why Board Exams Doesn’t matter in today’s world :

If the above paragraph was so heavy for you to digest then here is a simpler piece of writing that would satisfy you.

Today we are all seeing many career transitions.

Good employees are easily replaceable and there is more need for employers and not employees. That much harsh the world has always been as no one is here to take the responsibility.

Why Board Exams Don’t Matter Today :

Today bigger companies like Microsoft, Facebook, Google are already welcoming talent that has skills and knowledge and not the degree.

Degree will not be important in up coming years. The importance of degree will vanish in near future.

So don’t worry about your exams.

We can see online courses taking place of degrees today.

Tons of superb online teaching platforms are looking at you and waiting for you to change and improve your skills and capabilities.

Here are a few Online Platforms that you need to know very well about :

Udemy :

Get online courses related to almost any kind of fields. Whether it is banking, Engineering, Management or Coding you get all kinds of online courses here at the very best discounted price.

Udacity :

On Udacity you can learn about tech courses.

You can learn about Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security, Data Science etc and you can expect to become professionals in these fields as well.

edX :

You can learn from the World’s top 160 universities on edX platform.

You can get knowledge regarding almost anything whether it is Business, Healthcare, Data science or anything else.

SkillShare :

SkillShare is all about creative knowledge. You can learn about arts, animation, photography and illustration etc many things on SkillShare.


Massive Open Online Courses are free online courses that are available for anyone in the world.

There are more than 3000 online courses available on MOOC.

Whether you are interested in computer science, languages, engineering, psychology, writing, electronics, biology or marketing, MOOC have the course for you.

W3schools :

W3schools is all about programming languages.

You can learn about Java, JavaScript, HTML, CSS from scratch and that is also for free from w3schools.

Students from w3schools have got jobs in some of the biggest giant companies like Microsoft etc so W3schools is a trustworthy source for learning coding.

and many more like these are full of knowledge and skills that you hardly need any degree after doing these courses.

Apart from all these you already have WordPress.Org and Blogger which gives you awesome ability to build the website or blog of your dream.

So this is how Board Exams will only matter for those who are in the race of becoming an employee for bigger companies.

For those who are searching for a life they will get a life in these online education platforms.

The only message I want to convey to all students is that :

Try and consider these online education platforms. The biggest advantage with these platforms is that they don’t judge you, you don’t get ordered and you will never fail in most of the online courses.

4) Paper Fixing and Scandal related with Educational System :

As we all know education has become a well of competition where hate and envyness exist.

There has been occasions where exam papers have got leaked.

Many times teachers are bribed to get the results fixed.

In many parts of India you can see the schools being run in totally rumbled situation.

Where in one hand in rich schools rich kids are given all facilities and on the other hand you hardly find any facilities of village or rural schools.

So overall oneness is missing in the whole education system.

Somewhere you lack the teachers quality and some where you lack school facilities. So overall a quality education for all is missing for everyone in this country.

This problem can be solves by one thing and that is online education for every citizen.

Frequently Asked Questions :

You might be thinking that online platforms are giving good knowledge but can it replace the traditional educational system !!

The answer is it already has replaced the traditional education.

There are so many youth already doing great in coding and blogging at so young age that they don’t need any degree in that field.

Platforms like w3schools, MOOC and Udemy are giving so in depth education that the students are getting accepted on the basis of their skills and not the degree.

There are platforms like Upgrade and Simply learn have been introduced which are giving quality education better than traditional education.

Many people have started learning from You Tube already.

So world has been changing and in upcoming few years you will see everything online.

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