Udemy Best Data Science Courses :

Here in this article you will get info on some of the best Data Science courses that are available on the Udemy platform.

The best thing about Udemy is that courses are online and available at the discounted prices.

So the courses are greatly affordable on Udemy.

Try to purchase the courses because you already get the courses at the very low prices and if you purchase then teachers and course creators will get motivation.

So let’s begin :

Best Udemy Data Science Courses

1) Machine Learning A-Z™: Hands-On Python & R In Data Science

This Machine Learning Course is available 90% off and gives you the best opportunity to start with Machine Learning.

Pre requisite :

You only need to know some high school level mathematics to start with this Machine Learning course.

Also if you have some knowledge of Python & R then it can be a great choice for you.

You can learn free Python & R from W3schools.

What you will learn in this course :

  • You will learn to make Machine Learning Models
  • Machine Learning on Python & R
  • Dimentionality reduction
  • Make powerful analysis
  • NLP and Deep Learning
  • You will learn to have intuition of many Machine Learning Models
  • You will also learn to use Machine Learning for personal purpose.

2) The Data Science Course 2021: Complete Data Science Boot camp :

This Data Science course is also available for 90 % off and this also can be a great choice if you want to move in the direction of Data Science.

Pre requisite :

You will just need to install Anaconda which is free to use.

What you get from this course :

  • The course provides the entire toolbox that you will need to become a Data scientist.
  • Understand Mathematics behind Machine Learning.
  • Perform linear and logistic regressions in Python
  • Be able to create Machine Learning algorithms in Python, using NumPy, stats models and sci kit-learn
  • Improve Machine Learning algorithms by studying under fitting, over fitting, training, validation, n-fold cross validation, testing, and how hyper parameters could improve performance
  • Unfold the power of deep neural networks
  • Apply your skills to real-life business cases
  • Carry out cluster and factor analysis
  • Learn how to pre-process data
  • Start coding in Python and learn how to use it for statistical analysis
  • You will learn data science skills like Statistical analysis, Python programming with NumPy, pandas, matplotlib, and Seaborn, Advanced statistical analysis, Tableau, Machine Learning with stats models and sci kit-learn, Deep learning with TensorFlow

3) Machine Learning, Data Science and Deep Learning with Python

The course is available for 90 % off and this also gives you good knowledge regarding Data science and Deep Learning.

Pre requisite :

You will just need high school level math and a computer that can install Anaconda 3 on it.

For Python experience you can go to W3 schools for getting free Python coding experience before starting this.

What you will learn out of this course :

  • Build artificial neural networks with TensorFlow and Keras
  • Make predictions using linear regression, polynomial regression, and multivariate regression
  • Implement machine learning at massive scale with Apache Spark’s MLLib
  • Classify data using K-Means clustering, Support Vector Machines (SVM), KNN, Decision Trees, Naive Bayes, and PCA
  • Build a movie recommender system using item-based and user-based collaborative filtering
  • Design and evaluate A/B tests using T-Tests and P-Values
  • Classify images, data, and sentiments using deep learning
  • Data Visualization with MatPlotLib and Seaborn
  • Understand reinforcement learning – and how to build a PAC-Man bot
  • Use train/test and K-Fold cross validation to choose and tune your models
  • Clean your input data to remove outliers

Conclusion :

In conclusion I would suggest to go for all 3 of these data science courses because the prices are so low that anyone can afford it.

The other plus point is that the courses are for life time and you can complete these courses anytime you want.

Going for all 3 courses will actually give you more grasp and understanding regarding the whole Data Science field.

Frequently Asked Questions :

According to Oracle Data science combines multiple fields, including statistics, scientific methods, artificial intelligence (AI), and data analysis, to extract value from data.

Those who practice data science are called data scientists, and they combine a range of skills to analyze data collected from the web, smartphones, customers, sensors, and other sources to derive actionable insights.

To be honest Data Science is still a new field and it would be great if you start with Udemy and then keep on learning new aspects related with Data Science field.

There is one basic requirement that you should definitely learn and that’s Python programming.

Python programming you can learn from either W3schools or Udemy itself.

There are many places you can see like Kaggle which is a Machine Learning and Data Science community.

Here on Kaggle you can get most of the coding solutions regarding Machine Learning and Data Science.

There is one more course regarding Artificial Intelligence that is going to give you basic intro to Data Science and that course is called Elements of AI.

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