50 Best Udemy SQL Courses

In this blog article you are going to get info on SQL courses on Udemy.

What is SQL ?

SQL stands for Structured Query Language. It is a language used to manage data in a relational database. It allows you to query, manipulate, and define the data in a relational database.

There are more than 5 million students learning SQL on Udemy.

Here are the 50 best SQL Courses that you can find on Udemy.

1) SQL for NEWBS: Weekender Crash Course.

2) Oracle SQL – Step by Step SQL.

3) Learn SQL +Security(pen) testing from Scratch.

4) Get Expertise in Database Testing(SQL) + Linux for Testers.

5) SQL Tutorial: Learn SQL with MySQL Database -Beginner2Expert.

6) Advanced SQL : SQL Expert Certification Preparation Course.

7) The Complete SQL Bootcamp 2022: Go from Zero to Hero.

8) Complete SQL Bootcamp for Data Science, Analytics, Marketing.

9) Learn Oracle 12c SQL : Kickstart kit for beginners.

10) MySQL, SQL and Stored Procedures from Beginner to Advanced.

11) SQL Course For Beginners: Learn SQL Using MySQL Database.

12) SQL Server 2017 Express Basics.

13) 200+ SQL Interview Questions.

14) SQL for Beginners: The Easiest Way to Learn SQL Step by Step.

15) The Ultimate MySQL Bootcamp: Go from SQL Beginner to Expert.

16) SQL for Beginners: Learn SQL using MySQL and Database Design.

17) Learn SQL Using PostgreSQL: From Zero to Hero.

18) Learn SQL for Data Analysis with Google Big Query.

19) SQL- The Complete Introduction to SQL programming.

20) Become an SQL Developer: Learn (SSRS, SSIS, SSAS,T-SQL,DW).

21) SQL for Beginners: The Easiest Way to Learn SQL Step by Step.

22) Database Testing and SQL for Testers.

23) Building SQL Queries with Excel.

24) The SQL Database With Java – Build Your First Desktop App.

25) The Comprehensive SQL Course.

26) SQL for Beginners: Learn SQL using MySQL and Database Design.

27) Complete SQL and Databases Bootcamp: Zero to Mastery [2022].

28) SQL and PostgreSQL: The Complete Developer’s Guide.

29) SQL Server: The 28 hour Masterclass course (16 courses in 1).

30) The Complete 2022 SQL Bootcamp – Data Querying Essentials.

31) Learn Advanced T-SQL For SQL Server Administrator.

32) Microsoft SQL Queries – Hands-on training for Business Users

33) SQL – The Complete Developer’s Guide (MySQL, PostgreSQL)

34) Introduction to SQL Databases – SQL for Beginners

35) The Complete SQL Course 2022 – Learn by Doing – SQL Server

36) Complete Microsoft SQL Server Database Administration Course

37) Oracle 12c SQL Tuning – the Ultimate Guide

38) Applied SQL For Data Analytics / Data Science With BigQuery

39) SQL For Data Science With Google Big Query

40) SQL for Data Analysis – with SQL Server.

41) The Complete SQL and MySQL Course – From Beginner to Expert.

42) The SQL Programming Essentials 2022 Immersive Training.

43) Relational Databases & SQL: Complete Guide for Developers.

44) SQL – Introduction to SQL with MySQL.

45) The Complete SQL and MySQL Course – From Beginner to Expert.

46) SQL for Newcomers – The Full Mastery Course.

47) SQL – Beyond The Basics.

48) SQL for Beginners in under 3 hours.

49) Practical SQL Bootcamp for Data Analysts and Data Scientists.

50) SQL Fundamentals for beginners

Conclusion :

Apart from SQL there are many other skills that may be useful for you like mobile development, Google Flutter course etc can be super useful.

Make sure you learn these skills and become a complete master so that you can work as a freelance developer or can apply for a job.

Udemy is a trustworthy platform and it is popular for providing abundance of courses of great quality in best affordable rates.

There are alternative platforms like W3schools available where you can learn about many programming languages but to get human support and interactive challenges you will have to get on the Udemy platform.

The best thing with Udemy is that instructors will always be in contact with you and you will get your questions answered easily.

So Udemy offers great value.

edX, Coursera and Udacity provide some courses in React Native as well.

Udemy is providing these courses in abundance and you also get instructor support as well whenever you want.

So there are many options. You can decide on the basis of your requirements that which kind of courses you want to study.

I hope this much info will be enough for you to get started with these courses and get started with a good skill.

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